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  1. Dave still makes and sells as kits. They fit perfectly. Big, heavy horn but sounds amazing and worth the effort.
  2. If its the same guy in SD that did my integrated, he is amazing and this is worth every penny.
  3. Thanks guys. Im going to do another shiny Cornscala 12" woofer next and a Altec 604.
  4. Don’t know. I told klunghorn what driver I intended to use.
  5. Yes it does. I’ve used as a 2way and like a lot.
  6. Its on both. I have the radian 1.4 on the multicell crossed at 500hz and the radian 1" on the multicell HF horn crossed at 4600hz
  7. Radian 745NEOPB 1.4" Aluminum Compression Driver 8 Ohm https://www.parts-express.com/Radian-745NEOPB-1.4-Compression-Driver-8-Ohm-294-701
  8. The radian 1.4” in on the large 1505 style multicell and the the radian 1” in on the HF multicell. I had to clearance the the inside of the mid bin to accept the larger radian. I was using the Dayton 250P… copy of a selenium 220 with polymide the radian has more extention without being harsh.
  9. Oh its a small room 11x11 with equipment in the closet but it does sound great
  10. Finally done and man an Im pleased.
  11. Here you go. One can isn't perfect... Didn't want to bond but one could, I like the orig look.
  12. Im not sure what got into me to want to build... no regrets but has been alot of work... I like the bassbin without crossover. If I ever wanted I could try the large B&C or what not. I tried really hard to move from homebuilt to something that anyone could setup and use. Labeled and logical and what not. Westcost... what became of those JBLs... they looked insane.
  13. I can later in the week. At work now. Its same level of wiring. Im the owner of ampsandsound, if you look at the attention we give to wiring... youll see its not a concern.
  14. Unlikely... have an existing customer who wants. 8K in parts is a heavy lift. Wont be leaving for that... so much work and capital involved
  15. Its a Altec 1505 out of woof from M. Klung in Germany... about as good as it gets.
  16. Started out with a dead power transformer... new power transformers from Hybor... Turned a dead Cit2 into fantastic Monos in the same style and build of the Origonal. Orig output transformers (4,8,16) and turret boards. These are absolutely stunning and outperform the Cit 2. Im into them for $3000 and safely shipping is $300. $3300 firm. New tube set and fully balanced/bench tested. Justin 949-636-9076
  17. Marvel sorry for late reply. I didn’t long in for a bit. I think they were 4” deep and 4” in Dia. 2 per speaker.
  18. I’ll get into a write up later this week. Long story is these are mind blowing. Many here know I’ve build a lot of cool stuff. Thus far… with only one done, these are the best speakers I’ve ever owned including a set of Jub clone bins with eliptracs. Wholly different speaker but still. off to sleep. This build too the better part of 10hrs. Center section is crossover, wiring junction and and tweeter.
  19. 12lfa tuned for 40hz the eminence is a really good woofer. Can get to 1000hz pretty easily. plus makes it more similar /compatible with jib passive networks
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