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  1. Thanks a a lot JWC. Dave sent you pics of my take on your bad boy? She hammers.
  2. No... didn't need. I dont want 20-30hz bass... they was strong articulate 30hz and up bass. Think Dave has running 30-600. The mid range driver was not to my liking but the bass was breathtaking.
  3. Yes. I will be swapping to the eminence is time. I want the effiecncy. 104db sounds awesome. The cheap woofers simply hammered. I haven't heard bass like that since Dave's yields. The difference is that the punch kit gives me the horn loaded sound I love so much. I wonder if if it would be considered a dipole. As it's ported as horn loaded ?
  4. I went to re listen to these today... dear god the bass is unreal. Enough so, I bought them from Dave and ordered a set of kits... These are K-Horn killers... way more bass but same speed as a La Scala or K Horn... unreal!
  5. Ive used the Eliptrac in 3 pairs of cornscalas... 1 was a cornwall I. If you used the Eliptrac with a B&C DE85 it with with about a 1/2" clearance.
  6. I've owned all 3horns. If you want stock k55 the the fastrac is the BEST. Yes is sounds different... better not harmful to my earns. If you can afford he eliptr-, nothing beats it.
  7. I have a 2016 Classic 1 with about 6 hours on it. Its Black base version. Has a new Ortolan 2M red. Let me know if you're interested. I upgraded to the Avenger.
  8. I saw the framing and its deceptive... Turning complex ideas into something simple. Dave Has given us a la scala bad bin alternative.
  9. I'm giving it the idiot test (beta test). If I can do it, Anyone can. I plan to cross I at 500 into an epictrac but also have a m2380 to try too.
  10. Got to spend some time listening to JWC horn at Dave's house... incredible sound. It has the speed and punch of the Khorn without the complexity of cabinet. Looks wise, Dave found a way to make it look a lot like a Belle. 2 12" woofers seem to much more air than the 15" and extend further without the distortion. Not sure how Ill incorporate it yet, but I have a kit on order... should be fun. 2 12" woofers and an eliptrac or K402 :-).
  11. If going off the a shelf, the M2380 is a great JBL clone... 2" drivers. Will cross at 500hz and can go up high without real issue. It's a CD horn but there are many worse designs.
  12. I have the DF red. I bought the lighting to USB cable and use my phone as a source. It's an incredible dominating... Becomes a DAP or sorts or used as a pre. I've used with my Mac mini with great results too.
  13. A proven combo had been the Eliptrac 400 and B&C DE85... Will fit into a stock Cornwall, go to 500hz with ease and on up to 18K if I remember. Ive built this combo more than a few time with great results using an AP12-500
  14. Per the article Greg painted white to show he can do any color. Im sure they sound fantastic as his work is always 1st rate.
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    Dynaco ST70 2016 4

    From the album: sale

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    Dynaco ST70 2016 1

    From the album: sale

  17. Stadium... living room almost the same size :-).
  18. Picked this up from CL. $300 for the pair. ~ 4ft tall, 2ft wide and 2 ft deep. 15" woofer. Massive horn. I haven't don't the Horn Resp Cal but its a monster. 1/2" baltic Birch construction... all thread certs... setup for casters... this came from a PA system. Grab some 15"s from PE and have the subs we all have wanted. No driver included. Justin 323-868-9722
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    Horn Sub2

    From the album: sale

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    Horn Sub 3

    From the album: sale

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    Horn Sub 1

    From the album: sale

  22. No stock unit... I did the feet because the stock feet are silly. Ive bought his $400 stepped nude resistor vol pot and could hear any differences... was a nice upgrade for a customer but for me, I went stock.
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