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  1. I had dropped the ball on the sync issue, but now have yet another problem. I can't turn the unit off. The light changes from red to blue, but it is still on. I emailed customer support with all the problems, and they said it had to be returned for the power issue. No word on the sync or subwoofer hum. The limited call in hours make it difficult to talk with them directly since I should be at home with my unit, but I work during all the available hours. Your unit wouldn't turn on, mine won't turn off. I'm not impressed with the quality control for this unit. I can't do anything about it this week, but I will try to call in next week. I will post whatever I hear.
  2. Hi Jon. Sorry it took so long for me to reply, but I have been out of town a couple of times. I was not able to resolve the sync issue. My video still lags the audio. It is less than a second, but it is just enough to be obvious. Also, my unit seems to have developed another issue. The wireless subwoofer (the main reason I purchased the Klipsch along with the lack of rear speakers) will at random times just start a deep resonance. I would call it a hum, but it is much deeper than that. The main unit is off at the time. I was really blown away by the performance of the display model in the store, but I am less than impressed with the unit I received. Have you heard of either of these problems? Thanks, Barbara
  3. I purchased a CS-700 from Best Buy a few weeks ago. I had the Geek Squad do the installation on June 6 (I had to get the Geek Squad service to qualify for special financing). I have noticed that the audio and video on all DVDs is not in synchronization. The video lags the audio. The P-scan switch was in the off position. I turned it on (OK with my 1080p, 120 Hz Sony Bravia) but the synchronization was still off. I have seen others complain of this issue, but the P-scan switch was the only recommendation I was able to find. I am connected to my television via HDMI cable. I don't have a cable box. Is there a solution for the synchronization problem?
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