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  1. Didn't actually blame it on the speaker wire. The old speaker wire was the same gauge but 30 years old and black and gummy on the inside. I thought I may have had a poor connection causing a short. Anyway thanks for the info. Time to spend some money on new electronics.
  2. I have seen this topic in the forum but my problem is a little different. I have had this receiver for about 3 or 4 years. No problems driving my Hereseys. I could turn it up as loud as I could stand. I recently bought some RF-82's. When I turn the volume up high. (house shaking) the receiver shuts off and when I power it back up it says check speaker wires. So I just bought new 10 Gauge wires and banana plugs and hooked it back up. My old wires were 30 yr old monster cable so I figured they needed to be replaced anyway . After the new wires ... same problem. By the way all this is 2 channel listening (plus sub). I checked in impedance setting and it is set to 8 ohms. Is it possible that the RF-82's need more clean power to run them at high loads. Do I need more power? This Yamaha receiver is on the low end of their AVR's. Its just funny that the Hereseys never gave me a problem. Plus the receiver doesn't get hot.it is just on loud spikes of musicIs seems to only shut down on loud spikes of music. If that make sense.. any Ideas.. I really need a good excuse to upgrade my receiver anyway..... Arch
  3. I have the opportunity to buy 2 RF-3's for around $300. All of my other speekers in my home theater set up are reference series, but I am using my Hereseys for fronts. Would it be much of a difference to use the RF-3's. Also is $300 a good price for the RF -3's. thanks Scott
  4. S4's on sale for $59.00 Free shipping I just picked up a pair.... S4i - $69.00 FYI
  5. The last time I had an att phone was over 2 years ago. Had it for 2 days and returned it and went for Verizon. Maybe the Att coverage is better now in the Jacksonville area, I don't know
  6. Do you know If the Iphone will work in my Yamaha Ipod dock.?????
  7. I think all Klipsch owners love a new gadget!!!!!
  8. I need to be able to get at different email accounts. work home etc. I have a EnV 1 original and when i try to use the net it is so much hassle, I end up waiting until I get where I can use my laptop. My verizon contgract is ending in about a week, that is why I was also looking at Iphone. The HTC looks great,but I don't know if I need all of it. I don't plan to put my whole music library on it, I will still use my ipod. The one feature I noticed is that the HTC will sync mp3's etc with my pc , and the Moto Droid you can't. (is that right) I have had better service with Verizon(coverage wise) I never drop calls Right now leaning toward Droid HTC (might as well get the latest)
  9. Anyone have any thoughts on which is a better smartphone. i.e. services,price, capabilities.... etc
  10. When my Heresy 1's woofers poped, I had to replace them........ When I would turn up the juice they would pop and trip the protection circuit in the reciever. But, they did work at low volume. Replacements don't pop now.... I like it loud too..
  11. If you can get the Yamaha 465 for around $300. I would go for it. I did a lot of looking around for a inexpensive sound processor and the Yamaha really paid off for me. Plenty of power for most all Klipsch speakers, HDMI, easy set up and use, and great Yamaha sound. I am in no way an expert buy I am very happy with mine. I also use it for 2 channel listening with my Heresy's and I love the sound.. good luck enjoy
  12. I talked with the 2nd level Tech Support, He knew as much about it as I did. So, we went the information on the Samsung website together. He thought that people have used regular dvd players connected to the tv to get 3D(not using the PC) But, he didn't know for sure.. He really was not much help, and I ran out of patience with him. He did say that they do not get many calls on 3D. Its just not popular. I am going to pass on this for now. The deal breaker was, that on the starter kits website. It said it is not BlueRay compatible. If I do any more research, I will add it to this thread. They offer a DDD 3-D DLP Starter Pack. The 3-D DLP® Starter Pack includes: $199.00 2 pairs of wireless 3-D glasses 1 wireless 3-D transmitter TriDef 3-D Experience software: Watch any 2-D DVD in 3-D View 2-D media files in 3-D Enjoy 3-D photo & video content See Google Earth in 3-D Play a PC game in 3-D Links to purchase the latest 3-D content
  13. Avitar being out is what got me thinking of the 3D aspect too. After reading the Samsung link, I am still kind of foggy on how it works, mainly... Who do you have to use a PC? Do you use the PC to play the DVD? or Can you use a PS3? I think I will call Samsung support tomorow. Thanks for the info
  14. I noticed in my owners manual on my Samsung HL67A750A1FXZA , that you can hook a IR emitter to it and watch 3d movies and games. I was wondering first what you need to buy to do this, and second If you think its worth all the trouble. There are not many 3d movies, and I am not a gamer. any thoughts????? Arch
  15. This will be the last entry for this thread. Service man came for the second time, and replaced a board. The thing fired right up. Now , I will be finding a extended waranty. thanks
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