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  1. No spares. I haven't done any tapping yet. I'll do a little and then quit.
  2. Hi all, I haven't forgotten about you - just back from vacation. Maynard - why would I hear the ringing just on the phono input? Are the 12AX7's part of the phono stage? I'll do a bit more tapping over the next few days and report back. Many thanks for all the replies.
  3. Hi all, I am currently running a Klipsch Quintet surround system, which works well in the room I have. A friend is about to gift me with a pair of SB-1 bookshelf speakers. It occurred to me that they might provide at least a bit fuller sound as the front surround speakers. Any thoughts?
  4. Hello all, I have a restored Scott 299C tube amp. I have noticed that, when phono is selected as the input, there is a ringing sound when I tap on the transformers, or on the chassis. It's a low toned, short-lived ringing sound coming from the speakers. The unit is reacting to the vibrations when I tap it. This does not happen on any of the high-level inputs (tuner, extra). I'm concerned that, when the music gets a little loud, that vibrations can make their way in and influence the sound. Is this normal? Any insights appreciated.
  5. Craig, excellent answer, that all makes sense and reconciles everything nicely. Thanks very much. BTW my model does in fact have a headphone jack on te front. Haven't tried it yet so i don't know if it cuts out the speakers or not. I am not a headphone guy so I don't even have a pair with the 1/4-inch plug.
  6. On my Scott 299C amplifier, I have the following inputs on the input selector knob: Mic NAB Tape RIAA NAB Ortho Tuner Extra On the back, I have the following RCA connectors: MAG 1 High MAG 1 Lo MAG 2 High MAG 2 Lo Tuner Extra Recorder Playback Headphone I'm having some trouble reconciling the front of the unit with the back, in other words I can't match up the inputs on the rar with the positions on the selector switch. Tuner and Extra are easy. These are line level inputs with matching positions on the front selector knob. RIAA NAB Ortho is the phono input, either 1 or 2 as selected on the slide switch, and either lo or high level. The Playback input is heard when the tape monitor switch is IN, no matter the position of the input selector knob. This is a line level input. I hear the RECORDER input no matter what position the input selector knob is in, and this appears to be a line level input. Is this normal? What is the function of this input? I hear nothing on the NAB TAPE and MIC positions, and find no correlating RCA inputs on the back of the unit. What are these inputs for? Is the HEADPHONE an output on the back for headphones? These are two R and L RCA connections. There is also a 1/4-inch headphone jack on the front panel. Any assistance is much appreciated.
  7. The turntable WAS on the right, amp on the left. I switched them, bring that transformer on the right side of the amp away from the turntable.
  8. The amp is new. I had been running an HK solid sate amp until last Friday. The hum was always there, very low, but the buzz was much more apparent.
  9. I consider the 12:30 to 1 o'clock position to be the maximum safe volume level. When i was a teen I would blow tweeters on a weekly basis, so I gained some experience with clipping and overload. It is the point at which the sound level is satisfying yet does not crowd the room or cause my ears to bleed or speaker components to smoke.
  10. Followup: This evening I did some more fiddling, and found that one ground wire was enough, so that wasn't the solution. I was wondering if the ground point on the amp chassis made a difference - it did not. It could have been moving that power supply further away from the turntable, as Craig suggested. It could have been moving the floor lamp from behind the console (with an AC wire in close proximity to everything). Who knows. But now the buzz is gone. There is still hum, but it's well below and not much of a bother (although all other inputs are dead quiet).
  11. Hi all, 1. Craig - by swapping the position of the amp and TT on the table, I was able to move that power transformer further away. But that didn't help (but I'm leaving it in that configuration anyway). 2. I swapped out cables between the TT and the amp, but that didn't help - until I connected the ground wire that is built into the second set of cables. Two ground points helped a lot. the buzz isn't entirely gone but it is low enough so that I can go to what i consider full volume (12-1 o'clock on the volume knob) without hearing the buzz. 3. I did wiggle the cartridge connections a little but that made no difference either way. The tonearm is aluminum on a VPI Classic 1. 4. I had tried reversing the plug on the amp, no change. I cannot do the same with the TT since it is 3-prong. I did move that plug to a different outlet - no change.
  12. Thanks Craig. The cables are rock solid Luminous Audio cables that actually tighten onto the connector. I've gone between the two MAG LO inputs and get the same thing. Once the turntable is disconnected it's dead quiet, as it is on all the other inputs. I lifted the ground on the turntable but no joy. As far as location I have little choice in that matter. The turntable is indeed right next to the amp but there's nowhere else to go.
  13. Hi all, I am getting a buzz on the phono input on my Scott 299C. It's low enough that I don't notice it until I turn the volume knob to the 12 o'clock position. The turntable is grounded to the amplifier chassis. When I disconnect the cables from the turntable the buzz goes away. The buzz does not appear on any other inputs. Any thoughts on how to make this go away? Many thanks,
  14. I remember years ago, at the Music Box in Wellesley, Mass. (where I bought my Heresys), they ran a pair of Klipschorns with a Sony Walkman.
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