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  1. planetred

    La Scala Mods

    Right on Brother!
  2. planetred

    La Scala Mods

    Anybody try the EV dl15x? Supposedly a good replacement for the c15w. I see lots floating around.
  3. planetred

    La Scala Mods

  4. planetred

    University Dean Plans

  5. planetred

    University Classic Plans

    University Classic Plans
  6. planetred

    La Scala Mods

    cone thickness only .020" = .5mm Sorry for going off topic.
  7. planetred

    La Scala Mods

    so light yet so strong, kind of-
  8. planetred

    La Scala Mods

    This is the latest casualty. It broke between the upper and lower spiders when violently overdriven by a friend, accidentally. Wish there were more cones available for the c15w. I think I used up the last four a couple of years ago. If anyone comes across any please let me know.
  9. planetred

    La Scala Mods

    The c15w has a flat smooth voice. Nothing sounds quite like it. My friend and I tried an eminence in his classic, delta pro15a, but it had too much voice. Wish I could help you further.
  10. planetred

    La Scala Mods

    I remember seeing Nico's Classics and wondered how much it changed the resonance of the box. Very interesting take on the Classic though. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/146927-the-rebirth-of-the-university-classics/
  11. planetred

    La Scala Mods

    Getting the "wishbone" just right is a little tricky. When you dry fit it in the box with the motor board on top, it all comes together. Good luck!
  12. planetred

    La Scala Mods

    Very happy to help.
  13. planetred

    La Scala Mods

    I gotta get to bed.
  14. planetred

    La Scala Mods

    I used these plans with Revision "A" correction. Hope this helps-