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  1. That’s for the ( BIG BOY TOYS ) class. CJ makes some great amps GLWS
  2. Those are the one and only Heritage line speaker that I’ve not owned yet. One day, one day. O. Sorry I was dreaming out loud. Lol To bad I’m down here in Florida.
  3. Wow. Now I just need to talk my wife into these. Her answer will be( sell off most of your unused gear). Lol GLWS
  4. I don’t see any PM ? Is it here or on Facebook?
  5. So it’s a no for shipping to Florida? Sad puppy here
  6. I could scan and post the files for you and give you the master copy of files PM me if you would like my help
  7. I have two sets of Dave’s tweeters, one pair are the wood ones. Love the sound from both.
  8. Would be nice to see the back and the inside
  9. I’ll trade a truck bed full of audio gear for them.
  10. I miss those days of going to see them play live. Those guys were some great ( and under rated) musicians
  11. Ive had both and really like the sound out of the klipsch drivers over the others, just a tad little sizzle from them after 40 or more hours of playing them. The KI and some of the kpt lines used the titanium drivers and never had any problems with them. Sure people would ***** about blowing them, but when you do stupid things like have the power turned all the way up when you turn the system on is just stupid If you use them and take care not to over driver them, then you in the sweet spot with them. If these are older speakers ( over 10 years ) I would replace the caps on the crossovers. That way you know that the drivers are only getting what they should be getting.
  12. They have been on Facebook market for some time now. He is selling for a older friend. I’ve offered 1100 for the pair, but like many, they think they are worth more then gold
  13. Looks pretty cool on top of the speaker cab. Does having the tweeter back so far for time alignment interfere with the vertical disbursement of the tweeter?
  14. Do they have any more for sale ? I’ll have to see on the link you posted Looks really top grade of paper for the book
  15. Please keep Me updated about the crossovers and any parts for them. I like building and upgrading my crossovers. I’ll PM you my email
  16. Can you find out about the wood horns ? Thank you. And yes any crossovers parts
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