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  1. Neil Young is not "crazy." That's excessive and ridiculous. Supporters of high resolution music are just as legion as those who believe in red book's sufficiency, and they can each easily employ convenient "science" to bolster their position. Consider what harm Neil is causing with his fidelity crusade. Is he harming anything but his wallet? I think not. It is true that he is a bit misguided, and can certainly be overzealous, but he is highlighting the importance of quality sound. We should all applaud that. Industry producers and engineers are about to award him a Grammy for it.
  2. When the newer codecs are used is the name for the format still MP3? I heard that Itunes uses a better codec now, but it is called something else.... "A" something?? Once my expectations are elevated by hearing a given recording on a good format (or sound system, for that matter), it's all over, those expectations will never come down. That's why I'm amazed that artists, composers, producers, etc. do not fight to keep their music off of MP3 (at least the MP3 I'm familiar with). MP3s of a decade ago were riddled with artifacts and generally 128 kbps. They certainly sound better today, but I see no reason to advocate them. Space is cheap. Apple has ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) available in iTunes. It's a needlessly proprietary version of FLAC.
  3. A dirt cheap y cable is the common solution. You aren't going to damage anything with some extra volume cranking.
  4. "Born in the USA" is no celebratory song. It's amazing how people hear the chorus and nothing else. Much like Martina McBride's "Independence Day." Great songs, nonetheless.
  5. These threads are all so ridiculous. Do you even listen to music? Do you ever just sit back and listen to music? Please sell these speakers. I can't take it anymore.
  6. You've had quite the odyssey with your Cornwalls. I'm glad to see you finally figure them out.
  7. The audiophile market is built on subjective nebulous crap.
  8. Panny Plasma. [Y] It's a G10. A few years old now, but the picture still impresses.
  9. One of the best. I'd be surprised if anyone interested doesn't already own it though.
  10. There's no way this is happening. Right?
  11. Cornwall IIs no doubt. Best regards, OR
  12. Oh it's fairly expensive. Greater than the value of the whole Shire and everything in it, actually.
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