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  1. Thanks for the advise Slaz13. But do you really think it is wise to put the port(you do mean the opening from which the air comes out) in from of a corner?? By the way do you thin the glass would differ I mean I have a corner of glass+ Alumninum. I sure hope your right because I feel real differnt bass when I sit under my disk
  2. Thanks rol1 I'll try this tommorow. By the way isn't this also true for the soundcard???? I mean why dont you take the 1/8 plug from the input of the headphone input of the sound card and put it directly into the input of the klipsch preAMp. This would be a great solution for guys with a 2 channel sound card!!!
  3. Well I was just listing to music when I had to bend over and pick up something under my desk WOWs>does the bass sound different or what? Its alive down theres> I think my sub placing is wrong although I figured I put in a corner. I am attaching a rough sketch of my setup (I have put the sub under my desk and closed the end of the desk by the 4.1 box! I really want the sound to be the same as under there!!!!My parents think I've lost it sitting down under the disk all the time click on image to the right! http://www.klipsch.com/ubb/uploads/set for sub.jpg
  4. I have an auxialary jack at the back of my Stereo one for left channel and one for right channel , and I used to hack up my stereo to the computer by a jack that has two ends to input to the stereo and one to the sound card to have a 2 channel speker sysyem. My question is if I hook this plug to the audio portable input of the klipsch??? I know it is for CD player and I am hooking it to system ( i previously put this plug inside of the sound card) so I don't want to test it before being sure because the system has an impedence of 6-16ohm!! I wantto skip the fm tuner card which are usually not that good because I alredy have a mini stereo!
  5. this would have been great had klipsch produced video cards!!!!! We need sonething to symbolize sound LOUD and powerfulls>like for example lightings> good luck!!!!!
  6. I've got an A330 pioneer 140watts (2 chanles)6ohm-16ohm I used previously, I'm not sure if I can hook the promedia to its aux jack or to the computer! Hephaestus I wish that you give more details about your tuner , and you hooked them up! Thanks
  7. OK in earlier post Switchblade said that I was on crack hehehe Yeah I'm the one on crack right lol!!
  8. OK in earlier post Switchblade said that I was on crack hehehe Yeah I'm the one on crack right lol!!
  9. Well I'm not sure ,but it seems that the bass distorts too quickly and that the sateliets are distorting big time at the 70% in the windows, this doesn't happen with the other songs , I was wondering if it was the sub placement!
  10. ok go and download Balde soundtrack -techno theme song Try it and it tell me what happens when you raise volume of the bass!!! very starnge indeed! Get from Napster!!
  11. Has any one considered connecting these speakers to a radio reciever,so that you listen to FM stations!!!
  12. Well even klipsch didn't include a 10year warranty, maybe this company you bought from is not expecting to continue buisness for 10 years so what the heck ,check it if they give 50 year warrnty too !!lol ehh you said you paid 59 extra dollars ? hmmmmm.....
  13. Trusting is the first step toward dissapointmnet
  14. Man why all the trouble! Just use a stable stool! Sound won't differ
  16. Well I sure do hope many of you have heard of Ibiza ,or the Berlin love Parade! So I was thinking if any of you actually knows some of the awesome tracks and mixes they play there. Basically they are dreamy kind of like techno with a very good vibe and lots of Sensual bass(Damn it I'm drooling again) Thanks!!!!!!
  17. Why are you finding it so tuff to get them. Where there is a will there is a way. I live in lebanon where the klipsch dealer decided to terminate his contract! and no klipsch dealer in the entire middle east (I guess) and I still got them ! Cost me about 350$! I think you guys can get them!!!!! Good Luck They are better than the Rest (in this price range )
  18. Well it's me who said that! I meant a UPS (backup power supply) you use it so that if the electricity voltage plays a little you will be safe since it has a regulator . Further if you are working on something important and the electricity shuts off for a few minutes , you won't lose anything since you would have a 15minute margin if (500 watts UPS) So the UPS is important and please read and think before you comment(I did say the power cut, and thought he meant UPS since many cases come with ready in supply(which is a convertor of AC to DC for the computer to operate on)
  19. I hope that planet minidisc have already shipped, because when I first orderded from them, they asked for info and bla bla bla , and finally told me they were out of stock and I was on backorder. Damn it he previously said they were in stock!!(lost 3 days in the Unnecessary process of verification!!) All they had to say was SORRY! So I ordered from klipsch who shipped the very same day (although with a tax of 24$ to reach NEWYORK) Got them right on time
  20. Get AudioGrabber ,and Playcenter2 Thats all you need!
  21. Hey Rocker ,give me your address ,I want to send you glassesHEHHEHEHEHEEHE!!!!!!!!!!!! Rock ON
  22. I bought from klipsch store, I shipped 3 day for 35$,tax 24$,and handling 5$. BOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMs> I love my promedias
  23. Simply said :"All your bass are belong to me ..ah.what yes klipsch!! I really like my promedia ,but the downside is the urge to hear and test those high end systems costing above a 1000$. how better can it get Damn I hate it when it happens! Wont wait to long though, someday I'll have the money! Trusting is the first step toward disapointment
  24. I feel with you Billie Jean ,every time one think's he's finally got it right something better comes along, or a new upgrade is needed for a certain software,like when I got my geoforce 2 GTS , in a month time the Ultra came out ,and the value of my card dropped significantly. Will this never end!!! Most hardware customers are students who want to play games (at least me) and listen to great audio ,but there is always an upgrade on the way and a billion dollar industry. Maybe the optical computer(which haven't been designed or may have ) will solve of gamers problems, but hey what about the billion dollar indusrty:? Damn it I hate this when it happens!!!
  25. Damn It ! I hate this when it happens It sounds funny!!!
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