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  1. Great looking speakers. Here is simplistic answer - the walls and floor (to a degree) form the last fold of the folded horn and thus contribute to the size of the aperture. So yes, plain walls that extend out 6 feet or more from the corner would be ideal. As for deeper or louder bass, I would think of it in terns of balance between the drivers. That said, a sub-optimal room with great speaker is better than a perfect room with poor speakers. I've had my k-horns in small rooms, with false corners and currently in a room that is a tad shallow for their width. I've always found them to sound great. My realtor thought I was joking or at least a little odd when I rejected homes that were not a step up for my speakers. enjoy
  2. Dynaco amps, if well restored will be reliable. The quality of the restoration is key. Find a tech you like and trust. They are old enough that even if they are running well and sound great they may need to be gone through. Old components drift. There's more to it than replacing output tubes. The tube pre vs tube amp is standing discussion. I opt for tube amps and SS or tube preamps. My thinking is that the speakers couple directly with the amp's output transformer while the pre couples with USB, CD players, bluetooth receivers and of course phono cartridges. Stepping up phono and adding the RIAA correction seems less magical than taking line level and bringing it up to 85db without any nasty harmonics. That said, I run a tube pre into tube amps during the winter. I am still blown away. Heresys will reward quality sources. Have fun. I bet your rig sounds great right now.
  3. Had: RF-3 (gateway drug) 1978 Cornwalls Have: 1979 Khorns (Crites A crossovers) 2019 Heresy III (one as center) I found my sound
  4. to Pat Absolutely correct about Owsley. Thank you for the links. That is very good reading and serves as fine examples of our hobby. Have you posted a picture of your setup? Would love to see it. to Zachk0 I run a Heresy iii as a center some of the time and I am glad you got your dad's system up and running.
  5. you have earned the name grasshopper. well done and I bet your rig rocks.
  6. Owsley was a chemist and a manufacturer of chemical products. So, I guess it mean what you mean by "traveling." Taking a trip? Yes, very much so. As for the expense, it takes a while to know what we like. I had to buy RF-3 to know that I preferred Cornwall, and KHorns to know that I preferred them to the Cornwalls. That was a bit costly. Or stepping up through Adcom and Parasound to realize the value in restoring all the old Fisher I had accumulated. That added up a bit. And I agree, at a certain point, all the big stuff is in place. I haven't bought a piece of equipment in a while, but cartridges, tubes, DACs, computers and the like continue to pile up. Did some spring skiing at Whistler a couple of years ago. You live in a very special spot. I'm up in the mountains of New Mexico. You have a Belle as a single front? you are living right.
  7. Designed by none other than John Curl. How's Canada rocking tonight? Looks like this is going to be an expensive hobby for you. I speak from experience.
  8. I hope I haven't derailed a great thread. I love seeing people's amps - particularly the home brews. Please keep them coming
  9. Sorry if I sounded defensive. You certainly have plenty of wall current. Mine is pretty much bone stock - the selenium rectifier has been replaced with a couple of diodes. Mine is probably from the early 60s. According to Wikipedia, 350,000 were sold. Pretty insane. I bet yours will sound great with your attention. The community is fortunate to have your even opinion and knowledge.
  10. Here’s the factory wired tag. I don't know how visible it is in my earlier post, but there is a. chromed "cage" within the cage that covers the first stage of amplification. This is also unique to the factory built. The reference to "cloth leads" are the wires coming from the transformers. This indicates an earlier model. The voices I hear on the internet tell me these are more desirable transformers. This was the amp that led a couple of generations down the garden path toward audio nirvana. Despite the enormous numbers made, it remains desirable today.
  11. Mines a bit older than the photo you provided, and yes, I know the photo of mine is factory built because there is a factory sticker (printed on foil). Cloth leads etc.....As you know, thousands of these were sold. David Hafler and all that.
  12. Factory built st70. Another el34 amp that is a reliable like an old friend. Does not have the crystal clarity of the fishers nor all of the thump but for most recordings it is just fine. I believe it is the best selling amp of all time. I bet everyone here has heard, if not owned one.
  13. 50 pounds of dual rectified transformer coupled mono triode goodness. I went on a fisher binge 20 years ago. The signature of my sound remains the khorns and they sound their best coupled to these old amps. This the el34 version.
  14. Fisher 400c stereo preamp and a pair of fisher 200a monos. The extra shelf space is for a fisher 55a that is being serviced. The 200s drive 1979 Khorns and the 55a will be for the center heresy III. And yeah, busted. I’m listening to the parasound right now. I’ve hardly noticed the quarantine. Why leave the house?
  15. I know of a pair in Santa Fe. 1979 walnut. condition is fair. They were mine for years, sold them to a friend who enjoyed them until he moved into a small house. If you are interested, I can put you in touch with the seller.
  16. I replaced stock AAs with Crites As in a pair of '79 khorns. Sounds great, economical and I protect the tweeter by not playing at hearing-loss levels. I think the ceiling mounted horns looked great.
  17. Hello, here is a link to an old ad of mine. I still have the single speaker and its still for sale.
  18. Fisher used dual rectification with the 50-a platform (including the 55a and 200a) mono blocks. 1956-1959
  19. That's a Victor IV. I have one for acoustic 78s. I live for power outages.
  20. I have a pair of AAs from 1979 Khorns. One was refreshed with a Crites kit (10 years ago), the other is stock (although I have the un-installed 10 YO Crites caps). PM me if interested in the pair and the parts. I went with new Crites model A last month and I am a happy camper. I'll send pictures.
  21. The long wall will fill your entire space with sound. Don't get too hung up on the optimal listening position - that's part of the joy of horns and their wide dispersion. I am always saddened when I see a dedicated listening room with a single chair. My KHorns are 25' apart in a 15' deep room and the sound is lush and clear in much of the space. I recently posted on using a center channel but it was just my OCD talking. Enjoy your Jubes.
  22. There is seating facing the speakers outside the frame of this picture. A dedicated listening room would be cool, but I love having great sound where I spend my time - some of which is spent sitting and talking with friends.
  23. The prints of the records? I have a friend who is a master printer and we inked up some 10" and 7" records and ran them through an etching press.
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