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  1. Hey jm. I too have Maggies. In my case however it's the 1.6qr. I would love to hear more comparisons between your new Khorns and your Magnepan 3.6. I eventually plan on getting a pair of Khorns. It was interesting to see the highs compared favorably. My top qualities for audio equipment are transient response, smooth extended frequency response and low distortion. These qualities I believe are shared by both speakers but perhaps you can shed further light.
  2. Klipschorns are still my favorite and what are my holy grails. I either have to get rid of the wife or get another house to get 'em. In the meantime I'll continue to enjoy my sb3 and magnepan 1.6qr speakers.
  3. I love 1970s to early 80s disco maxg. Add to that some lounge, ocassional classical and a dash of pop and reggae.
  4. I would say the speakers first and foremost. Second the source i.e. phono cartridge, cd/sacd. Finally amps/receivers. I pick speakers first because of the way they directly interact with the room and most importantly your ears. Source is second because the sound can only be as good as what providing it. Fortunately there is less variability there and in general most half way decent stuff is at least that! Amps/receivers are important but often times depends on taste and on certain criteria that are paramount to the listener. For example, tube guys look that silky smooth midrange and peaks that don't get nasty on ya. Solid state guys like control, ultimate power and extended frequency response. As for the other stuff like cabling, well, if your money is burning a hole in you pocket buy the weird stuff that nobody can pronounce and impress your friends
  5. I guess this is why there are many amp choices out there. I too lived through the high power watts races of the mid to late 70s so sheer power wont impress me. I've heard some recent Krells and they just weren't that musical or natural sounding to my ear. Perhaps they do too much processing. Anyway, I preferred HK, Levinson and Cary to name a few over the Krells.
  6. quote: Originally posted by cybergeek: Same way more or less it was at the turn of the 1900s before the Socialists conditioned the nonproductive income tax on into the psyche of this country. Be free comrades. LOL Hey Cyber. Do yourself a big favor and read about turn of the century (1900s) working conditions. If you do, you'll see why we can thank unions for some of the work conditions you take for granted. Why government regulations came to be to avoid things like child labor and hazardous working conditions. You will also see the basis as to why various anti-trust laws came to be. Let me add that the folly in my view of some libertarians and free market thinkers is that they don't see the exploitative nature of human beings. For the same reasons we have checks and balances in our government, we need them in our capitalist free market system. The common thread in all of these systems is the nature of human beings within them who have amassed a certain level of power.
  7. I've heard the AT OC9 and it sounds very good to me. I am currently still using my vintage MA 2002 cartrdge in my system. I also own a mid level Grado and while it's not bad, the MA is just vastly superior overall. I know everyone likes to bash Shure but the top of the line model is still one of the best out there. If nothing else it's probably more honest than many of the moving coil cartridges.
  8. Well, I could address/attack your points cyber but it's late and I'm bored with it right now. I'm sure we'll be back at this. One thing I agree with you on, I not only think liberals think shrub has been in an eternity, I believe most americans feel the same.
  9. quote: Originally posted by cybergeek: Why is it we get encouragement for cuts in wasteful spending so much more from the GOP side. All the Dems can do is fixate on the deficit being paid currently at astronomically low interest rates. And they do this with nothing but Tax Hikes in mind. Thank god for Al Gore and his brand of thinking. He and his kind of Dems are a godsend for the GOP. Face it, when it comes to sound economic thinking, the Democratic party is a disgrace. Ah yes. Is this the mantra I use to hear that if Bill Clinton was out, this economy would really be booming with a republican President. Well now that the all but one half of one branch of the government is controlled by republicans, I can thank them for their sound economic thinking and this bustling economy? I guess I should pump more of my dollars into the stock market, especially those favored by Cheney, shrub, etc.
