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  1. Update-- Sold speaker on eBay---ad specifically said local pick up only. Buyer files complaint that I wont ship. I win case. Buyer was from Taiwan and expected me to ship gratis to California. I guess I either will try again to sell it or find a mate as I have no money invested in it now......... Anyone have a good mate at a fair price?
  2. I noticed looking through the Forum section that some of you have a singleton of the earlier Klipschorn speakers with the wood covered horns........ Perhaps one of you is looking for a mate? Mine has the 500-5000 crossover , with hand wound coils and the dark cane styled grills. The speaker works fine. The body has been stained in a darker brown finish. My phone number is 1-321-749-seven two five seven if you are interested. I am more interested in finding the right home vs money received. Thank you, jpb former salesman of Klipsch products 1976-81 and have owned all the vintage Klipschs at one time or another. Located in Florida.
  3. Friends---I am a long time "silent" member. WE have decided to move to my old house that my Mom has been in since 1988. I sold off my Belles a couple of weeks ago ----and its come down to these or my other large speakers to keep--- and I think since these are so SPECIAL---I would like to see these go to another collector..... I bought these from the original owner who ordered them special in 1972. You might note the riser bases which are factory--- Other than the fabulous sound and the bone stock unmodified state of existence of these speakers...... Its the CONDITION of these that really make them special. There is not one scratch, dent, water stain , chip, delamination , or a single stitch pulled on the grilles. I actually believe these may well be one of the most pristine and original set of Cornwalls in the Country. I think I know what they are worth ---and before I list on more visible sites---- It would be nice for me to know it was going to a Klipsch forum member. Location zip 32955 Thank you ! http://l-n.com/bourne/home%20audio/Cornwalls/DSC_2775.JPG http://l-n.com/bourne/home%20audio/Cornwalls/DSC_2776.jpg http://l-n.com/bourne/home%20audio/Cornwalls/DSC_2777.jpg http://l-n.com/bourne/home%20audio/Cornwalls/DSC_2778.jpg http://l-n.com/bourne/home%20audio/Cornwalls/DSC_2779.JPG http://l-n.com/bourne/home%20audio/Cornwalls/DSC_2780.jpg http://l-n.com/bourne/home%20audio/Cornwalls/DSC_2781.JPG
  4. Friends, About a year ago I tried to purchase a McIntosh Belle Klipsch set. I was unsuccessful. I got a call today ---and seller is coming closer to my offer. As I already have a nice set of Belles---I am not going to keep these if I get them. My question:: He has the original woofers---unknown condition---and a non original pair of woofers are installed now. Unsure of make. A/ How big a deal is the speakers having non factory woofers as to sound and value? and B/ If the original basket is good---can the original woofers be rebuilt and at what approx cost? Thank you in advance for any insight. jpb 72 Vertical Cornwalls--85 Belles other stuff
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