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  1. Total newbie here, so short, easy to understand sentences are appreciated My current set up is this: Onkyo TX-RZ820 receiver; center, VC-35; L/R, VF-35s; subs, 2X Sub-10s; surrounds, Synergy S1s. I have had it for a lot of years (like 13 years haha), and have really enjoyed it. However, when I upgraded my receiver so I could get 4k video to my 85 inch Samsung QLED, I started getting more interested in setting up an Atmos system. I have been doing a lot of researching and trying to read as much as I can, as it can be a little complicated. And I have a few questions. I have purchased the following to set up a 7.2.4 (hopefully) system: - Onkyo Tx-RZ820 will still be my main receiver - R-52C (center) - R-820F (L/R) - R-120SW (X2) - R-41SA (X4); height speakers - R-51M (Surrounds) - RP-402S (Surround backs) Now, from what I understand, my receiver does NOT allow me to set up a 7.2 set up with height speakers (.4). A little disappointing to find that out as when I initially purchased I thought it did. But all my research has led me to believe it can only support a 5.2.2 set up. Either the surround backs or the height speakers are powered, but not both at the same time. So I started going down a rabbit hole, that I think I can set up a 7.2.2 with a separate 2 channel amp and use the height pre-outs on my 820 to feed the second amp which would power the height speakers. First question - am I on track with that line of thinking? Second question - if I want to go to 7.2.4, is it even possible? I can definitely answer my receiver only has a single pre-out for height speakers. No distinction for front highs vs rear highs? So even with a separate amp, would I even get an additional 4 channels? I still have my old received which is an Onkyo TX-SR607. Would I be able to possibly use that? Seems like overkill, but I have it just collecting dust. Or should I sell it and go with a dedicated 2/4 channel amp? I know I will have few more questions, but figure I'll start with these! Thank you in advance for all your help.
  2. Yes, the subwoofer is required to power the system. The subwoofer has the amplifier built in and you would plug your speakers in to the subwoofer, along with that "s link" cable. The 3.5mm jack would be plugged in to whatever source you desired. Unfortunately, the speakers and pod by themselves are of no use without the subwoofer.
  3. Thanks Coytee. That's what it appeared from the website, but I wasn't sure. I hate to spend a $150 just for the upgraded DIN that hopefully won't break. I upgraded my satellite speakers to Quintet IIIs, so all I need is the sub. I also saw some conflicting information in the "Spec Sheet". I swear it says it has Bluetooth. But there is no mention of that anywhere on their product page which leads me to believe this might be from the old BT system they used to sell?
  4. Well this might sound a little crazy - but I did the firmware update, and it actually sounds much better now. The subwoofer is definitely audible, and sounds much more balanced now. I can see why the reviews are so mixed. It's weird because some sources it sounds good, and others, not so much. In my own testing, bluetooth streaming sounds the best, and any audio from the TV sounds OK. The dialogue is great, but as far as punch in loud scenes, it's mediocre. I think I might try an ARC connection and see if it sounds better. I just really wanted to avoid having to get an HDMI switch since I have three HDMI inputs on my TV, and three HDMI sources.
  5. I have about a 11-12 year Promedia system. I have really loved this system for my computer setup. However, over the years, the subwoofer will randomly stop working. I think it is a pretty common problem. Each time, I have bought a new control pod and that seems to fix the problem for a few years. I usually buy the control pod directly from Klipsch. It seems like there used to be a "Parts" page that I could go to and just buy the pod. However, I don't see that anymore. So my main question is, is the new promedia system improved so that the control pod doesn't fail? Mainly I think it is the connection that plugs in to the sub that fails. On the new system, it looks different, so wondering if that was to fix the issue. Sorry if this has been covered in depth. Searching isn't yielding good results for me.
  6. KingJames

    BAR 48

    JB18 - I just purchased a Bar 48 about a week ago, and I am experiencing the same. In fact, I posted another thread just a few minutes ago with the same topic. I really enjoy Klipsch products and like the sound. So when we went shopping for a soundbar for our living room, I settled on this one. After fiddling with it for about a week now, I agree - the bass is very much lacking. It's almost like the sub is used to hit the mids more than the lows. I am pretty underwhelmed and considering returning. I am assuming not much responses on here since those who purchase the Bar 48 probably aren't on Klipsch forums often.
