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  1. Finially found a use for some cut down Altec A7 pseudo 816's boxes (Vb 6.5 ft3 re-tuned to 34Hz). Whilst I was in the process of doing up a pair of 1984 Klipsch Cornwall 1.5's I thought I might try the Cornwall components in the pseudo 816 boxes I had lying around. What a surprise as the sound was excellent, more than I expected. I was getting the same amount of bass as the larger Altec equipped A7's probably due to the fact that the VAS of the Kilpsch K33 is half that of the Altecs 416/515 varieties. I know most people would frown on this concept but if it works who cares I say, it's all about having a good time and experimenting at the same time. What I did find was that the lower mid bass sounded much better in the 816's than the original ported Cornwall boxes. There seems to be a better match with the horn loaded bass and mid / tweeter horns setup. The vented box just didn't seem to keep up with the horns in regard to bass speed and projection. I prefer the direct front loading method of bass horn loading from the Altec boxes as to the long internal lines of the La Scala, I just don't like all those reflective surfaces and time delays which the La Scala and Tannoy GRF type boxes process I suppose.
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