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  1. Bump Guys this is a great starter avr amp Never had any problems with it. I only pulled her out because I moved up to a newer Marantz 9.2.4 system
  2. Has anyone received an answer from the OP guy yet ?
  3. I have 3 H1’s. 2 more would make a great 5.1 system. Wife would kill me as I have way to may speakers right now. Lol. So many that most of them are not hooked up and being used as end tables. Lol
  4. If your open to any trades, message me
  5. Hopefully no one took my post as being political. That was not my intention with what I posted and hopefully these post will stay civil and respectful. I’m one of the lucky ones that lives near some large cities and here we did not and isn’t getting hit with as much Of the B/S that’s going on in other large states and cities. People should try to learn how to be civil and respectful to each other
  6. I wish I could stop looking at these speakers I really like how you have set the horn in the middle, to me this makes the best sense for the best sound. If I could find a way to get them to my location near Daytona Fl. I’d beg my wife to let me hit the savings account. Lol Do you think they would sound well with being on a wall that’s 10’ long ? The room is really long, about 24’, but the short wall would be the only place to put them. Wife took over my main sound room with a super large sectional sofa. And that’s killed and way for me to use that room, when we bought this house 2.5 years ago I told her ( here’s my music room ) ya, right. Lol
  7. I bought this Denon new and has been a great avr, but it was time to upgrade, so I bought a newer Marantz. I believe I still have the box but not sure. I’ll start looking for it but if I can’t find it, I’ll be able to pack it very well for safe shipping. It will come with the setup mic and and a clean and working remote,hopefully the paper work as well . Shipping will be from Florida Buyer pays for shipping and half of PP or Venmo fees. If anyone wants a video showing that it works, I’ll be able to do that. But it won’t be a complete showing of this as it’s no longer hooked up to my HT system. It’s in great shape and guarantee that it won’t arrive DOA And I’ll make a video of me packing it for shipping. And it will have to have the shipping insurance added to the sale. I’m in Deltona Fl, near Daytona Beach Fl If you PM me and I don’t answer if a day or so, please leave a message here. For some reason I don’t get all my pm’s on here
  8. Things are going to get worse before it gets better, hopefully in the next round of elections things will start to improve Just have your home and family prepared for some really bad times that are coming
  9. Wow. If shipping was not so expensive, I’d be all over those. I love saving Klipsch and other brands for historical purposes. I hope who ever gets them keeps them as is and enjoys them for many years. How many other speaker brands do you know of that can last this long and still sound great. It would be a fun project to run a REW test on them GLWS
  10. carlthess40


    What’s your location?
  11. How far are you from Daytona Beach?
  12. If anyone is selling a pair of these crossovers Please message me Thanks Carl
  13. If anyone is selling a pair of these crossovers Please message me Thanks Carl
  14. Are you going to sell your old one ?
  15. Does these work with the H1’s? And yes I have Dave’s b&c120 tweeters
  16. Do you know the specs of them ?
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