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  1. bigTbarker

    Re-cone K-48-E

    I think all K-48 -E in Chorus 1 and 2's are 4 ohms . K-48-K is 8 ohms.
  2. I went from a C7 to a HII to KP301 to Cornwall II center.I should have went with the Cornwall II from the start,but noooo now I am just like everybody here on the form,I have speakers everywhere.Garage,bedrooms,some just sitting.What I am trying to say is go with the Cornwall III or join the rest of us !!!! LOL
  3. bigTbarker

    Snow White Heritage Speaker

    I like it !!!!! You did a very good job
  4. bigTbarker

    XMC-1 now on Emotiva.com

    The UMC-1 is just too complicated for some users. It is not a plug and play. I read all the bad press on the internet before I purchased. How much of it are people who never owned a UMC-1. How many that where self inflected. And just like on this form how one Klipsch speaker is better than another Klipsch speaker ??? I am sure some user really had issues,but really how many.I am not one. So this is what I see good or bad a lot of passion either way, EMO is all over the Internet ,a lot to be said about that . Ok I am just rambling now .And no I am not trying to convert anybody.I just look a things a little differently then others.
  5. bigTbarker

    XMC-1 now on Emotiva.com

    This prepro will not be for everyone. If it is like their other products it will aimed at those more concerned with overall audio performance. Fish , +1
  6. bigTbarker

    UMC-1 good price?

    Little remote is what came with the UMC-1 at first, then cam the aluminum remote. Or what I call the Home defense remote. Anyway one of the old updates canceled the plastic remote ,and so now it dose not work with the UMC-1. Plastic remote if I remember was turning other gear on and off ,up and down are something like that, I don't know mine was fine. Sometime I think I have a deferent UMC-1 then everyone else, just not having the problems I read about. Could be because I do my updates with a strip down laptop. Are maybe not.
  7. bigTbarker

    Help on staining my Birch Cornwalls

    I just wont to welcome a Cornwall II guy to the form. I myself have no advice on staining, see I took the easy (lazy) way and painted them Black. I am sure some one here can help you Sir.
  8. bigTbarker

    Is a emotiva worth it?

    Big +1 forgot to quote sorry about that
  9. bigTbarker

    Is a emotiva worth it?

    Big + 1 !!!!!
  10. bigTbarker

    Risers for Cornwalls -- Extra tall

    Dude I think they look really good. The rock hearth would be a little hard to lower.LOL
  11. Sure they are collectible! You will find many of us here (albeit some collections are smaller than others). Valuable? They are to me. As far as my time and money... 20 bucks of plywood and a couple cuts on the table saw isn't a big deal. A stiffer back might help as well. As far as cutting into a 40 year old speaker cabinet I am not going to go into that lightly. If it is a beater in tough shape that is one thing but most of my equipment is in very nice condition and I consider myself to be a caretaker of speakers that I hope out live me. I will be receiving my Fastracs from Gothover soon and they will reside on top of the Corns for now. Later, I might rebuild some some cornwall wreck or build from scratch. The 67's will go back to their original configuration. Funny thing about restoring or building this kind of stuff... my labor is just for fun because I never see a dime for it. Muel, T.H.E. Droid: makes a good point. Sales on used Cornwall dropped so bad that Klipsch brought it back. LOL
  12. bigTbarker

    Help with KP-201 xover

    You are very welcome.
  13. bigTbarker

    Help with KP-201 xover

    Patrick Go here get number and call them. Critesspeakers.com Customer support was correct but you should at the same time recap the Xover.He will get you square away
  14. bigTbarker

    New Pre Pro by EMO

    Well they are giving them out again,did not know that.Sorry about that cviper *Includes processor upgrade certificate and 5-year warranty. 30-day in-home trial period is unavailable for clearance products. While supplies last.
  15. bigTbarker

    New Pre Pro by EMO

    cviper At one time when you purchase the UMC-1 you also received a discount card. Maybe a year or so ago.