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  1. Thanks for the info. I found some reviews on the net finally: http://www.zdnet.com/smartbusinessmag/stories/all/0,6605,2659973-9,00.html and http://www.techextreme.com/display.asp?ID=130&Page=2 The second one is a 2 part review. Unfortunately, the review is of the v.2-400 compared to the s4 8200, so I dunno if the new changes to the 4.1 would make a difference. Turns out BOTH sources say that the s4 8200 is the way to go, regardless of price difference (which is even worse, because midiland 8200 is cheaper than in the reviews). I'm really stuck. I ordered from Klipsch on Friday like many of you, but now I'm wondering if I should cancel my order...
  2. argh. to make it harder to decide, i forgot to add that outpost.com is adding in free $50 mounting brackets.
  3. Anybody have any insight? I ordered Klipsch 4.1's because I know Klipsch has a reliable name. In rough comparison, midiland's have ac3 capability, but rms wise, it's pale in comparison (5.1 at 200 watts while Klipsch's 4.1 has 400 watts). And now Midiland's are even cheaper. FYI, outpost.com has midiland s4 8200 for $279, free overnight shipping. Can anybody compare these two? I can't find any good comparisons of both on the net anywhere...
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