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  1. Has anybody heard the new Logitech z560 and had a chance to compare them to the promedia 4.1s? I own a pair of promedia 2.1s but i'm thinking of selling them and replacing them with the Logitech z560. What do you all think of the Logitechs? I love my promedias, but they sound too screechy for my ears. They are too bright and don't have a warm enough midrange. ------------------ <---I'm addicted--->
  2. I replaced my wires with monster cable too and all I did was melt the casing at the end of the wires with a lighter and then I kinda pulled and squeezed the casing and it got small enough to fit in the plugs. ------------------ <---I'm addicted--->
  3. I have my promedia's hooked up to a santa cruz with windows 2000 running and when I play a dvd the center channel has crackling noises in it. Anybody know what going on here or how I can fix it? ------------------ <---I'm addicted--->
  4. The game theater would be better for use with the 2.1's as the center channel. It actually has separate outputs for center and the sub. The AE has an 1/8" plug that has center on one channel and the sub on the other channel. That would make the 2.1's only use one channel for the center and one channel for the sub. Pretty pointless! With the Game Theater with the adaptor, both channels of the 2.1's would be playing the center channel sound. With either card you'll actually still need an adaptor, but the adaptor doesn't really degrade the sound quality at all. I have to use an adaptor with my santa cruz and it doesn't affect the sound quality at all. If I were you I would go for the Game Theater over the Phillips. I think it sounds better than the AE, plus that break out box it has is awesome!
  5. There is no main power switch on the amp of the 4.1's. That was a error in the type up of the maual, so stop looking for it. Have you tried adjusting the volume controls in windows?? The volume there could be turned down really low. Trying adjusting that, maybe it will help. WARNING... Do not hook your Klipsch up to the speaker out of your sound card!!! Some soundcards have a built in amplifier for the speaker out plug, actually that's what the speaker out is for. Plugging your powered speaker into the "amplified" speaker out could blow your speakers or preamp. RAIDERSFAN If when you did hook them up to the speaker out plug and they sounded louder but not really really loud, then I would definitely say that you have to adjust the volume controls in windows.
  6. The center channel output on your soundcard is basically the same type of output as the front or rear outputs. It's called line level output, which means that it's just a line out with no amplification. Some soundcards have built in amps, but those cards are usually cheap stereo cards. The new good cards usually don't have amps on them. First, because there's too much other stuff on the card and second, they figure if you have a good sound card you're going to have good amplified speakers to go with it. A built in amp on a soundcard is a fading feature. Now if you have an set of amplified speakers you can hook them up to the center channel output, but you'll need a special connector in order to that. You see the center out plug on your card is also the sub out. Each one has it's own channel on the plug. So you need a connector that splits the 2 channels into separate plugs. (1/8" stereo plug that separates the stereo signal to two 1/8" mono plugs, available at Radio Shack) Once you have a speaker and an amp or a set of amplified speakers hooked up, then you to go into your soundcard settings and configure it for 5.1 or 6 channel output. Cambridge has an amplified speaker that they developed to be hooked up to regular TVs. It's called TVWorks 250 and is on sale right now for $50. It is a stereo speaker box that is meant to be hooked up to a tv just for better sound, it's not really meant for home theater. I'm not sure what kind of connectors are on it, but they are most likely RCA plugs. So then you would need that splitter I told you about above and an 1/8" plug to 2 RCA plugs wire. It doesn't matter if the 1/8" plug on that wire is stereo or mono, but I would suggest getting a stereo one just in case you want to use the wire for something else some day. The input on that speaker could be an 1/8" plug too, but I'm not sure. You can check out that speaker here or here. It doesn't look like it's a "great" speaker, but it's cheap and it will do that job well. If any of this doesn't make sense, just ask and I'll try to explain.
  7. Do not get a BOSE speaker!!!!!! And yes you would have to hook an amp up in order for it to work. Really BOSE speakers are not that great. They are over priced and do not sound that good. Basically they have a name that sells to people who do not konw that much about speakers. It's like Compaq, most of their computers suck, but they still sell well because people who don't know any better heard the name before.
  8. You should definitley go for the 2.1's for center channel. It is the best choice if you want all your speakers to be voice matched. Like when a car drives across the screen, as it's going across the sound will remain the same the whole way across. If you have a different kind of speaker for center it might not sound right, it might have different tone qualities. Let's say you get a center channel speaker that has a brighter sound than the promedia's, when the car's sound moves from speaker to speaker it will have a different sound when it's in the center as compared to when it's on the side with the promedia's.
  9. I think the crackling actually comes from the 1/8" plugs. But the wire does suck too. You know electric current can only travel on the outside surface of a wire? That's why Monster Cable is so great. They use alot of little tiny wires wrapped together to make one big wire, but the current runs along the outside surface of each tiny wire. This means there's more surface area than a regular wire of the same size, which in turn delivers more current to your speakers, which is always a good thing.
  10. Did they sell them to as is? Have you tried contacting the people that sold them to you? What do they say?
  11. Hell yeah! --Fridge full of Beer-- Hell yeah!
  12. Wow! This sound card sounds exactly like... what was the name of that card? Oh yeah! Creative Live 5.1! Wait a minute... wasn't that card like a... Creative Live? Sh*t they make good money off of updating and repackaging old technology.
  13. I'm using either 14 or 12 gauge Monster Cable and I had a hell of a time trying to get the wires into the 1/8" plugs that I bought. I'd say that if you can get the 12 gauge wire to work with the plugs, go for it.
  14. Some soundcards will only play cds through the front speakers. Have you ever tried playing a cd with rear speakers before?
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