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  1. Why didn't you say RUSH before! I used to work regularly at The Orbit Room in Toronto, which is Co-Owned by Alex Liefson. He's not there a lot, but plays with his "fun band" The Dexters there, and the rest of the weeks line up is solid too. Small 2nd floor place with a open air patio out back and a house Hammond B3 and Leslie! Come on up!
  2. Worthwhile content will continue to be the chalenge, more than the technology to show it.
  3. That's a bit of a drive, unless you do everything like you do your Klipsch and the vehicle is jet powered!LOL I would be honored to meet and host you, while you are in the area. You may not want to leave! In that case, I would be willing to sponsor you, for the "Adopt A American" program, as there are many families that take pity on Americans and will take them in and provide a good home for them.[] You are correct with my location and there is a mutitude of things to do, from visiting the wine region, live music, the thing with lots of water falling over it and the related tourist trappings, to the incredible Klipsch North experience. Fun for the whole family.
  4. We are a odd bunch, average person does not care about the same things as us, or at least realize they should. They tend to be intimidated when they see large or complicated pieces, as they often only think of it as "big and loud", not crystal clear with impact, emotion and all those other Klipschy words. We have work to do to convince people that for you it's not about loud, it's about clear.OK, maybe Loud & Clear,can you hear me now?LOL They probably just thought it was all the movies fault and the sound on it should have been designed for people sitting both in the front and back.[8-)] Don't judge them too harsly as they are the normal ones, we are not. Much the same as when a good band plays on a poor sound system, or whoever's mixing has poor ears and pours beers, it is the band that sucks. Chances to convert the masses, will only happen, when you control the vertical, you control the horizontal and you can introduce people to a world of sound, beyond the outer limits of what they thought possible.
  5. It is what it is, so I guess this is better suited for a Heresy than a LaScala?
  6. Wolverine Model TW-35 VHF Driver 8 ohms 50w prg. 100w peak 3500-18,000 cps(kHz?) Suitable replacement for K-77? Aside from being silver, looks identical. Also have the matching CR-35 crossover and original literature. Have allready inquired with Guru Colter, but he defers to the wisdom hidden here. Any help will be most welcome.
  7. LOL, Funny you should post that link. As I said to Colter, if you dig deeper on his webpage, you will discover, no surprise...all road lead to Hope. You might Rabbitt, you might!
  8. As sugested, the "flexy" design is the most...um...er...flexible.
  9. That's great! You can double the ammount of speakers before you are up to your neck and still have a safety margin, so you don't get in over your head!
  10. Currently, my customers are treated to hearing some of the Klipsch line, but currently when they say how impressed they are with the sound and how much are those speakers, I can only refer them to the website, as mine are NOT FOR SALE and if I were to look and find others in the area for them, I'd keep 'em and there would be more NOT FOR SALE! I doubt this course of action has translated into any actual sales of new product, but I wish I could shut up about Klipsch, as I lost out on a set of Klipsch Belle's, because I had Konverted a regular customer that now is just as nutty(not quite), as myself about Klipsch(and Bob Crites) and that's just one of many examples. I even though we are sorta just kidding about and wishing for a pile of Klipsch speakers to play with, this may be part of the issue. People here, Klipsch employees, from the floor to the offices, are all very pasionate about this brand. Somewhere between here and there, that is not being fully transmited to potential customers, because of dealers and minimum wage employees of big box stores, that have higher margins on other products and don't share our care. I would love to see a few Klipsch Korners(a la Apple) in select cities across North America, where anyone could go to demo any product in the line, buy a shirt, mug, poster, accesories, Klipsch approved upgrades/updates/repairs, or place a online order while the sound and excitement were fresh and know that every single person working there was a Klipsch Konverter, spreading their love and knowledge of the products, far and wide. Special listening events, performances and screenings. Mom can we go to Klipschy Land, PUHLEASE!CAN WE, CAN WE, CAN WE? Lets go on the offensive and get out there and show those that don't know, just how good it can be!
  11. I would be glad to be a Kanadian Klipsch Korner(KKK, maybe not?), that would act as a demonstration location and order processing centre.[]
  12. On the down side, neon has been known to cause big problems for sound, so both physical placement and where it plugs into the electrical scheme of things will be crucial. Look great though!
  13. Beautiful work, I hope some day to stop buying, long enough to save enough, to have you redo my "Blonde" LSI's.
  14. I love the "D" and not just for Historical reasons, or like some rubberneck a car crash, plenty to love there still and great people. Problems? Some world class ones and Google Maps, walking option, seems to want to make sure you see them all. Why when walking Google Maps would send you up Cass, instead of Woodward, makes me believe someone at Google, has a sense of humor. Still no worries, even as I was winding(wobbling) back to the bus station at 3a.m. Detroit has vibrant and growing Arts & Music Scene and is well poised for a rebirth. It will never be what it was, but that could end up being a good thing, as opposed to a city of industry, a city of good people, including Picky of course![]
  15. Thought you guys would like to see a picture of the damage in the aftermath of the Canadian Earthquake of 2010:
  16. Just a little thud rumble here, do better with the subs in the back.
  17. Glenn/Picky, we are a border and a bit away, anytime you wanna come over for "Eh!" weekend, I would be honored to host your visit. In turn, I would love to look you up the next time I am in the Deeee for Dennis Coffey or some Mo type event.
  18. Now if we could just get the brains at Klipsch, to find a way to make the trailer into a speaker!
  19. Legendary thread, wish I could have been there and hope, Hope was good enough to do it again.
  20. I think most of us here, have either given thanks to Michael, or owe thanks. Truly a wealth of knowledge and we are all richer because of it. A pity he can never be properly compensated by us or ...
  21. Not quite NYC proper, but one of my favorites. The Bayou Restaurant 580 Gramatan Avenue Mount Vernon, NY 10552 914-668-2634 www.bayourestaurantny.com Great food and great music, including one artist that does a crawfish boil, while playing!
  22. I would using "tears of jealousy", which will be available from any of your friends that appreciate audio. Really brings out the shine in a piece like that.
  23. Where do you hook up the Leslie on that thing? Either way, I'm sure Time Is Tight, or The Sermon, would sound killer on it.
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