  7. Hi - I have just purchased a Klipsch Bar 48. I have enjoyed a lot of Klipsch products throughout the last 15 years and still enjoying most of them, so when I was looking for a soundbar for our living room (wife wanted something clean and simple as opposed to our 7.2 Klipsch system in the basement (: ), Klipsch was the first place I looked. I saw pretty mixed reviews, but mostly based on some folks experiencing connection issues with the early production models. I summed up that Klipsch had corrected the issues with the newer models, and I decided to take the plunge. We've had it now for about a week, and I have to say, I am pretty underwhelmed. It does get loud, but just seems to be really lacking bass and a good punch. Does anyone else feel this way? Now, for my connection, I am using with an Apple TV connected to a 70 inch Samsung 4K LED via HDMI. A Bluray player connected via HDMI. And a Nintendo Switch connected via HDMI. I am using the optical output on the TV to connect to the soundbar. I have not tried using a direct HDMI connection from the TV, but I suppose that could affect audio quality. However, I experience the same underwhelming subwoofer performance when connected directly via bluetooth. I have the subwoofer dialed up maybe just over half way, since cranking all the way seems to get boomy, but doesn't sound good. I should also say, I have not installed the newest firmware - but I just bought it about a week ago, so figured it theoretically have the most recent firmware? Anyway, just thought I would post and get other's thoughts. And yes, I do know the Bar 48 has a sub out, so I suppose I could get another and hardwire. But I do like the wireless functionality in our living room for a cleaner appearance.
  8. I emailed Klipsch and told them the problem I was having. I have had my S4s for several years and were definitely out of warranty. I bought them on Amazaon back in '09. I simply emailed Klipsch the Amazon receipt, along with an explanation of what I was experiencing. They replaced them within a week. They mailed them straight to me, no shipping charges or anything. Brand new pair. I own a lot of Klipsch products, and this is why. I have never had a negative experience with Klipsch customer service, or their willingness to stand behind their products. I was not surprised that they so willingly replaced my ear buds even though they were clearly out of the warranty period. Best of luck in getting help your issues.
  9. I would have to agree. When you get the straight ones, if they are accidentally yanked out, there is more pressure on that connection. With the L-shaped, most of that pressure is absorbed at the L and doesn't stress the connection as much. My opinion for what it's worth...
  10. Hey everyone, I am experiencing a literal shock in my ears when using my S4s. I have seen a couple of posts about this issue. Has anyone found a solution? I have two sets of S4s and it is strange, because one set will shock, and the other does not. I have tested them both on the same sources, and one pair will shock and the other will not. I have tried using the electric static wipes to no avail. Will Klipsch replace these under warranty? Has anyone had any luck finding a fix?
  11. and ps thaddeussmith, I love your tv!!!
  12. Thank you everyone for the responses! It looks like everyone here is quite partial to the PS3, and for good reason. I do have a Logitech remote, but I looked at the PS3 dongle thingy and it was like almost $100! So that's not really an option right now... I am very interested however in the applications you were talking about that allow you to stream/encode right to your PS3. Any links that would help me see what you are talking about? The more I read the responses, the more I think I will sell my fat PS3 and go for a slim. I love the interface of the PS3 and have enjoyed all the different media options you have with it. So maybe I will just stick with this. But please continue to give any advice you may have on stand alone players as well! Thank you all again!
  13. There a couple things that I just can't stand about my PS3. 1. Remote is bluetooth so I can't use my universal remote with it... not too big a deal. 2. You can't connect an NTFS hard drive to the PS3, only Phat. 3. I have the old fat PS3 and it has had overheating issues, so I will probably be getting rid of it completely... I could stream through my WII, but as you all know the WII is not capable of HD output, and that's no good for me. Thanks for all the opinions though, they really do help. Maybe I'll look at getting a new PS3 slim... I'm just not much into gaming so I don't see much use for this... but I do love a lot of the features and things that you can do on the PS3 like streaming music and such from your laptop...
