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  1. WOW thats really cool, on a scale through 1-10 rate how much of a sound improvement this upgrade gave you? I have the 4.1's and i also upgraded the wires but i used 85ft of monster wire's XP 16gauge and the same plugs as you. I didn't hear any difference i wasted my money, so i wanna know how to did it!
  2. Hello everyone? I was just wondering i just reworked my wires on my 4.1's This is what i have in them for the new wires! 85ft of monster XP 16 guage wire and radio shack gold plated mono plugs. Now i've heard that when you do this, it really improves the sound alot. Well after i did this upgrade, i didn't hear very much of a difference in sound quality? Anyone whos done this can you tell me if you got alot more out of your speakers after you did this and what kind of improvments you got? Also on a scale 1-10 please rate how much more of the improvment you got?
  3. Hi, i got my pro's now i'm going to upgrade the wires on them. I bought some 16gauge monster wires XP. When i redo the wires does anyone really know if they sound a whole lot better then they already do? Here is my real problem, i went to radio shack and bought the 1/8" gold mono plugs. The problem i'm having is how in the heck do you get the wires on the plugs? The wire is way to big? Also i did a test on the new wires and listened to the speakers on one of them with just one new wire on it and i really didn't hear any difference in sound? Did i just waste more money on these babies for nothing? Thanks!
  4. Can someone please tell me who makes the best TV tuner? i'm looking for one that has FM in it as well. I came across the 3dfx card but don't know much about it, is it good? Also does anyone know any review sites i can look at about TVtuners? Thanks....
  5. Sony G400 all the way! i have one myself and did alot of research on those moniters you mentioned above. I looked at the View Sonic and the screen looked funny to me. Also you can't go wrong man on sony! I have a Sony G400 actually up for sale right now. Email me if you intrested... candykid@mail.com
  6. Hey, i just got my 4.1's about a week ago and i previously had the V2-400 but returned it and got the 4.1's. I was listening to it and there is diffintly more Mid range on these babies but what i noticed is the 4.1's sound like they have a weaker sub then the V2-400? Maybe i have a defective Sub i don't know but the sub does not sound very strong like the V2-400's. I remember i couldn't even hit the 10'o clock postion when i was cranking on the 400's but on the 4.1's i can blast it all the way and still sound weak? I have played with all the settings on my sound card? I have the the SB Live! Platinum? Is anyone else experiencing this?
  7. Sup, I'm having a problem doing this 16 gauge wire trick too. I went out and bout the wire from radio shack but i have my speakers mounted on the wall using the Klipsch wall mounts and i need a RIGHT ANGLED MONO PLUG. They didn't have it, does anyone know where i can find this thing? Please respond back to me.
  8. They sound pretty good, much more of a midrange than the other version, how ever i think both versions sound good depending on what your ear likes more of clear tweety sound or more of a midrange. the 4.1's have the midrange and blend the music quite well! i got mine brand new for 239.00 HAHAH
  9. Hi just wondering, i just bought the wall mounting brackets for My Pro Media's. I have a standard size room 12x12. My question is how high and far apart should i mount these things to the wall?
  10. I just got the wall mounts for the Pro's, I have 4 wall mounts and plan to mount them up on the wall. 2 In the front and 2 in the back. My room is a standard size room. Here is the deal, Can someone tell me how far apart i should mount them and how high? thanks....
  11. Get the wall mounts. I just ordered mine.
  12. SONY G400 is the sheeeiittt. I this moniter my self and i am truely amazed about it. I would reccommend this moniter. If you haven't bought one yet talk to me about it. I have another SONY G400 sealed in a box unopen for sale. You can Email me at candykid@mail.com if you intrested.
  13. Good question, i got my pro 4.1's for 239.99 MUHAHAAH i think they made a mistake on me for the price. The brand new to, what a great deal wouldn't you say??? hheheh
  14. Thanks for your help you guys but Janko everything is working but the sound is just bad i don't know why, i have tried everything? "SHANE" you said that your sound is awesome in WIN2K can you tell me how you did that? Also i have the installed all the drivers for it. Also I have the SB Live 5.1 not the SB live! Big difference between them in Win2K so i'm told. Thanks.
  15. Hi, I just installed Windows 2000 professional edition on to my WinBox. I previously had WinME which i really hate! The thing now is that after installed Windows 2000 the sound that comes out of my speakers now sounds so incredibley bad, everything blurts, sounds like it's just dead, no bass, extremely distorted. Please help me i don't know what to do? My sound card is a SB live 5.1 platinum edition. I tried the new drivers from the creative labs website for my SB Live that didn't seem to work... =(
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