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  1. I have both in my bedroom and only use them to play normal BD's. Other than playing 4K the 103 is just as good as the 203.
  2. The day of players are about done. Soon no one will make them anymore.
  3. I still have my DV -59 AVI from 2004 that still works perfect.
  4. I would have kept it if i could have found a local shop and kept it around $150. But with shipping both ways it adds up. The Pioneer Elite SC61 AVR sounds very good with what i have now. One day a pair of RF7ll's may pop up local.
  5. Nice meeting you again. Hope the AMP can be used and not be a paper weight.
  6. See you Sunday morning at the Corvette meet in Plant City.
  7. I don't know how to PM you. Send me a PM. Not sure what to ask for it as i don't know what is wrong with it. I knew we traded amps back in 2013.
  8. I will be at the Outback in Planty city this Sunday around 8am. Our Corvette club meets there for a crusie and we leave at 9am. I just don't see needed a amp anymore so i will sell it if someone wants it.
  9. I may get the shock of my life. I just don't touch stuff like this.
  10. I hope that is a local shop. By the time i paid shipping both ways and for the work i just as well throw it out and buy something else or sell it cheap local. I really don't think i need that amp with my Paradigm Studio 60V5's. My Pioneer Elite SC61 seems to be just as good as the amp was. If i can find a local place to work on it then maybe i will fix it.
  11. Just hooked the speakers back up to the AVR and can't really hear a change from the amp. Not the type to tear into stuff like this and not sure what i will do with the amp. Don't know of anyone that works on them.
  12. Got a new sub and ran a recal and the right speaker was dead. So i wonder how long it has been out as i sure never noticed it was not working.
  13. My right speaker went dead. Switched speakers and cables so it is not the speakers or cable. I wonder if i lost the right channel on my Acrus 3x 200 amp? I guess they can go out? Or i wonder if the pre out on the AVR went bad?
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