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  1. Ive built many a 2way cornscala... The sound is perhaps my favorite. My version is the Cornwal 1 style cab with an eliptrac 400 and a B&C DE750.... killer combo. Klipsch turning a cornwall into a 2way using the 510 or even a 3way with the 510 for mids.... the CWIII mid horn is the limiting factor.
  2. Schu, If youre game...Ill demo them for you. I have some 223 horns Id love to try them with too.
  3. The jubs are another animal. A good friend and long time customer had these clone bass bins. I sold him my pair of fastlane audio Yields. The yeilds have replaced his jubs. The Jubs have sat unused for years. I asked about them around the same time I was working on my pre. We came up with a great trade. The Jubs found a new home and he got a lovely pre. So what I have are Jub bass bins, Eliptrac 400/Faital HF200. ALK redesigned an ES500 network using the Eminence 12LFAs. I plan to build a top hat, put the crossover in it. The Tophat will follow the profile of the Jubs. I should have the jubs delivered to my house early next week. My wife has threatened to kill my in my sleep if I bring them into the house... but Im a gambling man. Jubs as 2way with passive crossovers... no EQ, right up my alley.
  4. Looks like a set is headed to Roger for restoration.
  5. I was able to secure both pairs. Brings my total to 6 la scalas and 2 Jubs. None in the house yet. Twisted was to link up with me. I'll wait to hear from him.
  6. I have a line on some massive JBL drivers I want to try. The BMS is the finest driver I've heard thus far. The Radian with the beryllium was dam close but took months of tuning.
  7. Jim. I have a pair. Pm me
  8. Maynard. Thank you for the kind words. Mat is a friend first. He has been kind to me when there was no benefit to himself and has been a mentor. VPI builds great gear. If I can't fit the customers need, maybe he can. If you speak with vendors at shows you can see competition but you can also see mutual respect. High end audio is a tough biz for many reasons... tearing each other down helps no one.
  9. Ive owned the VPI 299D and enjoyed it thoroughly. Inspired by for me didnt mean copied. Its a great amp should provide a lifetime of use. Ive encouraged Mat to build amps... he has declined such invitations and stuck to continuing VPIs core missions. VAS too has an outstanding reputation,I do hope they continue to sell more of these. I will say that I LOVE VPI Tables.. .owned alot of them.... still on the lookout for a NOS Scout II. Mat is beyond a stand up guy... this was not a deception... may not be everyone's taste but not misleading at all IMHO.
  10. Nothing beats ALKs ES networks for imaging.
  11. Not mine yet. I could use both pair to make the deal easy for the seller or just 1 pair. Pro splits are a fun speaker.
  12. Haven't but got the pm yet but can't wait to close the deal. JC sent me some 223 horns. Maybe time to try them out.
  13. I'll buy both pairs. I can setup for shipping. PM please.
  14. Yes. The neo 16ohm. Crazzy nice driver. Almost impossible to get.
  15. Selling off spare parts. Have a pair of the highly sought after BMS 4592-mids. One of the finest mid ranges I've every heard and can be crossed over low. $1050 shipped. Price is very firm. Throat Diameter 2" / 50.8mm Impedance 8 or 16 ohms Frequency Range 200Hz - 9kHz Sensitivity (1W/1m) 118dB SPL Max SPL 136dB SPL @ 150 watts AES Power Handling 150 watts above 400Hz Peak Power Handling 1,000 watts above 500Hz Recommend Crossover Frequency 300Hz Minimum Impedance 8.3 ohms @ 5kHz Flux Density 1.95 T Voice Coil Diameter 3.5" Mounting Information Overall Diameter 5.24" / 133mm Overall Depth 4.17" / 106mm Mounting - 4 M6 threaded holes 90° apart on 4" diameter circle Net Weight 5.28 lb. / 2.4 kg. Materials Diaphragm Polyester Voice Coil Material Copper Clad Aluminum Voice Coil Former Kapton Magnet Neodymium
  16. I heard the Rival this weekend. Its in deed a very very fine speaker. As always the fit and finish is superb. Re: value and price... Purchases are personal choices... to each their own. I like what I heard.
  17. It can't be built for the part cost at that price. Ive spent a few years developing parts that go into the bigger ben. If its sold... get at me. I now make a 20H choke. Going from 2H to 20H has some improvements :-). If it were mine, Id be running some 6LGGCs... RCA if I could get them... call it good at that.
  18. Hey guys. Thats an honest 5watts with the El34s. 6.5 to 7 with KT88s. Its a really nice amp.... super quite.
  19. The H/K is gone... but I can always make from for some Heresy.
  20. Still around... mostly just lurk :-).
  21. Here they are all settled in.
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