  10. quote: Originally posted by cybergeek: Hey welcome back Forrest. Great to see your return. Although Forrest may be somewhat abrasive, he brings up a good point. Why do liberals as above agree that business and the consumer do a better job at running our economy, yet they support policies for bigger government with more control over our lives? hmmmm. I never argued that business does a better job at running the economy. If I did, show me. In any event there is a role to play by both private and public sector in a sucessful economy in my opinion. This message has been edited by discorules on 07-23-2002 at 02:25 AM
  11. quote: Originally posted by forresthump2: I'll give you DisciDuck that W is a realist who will not pretend like Slick Willy that he can do as much as the average Dumb joe voter thinks he can. Hell Slick Willy made you idiots think he was doing something when de didn't do a damn thing but the Family Leave Act. Some legacy. Cigars and big butted women are all the People remember in him. LOL discorules - Hmmm. Sorry, just another dumb *** who is a little partial to Pres. Clinton's peace and prosperity terms in office. Keep trying though, I may like wars, recession, and a new Gestapo like bureaucracy in Homeland Security and zi Fatherland Initiative. But Discoduck let us talk on an issue more dear to your Liberal Heart. Lets see, foaming at the Mouth Liberal, Likes Disco music, Has huge crush on Slick Willy. Oh Yeaa. How about Gay Rights? discorules - Shhh...just between me and you. The disco is where you hooked up with girls, not get drunk with the boys. Oh, one more little secret, any man obsessed with another mans sexuality has some issues to come to terms with. Don't worry though, I support gay rights. This message has been edited by discorules on 07-23-2002 at 02:23 AM
  12. quote: Originally posted by forresthump2: Denteen: "The principles of the Enterprise - for which one gets an MBA - have virtually no overlap with the principles of Government." Maybe that the problem with Gov Libby. LOL Get ready for a Brand new day. The Gov can only dream of being managed effectively and efficiently and we now gots the man to do it. Move to France if you dont like it loser. LOL Your boy is gonna give to us like his daddy huh? As for moving to France, why were you guys still here during 8 years of a duly elected President. That "Brand new day" isn't new by the way. It's called banana republicanism with the shrub junta in the White House. Remember, the majority of Americans did not vote for this cabal.
  13. quote: Originally posted by forresthump2: Denteen, does Gov create more jobs or does the private business sector create more jobs? Does consumer spending stimulate the economy more or does Gov spending Stim more? disco - First off, let me say that smarter people than we have debated economic theory and reality with different conclusions. So ours is one more if the mix IMHO. The private sector creates more jobs. Both government and consumer spending at varying times can stimulate the economy. Specifically for you forrest, Defense and Infrastructure spending are examples of government spending that stimulate economic activity directly and through supporting industries. I dont need to write a 1/2 Page of Jabberwhacky like you to make a case in realism. See. The Private Sector creates more jobs. A lot more. And if the jealousy of their riches weren't so great on the Libby agenda we'd have more jobs. Do poor people provide more jobs than rich people? This is common sense and the Libbies defy that with brainwashing and Big Brother Gov. Disco - I have never heard a liberal argue the position that poor people provide more jobs than rich. And your wrong. The Consumer has been holding up this economy. Tax cuts create more pull for Goods and Services just like low interest rates. Jobs are created through demand. We have the supply of labor. Disco - This can be true but our current economic state despite the glib talk show it's not neccesarilly so. It's a little more complicated than the simple minded reasoning. We have had both tax cuts and vanishingly low interest rates but we still see frequent large layoffs, a stock market in tumbles etc. Your last statement I believe answered some of this. With a relatively large supply of labor the dynamics involved with the current job market mitigates the advantages of low interest rates and tax cuts. This is a business capital spending slowdown and market sentiment burst. What is your solution. Having the Gov make up more Jobs out of nowhere? You dont have much substance when it comes to real solutions. Just like the Demogogue obstructionists. LOL Disco - Where is your solution? You make a surprisingly intelligent statement in the first sentence yet you fail to offer your own solution. Your solutuion is to let the economy struggle and let the Demogogues take over. Like Daschle you one sad motor mouth clown. Disco - Huh. Let the economy struggle? To do nothing would be more typical of recent conservatism. Their position has always been more of a free market approach. Are you know saying the "Demogogues" are the real conservatives?
  14. Well I am liberal and proudly so. But perhaps not exactly the way forrestchump views it. I've been called worse so if we wants to call me a *** california liberal commie pig, well coming from guys like him/her pleases me no end. As for my audio knowledge, to use vernacular "lost in the forrest" is familiar with, all I need is half my brain with that half in a comma to match wits with ya
  15. Thanks forrestchump. You make me feel most omnipotent. My appearances with regard to politics are in general to support those who choose not to regurgitate the mindless babble of dittoheads. This message has been edited by discorules on 07-21-2002 at 01:45 AM
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