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  1. There was some splintering. With finishing no one would have ever been the wiser. Dave decided to use as the double instead. I’ve been working on stiffening the baffle. Sometime when I feel like going next level I’ll dado the side panels to hold the baffle in place and not use cleats.
  2. Something new, something blue. Dave cut me 4 3/4" baffles. 2 of them were less than perfect so we doubled them up. The grills with be held with neo magnets I got from parts express. The back panels have 12 1/4"-20 for the edges. and 4 1/4"-20 for the center braces. This is the 1st time Ive used the Faital LTH142 and Faital STH100. Drivers will be Eminence Kappa 15C, Faital HF140, and the 1" HF driver is up in the air. Crossover is a CSW450 Im posting my project, because I miss the days more on this forum built and modified...
  3. Ive owned both. The Sig is a super worth while upgrade... The addition of the heavier motor housing and stiffer chassis. The bigger question should be if you should go gimble or unipivoit.
  4. I’ve used both and can’t hear any differences. Get whichever is less expensive.
  5. Hey guess hope I didn’t confuse anyone. The 12LFA can be used if building your own Jubs or Heresy style but you’ll need to make adjustments. My adjustments are done using either a ALk universal or the custom 2way Alk designed for me. Re Sonics. It’s a solid performer with much deeper more taught bass. Like a k33 vs a kappa 15C. Dave Hairrs cut my baffles for my 2way diy heresy. I spoke without Bob Crites’ son about offering the same. I think they have a lot of projects but agreeed that it was a worth while idea. Move not done a ported 12”. Though not digging as deep. The sealed cab has no bass hump which is a good thing I think. On my cornscalas or late. The ports are 4” pvp pipe from Home Depot. The ports are easier to work with then building port shelf’s and what not. I then take a 1/2” round router to do a round over and have it blend into the baffle. Hope some of this helps.
  6. Sold I private label one of my amps. It’s a great partnership.
  7. Ah. They were going to get listed next week. They are called the figure 8. Its a scaled down version of Dave’s drift design. 8”woof rear ported. Goes to low 30s. 1” conical tratrix horn. Used the Dayton clone of the D220ti but has a polymide diaphragm. Whole speaker was sent to ALK for crossover design. 2nd order on LF, 3rd on Hf. Crossed at 800hz. ~92db efficient. They Image so well. As you can see. I’m awash in older projects again.
  8. 12LFA think of it like a better K24
  9. They are the Omens...I love Zu speakers. The DWs are great, super close to the Omens now... esp if you can do the cap upgrade for $100.
  10. I built these as my Cornscala replacements. These are the best Heresy/12" 2way Ive heard. 12" eminence Pro woofer Faital Large format Eliptrac horn... its the same horn I use on my 2way cornscala and bob uses on his Cornscala D. Faital 1.4" driver. Crossing conservatively at 800hz. Custom ALK AP12-800 with values adjusted to the Eminence woofer... its not an off the shelf ALK AP12. I had Al measure this woofer a few years ago so the crossover is matched to the woofer. Think off this as a small Cornscala. ~ 1/3rd the size. Bass is solid to 50hz and mid range to die for. I have ~$2000 into these. Will consider reasonable offers. Justin 323-868-9722
  11. Selling off my office rig. Not a current model but one of my favorites. 3watts with 6l6gcs as is, 5watts with KT88s. Incredibly quite... like headphone amp quite :-0. 8ohm for headphones and 300ohm for headphones. 8ohm speaker outs with cards binding posts. Hate to see it sit unused on a shelf. 1200obo Justin 323-868-9722
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