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  1. I think I understand....But I have to say I think you are going to be disappointed with the Sunfire....I have one (TGA 7201) sitting on a shelf with my not in use gear. I was not impressed with the difference between the current / voltage. While it was a decent home theater amp. As a 2 channel amp for music it just seemed lifeless. I also had a problem with calibration on my SR 8015. I kind of went through it again using the Audioholics guys methods with a few changes. I also added a separate amp for the front channels. I feel that I am getting closer to perfection. I plan on looking to add the Decware to my 2 channel system in different room...again after I hear one. Like I said I think I understand where you are coming from.



  2. JohnW,


    What kind of sound are you looking for? 

    The reason I'm replying is because I too am looking at Decware lately. Been looking at reviews...and YouTube videos

    You seem to be looking for some distinctive type of sound. Everything has a different type of sound.

    My Mac system sounds different to my Marantz ....Which sounded different then my Yamaha MX

    I haven't heard the Decware yet....but I will before I place an order.

    I have always been a solid state guy...Then a buddy bought a Prima Luna....It blew me away as to the detail at low volume levels..

    Like I asked  earlier....What are you looking for?


  3. I have had a few sets of Quartets.....I kind of use do rebuilds as a way to relax before I retired 3 years ago....Yea you can do the caps and  tweeter diaphragms....

    I 'd usually not do the midrange ones unless they were bad....Never had to brace the cabinets .The only complaint I have ever heard about them is they either need to be raised or angled up because of their size.


    Enjoy them,



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  4. 1 hour ago, richieb said:

    Lot of barbs thrown for someone spending 💰💰💰on gear. He obviously has no trouble putting dinner on the table so who cares, this type of gear is nothing new for A1. More power to him. I paid approx twice this for a new Mustang GT. His server has better build quality then Ford — 

    You are correct.....More power to him...

    I have always been amazed at gear A1UC has purchased.....It's gear that I can only dream to have.

    Please A1UC.....no offense......



  5. 7 hours ago, Thaddeus Smith said:

    I hate shitting on other people's purchases, but with ~20 years in IT, these audiophile music servers (and their $$) frustrate me.


    The compute specs are absolutely overkill for the function. Gotta justify the cost somehow, I guess. Kudos to you, Rodney, but this is within the stratosphere of diminishing returns for most people. The chassis is sexy.


    I have dual xeons, 128gb of ram, and running Roon server as a VM in my Nas, physically located out in the server room (In a detached garage).Then a small raspberry pi with a linear ps and digital coax out to my preamp. This is well within my audible threshold and most of it was free. I'm admittedly a budget audiophile though. My latest overhaul of speakers and equipment is only in the $2200 range, and that's quickly approaching my threshold of what I'd want to spend for this hobby. 

    Couldn't have said it any better......

    Nice gear.....



  6. Dude,

    Let me start of with a story....Ill keep it short...Just got back into 2 channel because of a Klipsch forum get together about 5 years ago....First thing I bought was the same Philips 312 I had in high school...(mistake)....Upgraded to an MMF 7 ....While nice....I still wanted more...Bought a Thorens TD 145 mint....Nice (after the HUM mod was done)....Sold everything as well as a few home theater items ....Bought an SL-1210GR and a Hanna SH cartridge......Should have bought the 1210 and the Hanna first...If you have an issue about end of play lift.....Buy a lift device.... End of story



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  7. Quartet's are one of my favorites..... I have owned 2 pair. One pair I refinished and sold to my coworker.....The other I still have.

    I have heard that their weekness is they sit too low.....To be honest ...... it's never been a problem for me



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