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  1. Hey dude...it's after tommarow
  2. Oh ok cool...i guess nobody really knows what size it is. Hmmm...i'll keep looking I guess
  3. Also, I was wondering what the dimensions of the sub were. I was wondering how it summed up to the 5.1 sub like size wise. I would like to know if it would fit under neath my desk....my 4.1 sub did, but the 5.1 sub would not.
  4. I was just wondering how the SWS works with the Promedia 5.1s a and 5.1 audio. Do the subs just "tie" into the sub channel that is sent in 5.1? I was thinking about purchasing one, but I wanted to make sure it didnt mess around with my 5.1 audio...i love it! I doubt it will, but if someone could just let me know how it kinda works i'd appreciate it. Oh yeah, i have an Audigy 2
  5. Hey guys, people seem to always be asking about which song is good for bass? Well, I found one called 'Boston Acoustics Bass Test CD - Woofer Cooker' Go check it out...tis schweet
  6. Did you get the headphones yet man? You'll be happy got em...
  7. Sure thing dude...well, for a computer they kick butt because i can crank the bass up full and they dont distort, just solid bass. I dont like them on portable cd players because bass boost is a crappy crappy way to get bass and it trys to shoot too much for little headphones, but on my home stereo system they rock! I got an equalizer so the bass is tweaked properly, so they kick butt there too. You need to just hear them, i dont think you will be dissapointed. I've never heard anything come close to them for the price.
  8. Not to insult your intelligence in any way, but just make sure that your bass in turned up through windows...if it's all the way down you wont get much...put it at 50% and try that...
  9. Oh yeah, just check out the stats on them...for 30 bucks, you can't go wrong. I promise you =)
  10. Hey dude, go with the AIWA! I own them and they kick butt...the low response is incredible and the highs are there too...you wont be dissapointed!!
  11. Hey dude, check out this song : Armin Van Buuren - Communication (Ben Liebrand Remix) it pumps out the bass. I like it because it's a clean bass..give it a shot
  12. Thanks...if they cut off, do I need to do anything to get them back on? I've read about it somewhere, but I dont remember what it said...thanks
  13. So, you had the volume at 75% and in wondows bass all the way up? What was the bass on the speakers at? Perhaps Amy could clear up this question...
  14. I've heard all sorts of things about whether they can be blown or not? I've heard about limiters and everything too...please assist me...im not driving them hard enough to blow them(im learning their limits). Please help clear up the controversey...thanks!
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