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  1. She hates white cars. Its her effort not to be an OC wife. So we set gen up, blew the my improved la scalas away. Not even close. Wasn't even funny. Settled on 9,-2.
  2. They don't sit well with me. I like the kiss approach. Passives are my instance. Schu your too far from OC right? Doing a shootout with my la scalas and jubs tomorrow at 10am.
  3. 6,-2 was perfect to my ears. My wife thought too hot. So went to 6,-1 still sounds great. Bit more bass. These go deeep and don't lose output. They easily better for cornscalas and even Khorns but the size is hard to live with.
  4. LVHP sprayed. Homedepot rents and sells. Not a can.
  5. Sprayed. Lacquer. Satin on the luster. I love the look of oak veneer that is sprayed black.
  6. LCD soundsystem dance yourself clean was fantastic. I didn't realize how loud I was listening. Closest feeling to standing I front of the speaker stack at a concert. So composed and so much SPL.
  7. So just setting by ear before being in and measuring. Basic table cloth math was 94db for woofers. +3 for parallel +3 for folded horn. Meaning 100db cab. Maybe wrong on this. The HF200 says it's 109db. So I went for 9,0. Cat Stevens doesn't have bass like that. So then I went t 6,0. Daft punk and Cat Stevens showed more bass than it should. Went to 3,0 sounds about right but ear started to itch. Next it's 6, -2. Seeming very close.
  8. So my clone Jubs came out of finishing today. Almost ready to play again. These are clones wernt made by me. I did tear them down to wood again, reglued the doghouse and resealed her. The Crites 12" woofers (K22/K24 compatibles) were bolted back into place and I remade a new wiring harness. There are doghouse doors on top and bottom. The top door now holds the binding posts and there is a corresponding hole cut into the top hat. ALK was kind enough to revist his ESN500 for Jubs and redid simulations. The project came with the Fastlane Eliptrac 400 and Faital HF200s so they were reused. The horn is fully glued in likely will never be removed again. I had to head to work before I could finish this. I love the look. Instead of looking like a science project, she now looks mighty respectable. I do have access to the famous 223 tratrix but the increased size and need for 3way operation dissuaded me. Deep down my favorite systems are 2way and this is the summit for that use. My wife has threatened to end me if I try to bring them in the house, but life without risk is boring .
  9. I've done a bunch. Feel free to call me for my thoughts. 323-868-9722. Short answer is start with an adjustable crossover. After that cut some dog house braces and swap out the mid range horn for wood horn.
  10. So you don't need a true balanced pre. Just the connections? Changes the value /price formula. The super simple preamps done by audio karma members are amazing sounding. Even better with input transformers. The audio nirvana stuff is great but Only RCAs. You might speak with him about a custom unit with only xlr. Van Alsten too.
  11. From mids up they are the same. To get to superior, you'll need to go to La Scala :-). My idea of a good time is the KPT-942-M or KPT-325-M. Both should really be called the CW3... just put the darn horn on the inside :-).
  12. Selling my matched ALK ESN 500hz and ESN5800hz crossovers. With these you have perhaps the finest crossovers made. Run as 2way or 3way. Al has a switch you can add to make the switch on the fly. Currently $1340 for the pair plus shipping. Asking $1000. Approx 11mo old. Headed toward some Jubs so they get to find a new home. These are separately boxed. Not keen on separating but may consider. Justin 323-868-9722
  13. Dave. No worries. I was just saying I chimed in with my 2 cents. Prob no need to recount it. Regarding cab size. 5.8-6.2 cu ft. Most stay true to the 2dt cubed. When I have shrunk the cab a bit I have found the 15C woofer to be more responsive/tighter bass. Re bass. The LS bass is fast, tight and large but lacks the visceral response the CW has, at least to me. The CW in practical terms goes ~15hz deeper. As the LS begins to die at 60hz and the CW at 45hz. As Dave is a wiz in CAD I'd also suggest building an Edgar horn/ get a fastrac horn and put in all into 1 cab the size of a Cornwall. You'll have a speaker significantly smaller than a LS with deeper bass.
  14. I already tossed my 2cenrs in via phone call but hopefully others will chime in. The crossover I suggested was the ALK cornscalawal and the tweeter is the eminence asd1001 thread on with a few sugestions on abs tweeter horn lens.
  15. Not hard. No compound cuts. But recognize the level of workmanship that goes into them.
  16. Don't. Know. Still a klipsch product. I got mine as a bit of a fluke. Klipsch sell just the bass bins. Add your fav horn and you're good.
  17. Jubs are supposed to be a realitivily easy to build. I licked oknto my pair.
  18. I traded for mine. I was looking for used and got offered a great deal. That said, I didn't want the look of a Sci project. I wanted something complete. The tophat is an eliptrac400/faital Hf200 and ALK ES500 made for the Jubs. I'm hoping for something remarkable.
  19. It's a bump for sale. But also the newest project. Jubs with new top hat.
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