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  1. It is crazy that it has taken me so long to finally get these built and installed in my room!  I started cutting wood for this over 7 years ago... finally completed over a year ago only to sit in the garage.  A couple of fellow audio nuts helped me carry these upstairs and also move the La Scalas out to the garage for new veneer or Duratex.  
    WHY did I wait so long?! 
    This sounds awesome!   Smoothed out the bass and seems to add another octave down.  It is so much smoother and clearer on the bottom end!
    I thought the dispersion would be a bit narrow having these up on end like this.  The smallest adjustment of toe-in seemed to have a big effect.  Quite a bit of listening and adjusting and all of a sudden they just lit up the room!  It was actually that dramatic.  It nailed it not only for the sweet spot (what I mainly care about) but most of the room.  
    There was a bit of "chesty" resonance maybe around the lower registers of the male voice.  It was suggested to drop a pillow at the end of the horn and that resonance was gone.  I added some NoRez padding from GR Research... it helped a little but not nearly as much so I put the pillows back.   The family wants the pillows back on the couch but I don't think that will happen too soon.  
    The mid horn and tweeter assembly is sitting on a brace/shelf that is the exact height of where they were sitting on top of the La Scalas with a slight tilt down.
    Yeah, I'm pretty happy!
    Oh and for all the help I owe thanks to [mention=50548]paul79[/mention], his friend Jered, and certainly [mention=20774]ClaudeJ1[/mention]!

    How well would these work with the klipsch k-510 horns ? I has thinking of setting the pies up just like you’ve done, now I know it works well.
    The room is like to build the pies for is 13’ wide and 26’ long
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  2. I’m having a airhead minute here. Do you have any photos or other info of what your looking for ? I have tons of spare parts that I do t even know what they are and really want to help. What are those two parts from or for ?

  3. What do you mean ( no stain color )
    Bill has a set of near mint H1’s for 650
    And I have a set of H1’s for 450 as one has scratches on the top of one
    Both of use are in central Florida

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  4. What I’ve done over the years with building race cars and show cars and refurbishment of speakers. Get yourself craft paper and blue painters tap and a very good razor knife. And make templates for the insides and the transfer these to your veneers. Then you should have a exact duplicates of what you’re going to need
    When you do it like this, your able to use as many cuts of paper and tape to get the exact fit

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