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  1. It certainly did suck on June 3, 2009, but the last update is, she's still dead. So a year and 4 days later, I am coming to accept it.
  2. NO! Is having the sun rise once good enough?LOL But really, one pair makes you happy, two, twice as much, three and your head, house, wallet and wife explode at the same time.
  3. Heino still looks like Andy Warhol's evil Nazi twin or a albino Roy Orbison.
  4. MMMMMMM a whole rack of QSC and Crown, my kinda Canuck, even if it's from the evil province.LOL
  5. Just at a glance, I'd say no(which is unusual for me!). Others may say otherwise, but for $1600, they are not beautiful enough.lol If the grills are the selling point then you can get some decent LaScala speakers for $1000 and I'm faily confident you can make some full DIY grills for less than $600. Are you in the Buffalo area?
  6. I am. I mean in his own head, a attempt at diplomacy, as no one likes to be called a liar. He seems to believe it is true and I was trying to elicit more information as to whether the factory or a dealer did the "mods". However, I also have my doubts as to anyone offering $1000 for these.
  7. I would like to state, that even though I am a DJ as well, we do not all share the same brain.
  8. And if Industrial, would they not have had the K 43's? And did Klipsch ever use spring loaded handles on anything they ever put out? Perhaps customised by a Klipsch dealer, as opposed to the factory? No one is saying that your truth is not accurate, but there are few members(not me) that know both the pro lines and every variation of LS, including prototypes.
  9. Keep the V15 III, but get the Ed Saunders, or one of the other replacement styli, over a cheap $15 one and don't waste time and money looking for the actual Shure NOS.
  10. Sounds awesome! Send plane tickets and I'd be glad to come down and help.[] Send a cargo plane up here and I'll even bring down some more splits!LOL
  11. Don't like this one as much as the other ones you show in your later posts.
  12. Sounds like the beginings of a beautiful Bro-mance!
  13. Got a steal on some 18" Gauss 4288A's that we will run for now. Lower wattage but a bit better sensitivity, really designed for horn loaded, bit you MCM guys knew that! I also knew ahead of time, that recones are even more impossible to find than the JBL's, but the price was nice.
  14. Talk about bang for your buck! A brief diversion for a couple of other titles, then wrapped up the main game, but found I was hungry for more without wanting to start a fresh game so have moved through the DLC of Broken Steel, then Point Lookout and just about to wrap up The Pitt. I may do the other two at some point, but they were not reviewed as highly. I even picked up a used copy of Oblivion IV(same engine/developer) and the add on disc, as I have enjoyed this type of time killing gameplay so much, I am ready to put a feather in my geek cap and return to nerdy D&D places. Just to keep me busy(no life) until Red Dead comes out.
  15. I would say this event is far more exciting and worth the drive to Nashville, but alas was last night. http://blog.wfmu.org/freeform/2010/04/roy-orbison-night.html Perhaps I'll make some nachos, throw on the shades, turn on the ballgame and try to imagine it in all of it's glory.
  16. Mista Colter Suhr, I say, I say, is there a good way to fill in/hide deep scratches on the trim or a good paint match? And is there some type of (tough)protective clear coat that can be added after?
  17. http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/nuukspot/decdun/flexy_rack2.jpg http://www.jetcom.org/~jsb/flexirack.php http://forums.soundandvisionmag.com/showthread.php?t=583725 Just google "flexy rack" and you'll get the idea
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