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  1. Hey Amy, I was wondering if Klipsch was considering bringing back the whole RF-7 Set (RC-7, RS-7, RSW-15) And if so, yould they possibly be available in the Dark Cherry also. (It may be a stretch, but it's an excellent product)
  2. The Dark Cherry looks sexy. I might have to get myself a pair Can't find used yet though :-/
  3. Thanks, I'll try that in instead of putting more money into an amp or larger receiver. Since this is my first set, I'm probably getting the F-3's very shortly. Didn't want to go too big right away...especially with this size receiver.
  4. Thanks Bill, I was curious why you would pick the F-3's. You seem like a veteran on the forum, so you must know your stuff. I have no problem spending the extra few dollars, if they are truly better.
  5. OK, When comparing these two, they look nearly identical on paper. The RF-82 is a little more efficient and has different types of high & low frequency outputs than the F-3, but same size and the firing ports are located on different sides. I've never heard the RF-82's, but I have heard the F-3's, and they sound pretty good to me. What's the difference between them other than about $150 for the pair. I'm putting together my first set and am unsure of what to start with. I do have the Synergy C-2 and the Synergy Sub-10, should i just stick with Synergy of go with the RF-82's and combine with Synergy? Will it sound bad if i mix and match the two? I'll mostly be using 3-channel audio seeing how i do have the center, and it works pretty good by itself. Thanks JD
  6. The 'C-2' is the Synergy model, if that's what you were asking, not sure how many C-2 are out there (i'm very new...lol). My receiver does allow me to switch the impedance from 8 to 6. I just have to run it through advanced set-up and change it. My receiver gets fairly hot to begin with at low levels, could this be the reason. Does impedance have anything to do with my receiver getting very warm. If I change this setting, will I have to change it back to 8ohm once i get the F-3's. I'm beginning to believe Yamaha makes a terrible receiver (you get what you pay for i guess). My brother has an rx-v463 and has the same problem using his Synergy F-2's. My friend has the F-3's with an Onkyo and has no problems.
  7. Does anyone know the reason for a receiver shutting off when getting to high levels. It works great until you want to listen in "concert mode." I am currently using a Yamaha rx-v665, and only running a sub-10 and C-2. I'm currently using 16 gauge radio shack wiring. Is the C-2 trying to pull too much power from the receiver, and at 95 WPC not receiving enough and shutting down. Or is it that the 16 gauge speaker wiring is not large enough to crank that kind of volume. I am in no way even close to an amateur at this, so dumb it up for me please. I know Centers aren't supposed to get as loud as floorstanding speakers, but i think it should get louder than what it currently gets. Does the receiver WPC have to be larger than the 100 w power handling on the speaker in order to get the most out of it? May sound like a dumb question but i have no idea... I'm eventually goin for the RF-7's too, so getting the Emotiva XPA-2 or 3 is a definite, but not now. I'm thinking of either getting a larger receiver (Denon 2310ci), an Emotiva XPA-3 for more power, or just replacing the 16 gauge wiring with 12 gauge wiring... help if anyone knows. help plz
  8. So as you can tell by my number of posts, i'm very new to this. My friend has the F-3 set for both Home Theatre and music and sounds great to me. I never heard the Reference series, but it seems like everyone loves them. I saw in a few posts that for music, the F-3 are great because they have higher high's and lower low's. And for music, what more could you ak for. If I were to get the F-3 Set I would probably get everything all at once, or i would get the RF-83 and piece it together over a period of time. I listen to pretty much everything, but when i listen to rap/hip hop, i want the house to shake.... any recommendations?
  9. Ok, So i think i made my decision. I'm gonna sell my Yamaha and get a Denon 2310, For the extra $150, i think it'll be worth it. Also upgrade my wiring. Hopefully, this will solve my problem. Does anyone think an amp is necessary with this set up? I'm very new to this whole thing... Thanks Everyone.
  10. Thanks for everyone's input. I don't listen to it extremely loud all the time, usually when i have a party and we basically turn my house into a club. Like most guys, its just nice to have the power whether you use it or not. I'm not a fan of showing this nice stuff off to my friends and my receiver shuts off when i get to a certain level, kinda embarrassing. One of my friends has the full F-3 set and an Onkyo receiver (Not sure was size) and can blast it to the point the shingles fall off his house. My brother has a Yamaha rx-v463 with a pair of F-2's and has the same problem as i do. I see a lot of posts saying Yamaha receivers are one of the worst to combine with Klipsch, that's my reasoning for possibly going with a Denon.
  11. I've recently been putting together an F-3 system. I have the Sub and recently purchased the C-2. I also bought a Yamaha RX-V665 receiver (90w x 7) hoping this would be large enough to power my total system to the point it becomes deafening. I can get it pretty loud but reach about +5.00 db on the receiver and everything shuts down. Don't get me wrong its very loud but not enough for me. Do you think it is a receiver problem or wiring ( i use cheap 16 gauge RadioShack speaker wire)? I'm thinking about selling my Yamaha receiver and going pretty big (i.e. Denon 4308ci 140w x 7). I know its a big jump in price and quality, but i was always told one thing... "you can never go too big on a receiver." I'm hoping its the wiring that's the problem, because putting almost $2k into a new receiver isn't the most ideal thing for me to do at this point. If anyone experienced this problem or is nearly 100% sure knows the problem please comment Thanks JD
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