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  1. Price and pics would be a good thing
  2. What I’ve done over the years with building race cars and show cars and refurbishment of speakers. Get yourself craft paper and blue painters tap and a very good razor knife. And make templates for the insides and the transfer these to your veneers. Then you should have a exact duplicates of what you’re going to need When you do it like this, your able to use as many cuts of paper and tape to get the exact fit
  3. I can’t believe these have not sold. The market is a screw up of a mess right now
  4. Wouldn’t I be able to reuse the old boards?
  5. Not sure if I’m In the right post I just bought a set of Cornwall’s 1’s from Emile They have the cane grills and I need to find some new replacements for them And help would be great. Thanks Carl
  6. I have 5 heresy’s, and one pair I’d like to use it as a test set and these parts would work out great. This way I won’t have to cut up and of the original parts
  7. I’ve had many of the klipsch pro line of speakers and subs, I would not pay much attention to what the specs say on how low they will go. They will and can hit you with hard chest ponder power. Run it on REW with a Dayton mic and see just what they can do. If you don’t have the mic, I loan mine out with a deposit on pp or Venmo. Just cover shipping cost Message me if you need the help
  8. This is Chubs the Fat Cat, he is over 12 LBS and 7 years old. My daughter found him and his sister when they were kittens and very very small and living under some junk behind some old house. He is like a dog, he comes when called, sits and so on when he is asked.
  9. This is a sweet deal, to bad I have to many fires going on here with my audio gear i have 5 H1’s that I need to sell or at lest 3 of them and some klf-10’s in black. Local here things are not selling very fast. Crazy as central Florida is the hot spot for klipsch speakers
  10. If anyone is looking for some H1’s, I have 3 in oak . In central Fl
  11. Is anyone wanting to sell a pair of the FH-1’s ? I have some 2” JBL horns that gone down to 500hz
  12. ClaudeJ1: Could you post the link for those Quarter Pies ? I remember reading some of the post but can’t remember where it’s at. Thanks
  13. carlthess40


    Very rare to see these in the cherry finish
  14. Emile I may have a extra horn for those if you want it, and the crossover as well. I’ll check and see if it’s any good I got one with the klf-10’s that I bought. The woofers are not the right ones for it so time to part it out
  15. That’s a sweet amp, one of my friends has one and the sound is very warm and can push his low ohm infinity’s with ease
  16. I have a few sets of headphones, if someone would message me his info I’ll mail him a set or two. Would anyone know what he likes? Open or closed back? 1/8” or 1/4” plugs or Bluetooth?
  17. Emile Check you PP. also let me know if you ever want to sell the 904’s or the Cornwall’s. Lol [emoji4] but would like the 904’s to stay with the JBL horns I got from you
  18. I’ll keep looking around here for something to work with my JBL horns I’d rather spend money on the speaker instead of shipping
  19. I’m sure shipping to Deltona Fl would cost a ton But for sh$$s and giggles how much do you think it would cost ?
  20. I’ve been looking for a pair of the FH-1 around central Florida and no luck so far Where can I find a complete set of build plans for them? All the ones I find have been missing a lot of info
  21. How well would the FH-1’s work with some JBL 2” horns ? Number 2446H . Lens model 2385 horn lens. These things are so freaking heavy. Definitely will have to have some bracing on the backs of them
  22. I’d like to find some plans that would use two 15” drivers. I have a pair of JBL horns 2446H mounted onto 2385 lenses
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