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  1. Teach yourself to use your feet. I went to school with a girl who had no arms. She could use her feet to take notes in class better than the rest of us. Especially me. 😉 Wb
  2. Yes, I'm looking for an amp, preferably lower wattage and maybe SET from the days of Ken Shindo's design work. His son Takashi has taken over the design work from Ken's death in 2014 for new products but an original Ken Shindo amp would be a nice match for my pre-amp. Wb
  3. Saw it yesterday. I would have preferred to see them cast Christian Bale as Shelby and Matt Damon as the primary car driver (Ken Miles) or someone else in the movie. Some movies need to be seen on the biggest screen possible. This is one of them. Too bad this wasn't made for Imax or in 70mm. Everyone quite liked it. I'd watch it again. I do, as mentioned above, think more time spent showing how they built the car and how they shoehorned in the Ford 427 V8 would have been interesting. I also missed seeing more clearly the historical sponsorship by Gulf Oil of the GT40. Wb
  4. Looking to purchase Lightscribe CD-R's. Please PM me with what you have and pricing.? Wb
  5. Got my four tickets purchased for tomorrow’s show here. It’s forecasted to pour rain for three days so I get to see Carroll, Henry Ford II and the GT40 kick some Italian a$$es. Wb
  6. Any recommendations for a Shindo Labs amp to match with my SL Preamp? Authorized Dealer here, unlike home so I can request a listening session for specific models. No Klipsch speakers there though. I prefer something in the 15 to 25 WPC range, not KT88 based. EL84 or EL34 or something else SE within the WPC range specified. Wb
  7. Have a look here: Elekit - https://www.elekit.co.jp/en/product/TU-8600 and here: http://grantfidelity.com/site/ All made in Japan. Wb
  8. Reminder of his Phi Zappa Crappa days. Wb
  9. Bullitt, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry. The original Vanishing Point From the 1970’s. Le Man’s, etc. Steve McQueen is dead. The current crowd of film makers has forgotten how. Wb
  10. He doesn’t cook. My money’s on bananas 🍌 . Wb
  11. You could always ship him a box of something he would not want. Mummified rats 🐀 or something equally disgusting. Wb
  12. Is your mouth larger than your 🖐? Wb
  13. Maybe 5 or 6. More than a handful is a waste. Wb
  14. Rosie or Jose? Bet she hasn't seen her feet in years and her back is killing her all the time. Those things seriously need to be trimmed. Wb
  15. More room for those of us that want to see this on the big screen. Looking forward to the seats rumbling and snorting when those cars hit the red line. Trapped with my eldest daughter and her sig other. Neither are car people, she has paddle shifters in her car and never uses them. But have not seen either for more than six months so not feeling trapped. Yes, they are. 🚀 Beats the shat out of golfing. Chasing an annoying little white ball in the heat with a metal stick. Not for me. 😎 Wb
  16. Good luck and best wishes for a long and healthy life! Yes No Extremely unlikely, give it play time and catch up. Wb
  17. Silicone... and plenty of it! Wb
  18. RUN! RUN Fast and Far! Wb
  19. See: https://www.arkansasonline.com/news/2019/nov/17/sound-mind-20191117/ Interesting to see PWK died on a May 5th. Same day in the month of May as Napoleon Bonaparte. Mods please feel free to move or delete this post if needed. Wb
  20. That and responsible prescribing in the first place. Some people will abuse any narcotic given for pain by continuing to take them after the pain issue is resolved. No soup for them the second time around, if abused the first time. Wb
  21. More likely Photoshop. ⚠️ Wb
  22. We are waiting for the forecasted 1 to 2 inches of rain to arrive mid week here, then go. ⛈️ Of course, knowing how it ends won't matter. Wb
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