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  1. Selling Klipsch KG4 All original cosmetic condition 6/10 veneer is in fair shape, fading and rising the finish on the passive radiators in the back are faded $125 Local Pickup 94509
  2. Antioch Ca 94509 An hour drive from San Francisco
  3. 1977 Cornwall Walnut Condition 6.5/10 Located in Northern California $650 All original parts Included are the grills, if I can find them.
  4. i stand corrected. youre right, they are 77
  5. 1975 Cornwall, walnut All original SF Bay Area $900
  6. I'd be glad to help, I'll pick it up if nearby. I live in Alameda Ca. 94501 I'm also an AK'er, username nomar247 Let me know
  7. I know cornwalls normally use the k-600. But can I use the k-700 in my cornwalls? Or is the K-600 and K-700 different? If so, what are the differences between them?
  8. They sound amazing. I've never heard a pair before I got them. Actually, I never seen a pair in person before either, didnt realize how big the cabinets were.. They are all original. K-77M K-600 horns with K-55v drivers K33e woofers and Type B crossovers
  9. So.. I was driving down the street with my wife minding our own business, and passed a garage sale. Slammed on the brakes and pulled over. And there they were. Got out and asked the price. He says, "$300.. these are Klipsch." I looked at my beautiful wife and told her we're buying them. She says, "We already have speakers!" The seller says, "Yeah, buy these and you can throw those away." Funny.. actually, downright hilarious.. even considering the thought of throwing away a pair of La Scalas. Long story short, we bought em. And here they are along with my 1981 La Scalas and 1981 Heresys.
  10. wow. i kept checking this thread wondering how long it would take to sell. congrats to whoever the buyer was.
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