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  1. These are still available!
  2. Few more pics of tops and 3 corners that have some small dings. Not noticeable at listening position. You could use stain pen and it would make them mostly disappear.
  3. Unless the speakers are next to each other or you know they look slightly different then you will never know. But I know these things matter to some which is understandable, but hopefully the great upgrades makes up for the slight difference.
  4. Due to the various differences between the 2 speakers I will reduce price by $300 to $2600. Both speakers look great and sound fantastic and with the recent upgrades someone's going to love them. If you have a pair and haven't upgraded the tweeters and crossover I strongly recommend. The difference is remarkable.
  5. Sorry didn't mean to say horns, meant to say Midrange Driver. Thanks for chiming in and adding a +1 to what Bob said as far as the horns not making a difference.
  6. These are standard "B Style" Klipschorns sold during 1976 and 78, not sure what you mean by they are not original "B" style. One of the top hats has the same exact serial number as the bottom so it is original to the bass bin. That top hat looks exactly like the other one, so not sure what you mean by don't look right. Both tops look exactly the same. The insides look just like the other B Style Klipschorns posted in Eastern,MI, they are spray painted black on the inside as well. They do not have K-77, they have DE-120 tweeters which sound way better than the K-77's. Thanks for your info though.
  7. I'm aware was responding to each concern 1 at a time in order.
  8. They do have different horns. The only thing different on these speakers are the horns. I also inquired with Bob on the horns and he stated the difference should not really be noticeable. If it's thought that it is, then I would just buy matching horns. In listening they both sound exactly the same, incredible.
  9. The mid range drivers are not mis-matched. Both are K-55-V, It's just one of them doesn't have the klipsch badge on the back of the driver. Klipsch would just take the Atlas PD-5VH driver and put their own badge and model number on it. One just doesn't have a badge on it. Not sure if it fell off or klipsch just didn't start adding their own badge until 79 or something. This was confirmed with Bob Crites.
  10. I'll try to post pics of the tops soon. The tops look perfect though.
  11. Sorry Grand Rapids, MI Apologies for not responding sooner. The forum was suppose to notify me of responses and I never received anything so didn't realize people had posted questions.
  12. Hello, Offering up a pair of horns. The crossovers were just upgraded in the past week with the Crites Sonicap kit. The tweeters were also upgraded to the DE-120's. I have receipt for both. They sound remarkably better than they did before the upgrades. The tweeter is amazing. Speakers are in great condition with a few light dings on a few corners but nothing that really stands out. Speakers were manufactured 2 years apart and the finish is slightly discernibly different if they are right next to each other, but if they are in they're own corner it's hard to tell a difference as you can see in the pics. I have the original boxes, but they are broken apart so probably are'nt much use, but I have the internal packaging foam which protects them when moving if you decide to buy them. They are beautiful, sound excellent Location - Grand Rapids, MI - Local Pickup Preferred at this point. Price - Reduced from $2,900 to $2600 IM me if interested.
  13. Kind of nitpicky on all these but since you asked: The baskets on the ceiling speakers have smaller holes so that insulation can't fall through and sit on the back of the cones. Of course with drop tiles that probably doesn't matter. The coaxial designs would probably have a more predictable off-axis response when you're talking about potentially 360 degrees worth of movement rather than just side to side. If you were to mount an in-wall sideways for example then went side to side from tweeter side to woofer side, you'd probably get a different response due to comb filtering. Coaxes may not do that as much. Also the in-walls have horns that limit vertical dispersion, but if you put them in the ceiling there's really no such thing. Basically one way will shoot out 40 degrees and the other way will shoot out 60 degrees. The coaxials should be more similar everywhere due to spraying sound around a little more. Having a horn and not angling them may prove to a be a little more beamy than you'd like if sitting right under them. That pretty much answered everything. I sit on the long wall so very close to the screen so I need as much dispersion as possible. Thanks,
  14. I"m not sure still looking around. You have any suggestions for ordering.
  15. They would mount into a drop ceiling in the ceiling tiles. I can get the fronts cheaper by 150 that's why I ask. Would there be any difference other than the ability to point. Becasue I can always angel them. Also I don't care about cutout size. Thanks,
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