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    They are 3way. You could make a 2way using the eliptrac 400 and any good driver... Cross at 500z... its my favorite sound, but then again most are ok with plentiful HF. I can't stand it. 

  2. These are getting an awesome bass that will be bolted to it with big casters... in a flat black lacquer. Should be pretty amazing... I could never fit in my own home but can't wait to get it a listen when done. All the parts are coming here and Ill handle final assembly.

  3. Once upon a time all my amps were this way. But too difficult to built the exact same amp or not f something up. I still love doing it this way but I only do it a few tines a year. The plate make for cleaner builds but they don't get my bloody knuckles.

  4. It’s a amp I build. Specifically, it’s a push-pull tube power amp, able to use 6L6GCs through KT120s. Output power varies from 25watts with 6L6s through 70watts with KT120s. I demo’d the amp with 6CA7s at 35watts and their low end control and HR extension was remarkable. Its available through ampsandsound.com thought the page for it is not up. If you PM me I can send pics, specs and details. I am in process of writing its web page. When I did a shootout against my heavily modified Dynaco MKIIIs, the difference in sound quality was remarkable.

  5. Thanks. They all start looking the same... maybe I have a company look now? That said, it will be in the hands of a forum member in 2 weeks for some tire kicking. I wanted a bigger chassis to allow better iron and easier wiring, all of which has been accomplished. 

  6. They're pretty elegant. Thank you!!!  Ive tried to add a few custom touches to each set of cabs we build... This one has a separate brace for the mid horn coming from the top and a cross brace... but what I dug most was that all the fasteners are thread-certed... so the back bolts in not screws in. 

    The idea was a take away from a set of cabs Dave Harris did for me... the fronts and the backs bolted in... I thought the idea was too cool!

  7. Really kind... thank you. They are some fine sounding cornscalas. Though I fav. split cabs... Single cabs do make more sense for 98% of people. I loved my La Scala's but always wanted more bass. The Cornscala give a better mid/HF with all the bass that one needs :-). 

  8. Thanks... The wife wants these to find a home... I currently own 3 pairs of cornscalas and 1 spare set of top hats.


    If I get them sold, I might just get my Tq converter and limited slip :-) or a week at the river. :-). 

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