  14. In the market for a new blu ray player. There are a few things I would like it to do. 1. First and foremost, it must have excellent audio/visual quality. 2. Good netflix streaming ability. 3. Ability to connect via USB to an external hard drive and play media from it (NTFS format) That's it! I have looked at the Sony BDP-S570, but I am seeing very mixed reviews about the Netflix streaming on this machine. I have heard that it can be simply router problems, but I don't know. Hoping you guys on here can give me some sound advice. As far as price goes, looking to stay under $250, which should be pretty easy I think... Thanks!
  15. Hey has anyone had any problems with the IR receiver on their SXT? I bought one and the IR sensor on the SXT was bad... sent it back to klipsch, they sent me a brand new one, and the SAME problem! Not sure it's even worth the hassel to send it back and try a third one. Has anyone else had this problem with their SXT?
  16. Very helpful... thanks. I was interested when you talked about how you can't even tell you have subs because they are blended so well with your rf-7s. Is this simply reached by messing with the x over settings? Sorry if I sound ignorant... I really am in this world
  17. Thanks everyone for the advice... I liked what I heard So my next question is, how would I go about blending these subs to match my system? I've got the Icon VC-25 center, Icon VF-35s as my mains, 2 Synergy F-1s and 2 Synergy S-1's as my rears, and 2 Synergy S-1s as my surround r/l.... and an Onkyo TX-SR607 7.2 receiver.... ideas?
  18. So I got a deal on the Klipsch Sub-10, but I already have one in my main set up... would this just be rediculously too much to have two? The room is decent sized... probably about 20' by 18'. But I already feel like it's a bit KLIPSCH overloaded... haha especially for just a college apartment. I guess my real question is whether or not it's going to improve my theater experience... any help? Thanks in advance for the advice... I tend to just think more is better... which is why my theater is probably way overkill... need some help
  19. Looking for a new TV to add to my home theater. Right now I have a Vizio 50' and it does the job, but now with all my HD sources, I really want something that will give me full 1080p definition I've got about $1,800 to spend. I've been looking at the Panasonic V10 and the Samsung PN50B860. I really want to stay right at 50 inches because I have a big entertainment cabinet thingy and would like to keep it and 50 fits perfectly. I have to say I'm a little biased to plasmas, but certainly open to suggestions.... any help!?!
  20. You might have a look at the Onkyo TX-SR607 or 606. I've owned both and been extremely happy with them. They are very reasonably priced, and will take care of all your video needs now and long into the future. I just purchased the TX-SR607 and it is fantastic. Really simplifies hooking things up. Just run all your HDMI sources into the receiver, and then one HDMI cable from the receiver to the tv is all you need. It will run beautiful 1080p picture and decode all the latest HD audio tracks to give you great 5.1/7.1 sound. The 607 right now is only running about $400 and I think you could get the 606 for about $300. I'm actually in the process of selling mine now. I believe you could just hook up your preamps to this quite easily, but don't quote me on it. Hope this helps and doesn't just add clutter to the though process... haha I definitely know how that goes.
  21. Hey just heard some things about these speakers that they have inferior build quality and aren't made to last. Anyone have any input?
  22. Hey, I just got the VF-35s as well. Ok I lied, I've had them for about 6 months, but they still feel new. Haha anyway, I too am very impressed with their sound. I had bought a pair of Polks, and they were ok, but then I went to BB and discovered these just came out and due to a pricing tag error by BB, I got them for the same price as the Polks! $400 for the pair! Not sure how I got away with that one... They blew the Polk towers out of the water. The sound is crisp and clear and I love them. I haven't heard a ton of different high end stuff, but I know these sound great with movies and music. I was reading however a little while ago that the new Icon series has some major quality issues in comparison with the other lines. I have yet to discover anything really wrong with them. Someone was explaining that the grills are removable because the cones are super cheap paper woofers. Might be true, might not. I know Klipsch though and I know they usually don't go the cheapest route possible in making their speakers, so I do have a hard time believing this. I'm glad though that you and I both are able to enjoy them, because I would totally agree with you that they sound AWESOME!
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