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  1. I really don't understand what you said? 360$ is too much??? 300$ is the system's price and 63$ for shipping taxes people pay more than that in the U.S itself!!! Why do you find hard for some one to do that? If you do find a dealer tell me how much it will cost, further I had 0 trouble with shipping! I wish you luck!
  2. I am not sure about this since I haven't tried it yet , but has any one got a graphics card with a TV out? It should mean that you can game with your TV screens @21"-35"? Has anyone tried it ,hoe does it look!
  3. Hey Si bulba yes si bulba thay come around they look they no buy ,why no body buy??
  4. songs with bass punch are Technos> try blade operation (bass to the place london) paul van dyke (for an angel) Atomic Dance Tell me- Dj mojo don't stop-ATB feel the beats> darude sandstorm -darude Dance with the Devil -Ddevis try some metallica but for bass go with techno since techno has no singing in it it is very difficult to know the name of the song(music) if you hear it on the radio or in a club, thats why they don't sell much(I think) Anyway that should keep you pumping for a while!
  5. I hear you I had the same problem since I live in Lebanon and I know how frustrating this can be! But wait , I came with a simple solution! 1.Get a forwarding address in the U.S 2.By and ship them to the forwarding address which automaticaly ship back to you 3.Get a 220-110V trasformer for the power supply differnce between europe and U.S.A I don't about your custom Taxes , but it should cost all in all above 360$! Hope this helps , Ofcourse if you find a dealer it can be easier , but watch he doesn't screw you with the price
  6. digital sound! No such thing! just a digital signal and it is used because it doesn't distort much! My advice would be with the 4.1 ,very nice indeed ,one con about them is the Crappy cheap wiress> Man I hate this when it happens! Anyway DVD's do sound great on the promedia's especially the bass when a plane or fast car is passing! Intense!!
  7. quote: Originally posted by Paragon: Converting mono to stereo will do nothing for you.. you will still end up with the same signal from both channels. I don't get what your saying, my MP3's give different sounds from left and right!!(not completly)
  8. When you want to type in blod or color , do type in the box that pops !!
  9. Damn ,Someone told me that you should bulid an external ckt ,from TV to sound card with a phase shift to seprate sounds! I don't have time for this! Can the Sblive! do it for me??
  10. Right now I have a small TV which has a Mono output ,So I used one end of the RCA wire in the TV , attached a copper(small string) to the other end,and put it in the Line -in of my Live Value! Great now I have the 4 channels working ,but as MONO I am using the recorder of the Live Value! to record some of songs from MTV ,and was thinking if there is any way to convert the recording to Stereo, hey maybe there is way to make this TV work directly as Stereo!!
  11. ok where did you look?? I need a PAL color system!!
  12. quote: Originally posted by Uhui: I got my klipsch about 2 weeks ago and it sounds really loud my main volume in the klipsch speaker never go up to 12 o'clock and the sub never more than 10'clock before I changed my soundcard the sound produced was not this loud, before I used diamond MX 400. Now, I am using SB!live Wow ,what Sblive! the Value! or plat. ?
  13. Well you just said what you will do and you are going to hate it!
  14. Btrigg you said that you hooked your 4.1 to the TV , was it thru the line in of the computer or directly into the 4.1? Are the 4 channels working Surrond Sound ?s>
  15. do you mean the 4.1 sound differnt on the 5.1 than on the Value! The 5.1 is only an addition to the Value(digital)! Are you sure?
  16. totalkaos I am buying a NEW TV and want to be sure that I have the correct options for the 4.1 to be it's sound system with a surrond effect!!
  17. http://shop.store.yahoo.com/chuck888/pringrapar27.html So this is a monitor and a TV?? I didn't know monitors come in 29" for 800$!! Check it out !
  18. Thanks Paragon ,What I did earlier was connectin the output using the cable directly into the 4.1 without the use of the Computer! Now I used the line-in of the soundcard and the 4 channels operate ( I think with the same quality of directly inputing into the 4.1) What I am not sure of is the surrond . I am not sure they are operating in Stereo although the sound is loud and great,but all speakers seem to give the same sound! Ah well I guess the TV I get should only have the rear output ,I do want surrond like in games thou! Maybe the virtual Stereo should make a differnce! Ah Yes the TV should be also close to the PC!
  19. quote: Originally posted by Paragon: This is better and what I have been posting to tell ppl to get. http://www.radioshack.com/product.asp?catalog%5Fn ame=CTLG&category%5Fname=CTLG%5F002%5F001%5F002%5F000&product%5Fid=42%2D2481 along with a stereo splitter in order to have right and left in teh fronts and rears. With the adapters you gave.. the would be good for making the fronts one channel and the rears a different channel, altho I am sure you can find a cable that does the adapting in order to get more length. Right now, I actually have a 2RCA to mono so all the channels are the same. I tired to make a stereo cable out of it but it didnt work for some reason so I will probably just buy new cables Hey paragon I already got the first adapter used it on l/r channel and then hooked it up to the line in on the promedias. The sound came from the front speakers and MAN you thought your TV was loud and clear. Anyway the TV speakers are still ON, The promedia's front are on, all good now! But the rear are off!! I don't want the TV's speakers to be ON just the 4.1! I'm not sure that the fault is in the TV's outputs , but since I am buying a new one I want to make sure what knid of outputs it must have to insure the 4.1 work properly!!
  20. well the thing is that I live in lebanon and there isn't any klipsch dealers here! So I bought them from the U.S and since they don't ship outside the country ,I used a forwarding address to get them here . Finally since the power supply in the US is 110V and 220V here I used a transformer ! I am now a very happy klipsh owner, the only I might add in the middle east at least !
  21. buy from US, use forwarding address ,then use a 110-220 V transformer .
  22. quote: The only downside is that they ask 600$!!! ok I think I know when someone is being ripped off!!!! Why don't you listen to me, it only cost me 63$ extra and 10$ for the converter!!! for 600$=300for promedia +300 for a brand new TV(selling the old one for 200=500total for new) You just did a mistake when you has an alternative this Dealer is a ripper who played on your emotions!!
  23. quote: Only problem is that I think the sub is kinda weak (even that weak that I fear they are broken or something..) Weak??????????????????? No way it is so strong that my ears are hurting and I don't go to class anymore because I can't hear anything Anyway put the sub face facing the wall in a 45 degree postion facing a corner ! Walk to the opposite wall and HEAR s>the difference! Other wise it is defective because it is powerfull!!!!!!!!!
  24. ok ok ok ,stop this !!!!!! Vega is a star and Wega a TV you both are right! JUST GIVE ME OPNIONS ON GOOD TV'Ss> and will the 4.1 work as 4 channels and surrond just from the Aux out, because when I used th emic out from a radio it only worked 2 channels ???
  25. quote: I saw the SB Live!Value, but since it had the word 'value', I automatically assumed it sucked. I don't agree with that. It is names Value because it only provides 4 (analog )channels and doesn't have any didgital plug,and because it doesn't come with any software, other than that it is the same exact card on the same exact chip!
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