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  1. While it doesn't eliminate the pressures of the marketplace/competition, thankfully Klipsch Group Inc. is still a privately held company and they can continue to make their own decissions, as opposed to having stock holders to answer to. They have a vested interest in the longevity and reputation of the company and while of course they want it to be profitable, aren't being held by gunpoint to make it all happen in a three month period. If they continue doing what they do and play the long game,making and hoping superior products will rise again, then I think they will be fine. If they go for the short term, cash in/sell out, they will be like so many other companies that only continue to use a name that used to mean quality, to market junk and rake in massive profits, before anyone realizes or cares. G.E. R.C.A. Emerson Fischer and on and on, brands that while they may never have been the best, were made with some care and quality. Anyone remember what a heirloom is? Of course something that lasts a year, much less a lifetime is not profitable, nuch better to have it break, wear out or replaced with a new and "improved" format or model. We the sheeple, have been programed and the few that see through it or try to fight it are dismissed. http://www.storyofstuff.com/
  2. You got it as good as it gets IMO running the LS with the C 26, which is a combo I am familiar with. I'm sure the Mc amp is sweet too, but the C 26 is one of the few pieces, mere mortals like me can afford. Carter & Benson on any given CTI release is music to my ears!
  3. I will attempt to curb my rantish tendencies(fail) and say that we have done this to ourselves and Mal-Wart is not the only one to blame. While part of what is going on is certainly consumer driven, there is another another thing going on in my opinion. The internet has ushered in a abundance of short term vision, uneducated, unrealistic, greedy, day traders. People "playing" the stock market like it was in a casino, making it impossible for publicly traded companies to have long term plans. Companies live and die or have to create a lie to survive one fiscal quarter to the next now. If they do not exceed(meeting is not good enough), their projections, one keystroke is all it takes to dump 'em and back another company. The pressure to reduce costs and increase profit every three months, NO MATTER WHAT goes far beyond the average consumers desire to buy more for less. When is the last time you heard about a company's plan for the next 10 years? And yet people are still being asked "Where do you see yourself 5 years from now", at their Wal-Mart interview? Where do you see me 5 years from now?LOL Who's to blame for the Enron's of the world, factories moving and quality being a lost art? Who makes long term investments, not only in companies, but the products we buy and most importantly our own futures? The internet/tech boom gave people the false idea that all stocks could and should double in a 6 month period as opposed to up and down over a ten, or twenty year period, for in most cases a modest return. The stock market is supposed to be something to invest in, to help growth and progress, not to play the long odds on hitting the jackpot.
  4. I'm sure there's a lot of people that have been turned onto Klipsch because of the legendary Loft parties, as well as Paradise Garage in NYC. I am more of a Mancuso/Loft guy myself, because I so appreciate his anything goes format. BTW, I love your Bass playing[], welcome to the forum!
  5. Very nice. Rega arm? The Platter clamp looks very Canadian[], hopefully you went with the lighter version of have adjusted your suspension accordingly, but I get the idea you know what you are doing.
  6. http://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/161046-2_drivers_renkus_heinz_ssd_3300_2_lenses_compression/ Would these be comprable/compatable to some of the other horns being used in various projects here? Guess I'll know if someone here snaps them up, now that I have provided the link.[]
  7. Probably, but the 2245's spec better and drop lower, only draw back being that they are 600w not 800w like the Yorkville's. But, this is atempt to go back to my first post here and see how low we can go.
  8. Great score and beautiful pieces, just a bonus they work and sound good! Congrats!
  9. [Y][] Best Cd player? Make sure it has both 33 and 33 1/3 rpm!LOL Glad you are in your happy place.
  10. ES 608, part of my continuing education.[] Still trying to figure out if one of the QSC's is at fault or the whole arcing wire expeience was to blame. Make me a offer! Daddy needs driver, power and processing money and the 4000's do a better job than the Yorkville's.LOL Sure I'd love to be able to have everything running, but reality is a cruel master and I don't want to create my own Haiti, well I do, but don't like the idea of buildings colapsing while I am in them!
  11. Spoken like a true Canadian! Mind you need to do a recone on one of the Yorkville 18's (I don't wanna talk about it!) and am beyond curious to try out the 2245's, as the only other comparable "get low" driver I can find is the Maelstrom X and they seem a little pricey for me at the moment.
  12. Nothing has ever been better than the original mono UK press to my ears and I will always reget selling it, even though I got a decent buck. Mind you, haven't had the pleasure of hearing the original U.S., yet. The pitch corrected version may be as it was originaly intended, but will never be to these ears, even after my short life of listening to the standard.
  13. Fly me over and I'll take care of them! I wouldn't complain about finding a future fiancee there either!
  14. Anyone have a couple of 2245H 18" drivers they aren't using?[] Even trade for the crossovers?LOL
  15. Forgive me Klipschers, for I have sinned. Our heavenly moderator, if thy will is to move this thread, it will be done. I come to you all with a heavy heart as I have broken two of the Klipsch Komandments, that when I first climbed the mountain of horny goodness, I swore I would follow. I swore my heart would be true to Klipsch and only Klipsch, that I was a ply or die kinda guy and MDF would never cross my threshold again (keepin the KG 4's though!). Sadly, I was tempted and I was weak. Shame causes my face to flush, as I look over at the two burly black giants in the store. No they aren't the local loan sharks, they are a pair of JBL 4518 Cabinets along with a pair of 3160 crossovers. Granted they are harmless at the moment, as they are driverless, but they are giving me a hollow empty stare as we speak, daring me to load 'em up and let 'em rip. What kind of evil serpent tricked and tempted me? The worst one of all, the FREE devil has made me go against my heart. Now if someone here can get me from the current 30Hz, down to 25Hz or so, I will be truly damned. I'm guessing from the very little I do know, that blocking one of the 3 ports, would just about get me there?
  16. Great thread! Both budget and choices are keeping ,from finishing the split LSI's, but if I go with your method, at least I have step by step instructions now! Of course, I will use ply not MDF, but that's just me.
  17. After seeing your equipment (shopping) list, the better question is what week-end won't you be home?[] Alarm system?Cats trained to kill?
  18. Both had available wood sleeves, which interlock for stacking. I would personally skip the pre, but if you can get everything for 150-200 which is what I would pay for that amp...go to it! There is another unit that goes with this series that is just 2 Vu meters as well.
  19. Have been running a set of La Scala's off a D 150 for a few years now and am familiar with the pre. I would have a competent tech give everything a once over and if they have not been powered for a long time, have them slowly reintroduced to the world of power with a variac. I hate the way they did the inputs on the IC 150, the cause of major cable and jack strain and from what I understand lots of caps prone to leakage. So if the amp is perfect and has the wood sleeve, see if you can steal it for $150-200.
  20. You're welcome? Guess my endorsement doesn't mean as much, but I'll keep trying to earn everyone's love and respect here.LOL
  21. somewhere on here is a pdf file with step by step instructions as to how to get into the tops.
  22. You have my apologies as well, my weakness is walking through doors that have been opened by others. Done more tounge 'n cheek than with malice. The actual advice wedged in between my smart arsy-ness, still stands, including contacting Klipsch directly.
  23. Even in non working condition the La Scalas will be a major improvement to your Home Theatre set up if you replace the bose with them![] As far as the price, if the cabinets and crossovers are in good shape, probably a very good price.
  24. Edited because I can keep my comments to myself, still chuckle on the inside and nobody gets hurt.
  25. Edited for exceeding daily maximum of smart azz comments.
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