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  1. Final tuning: CSW400 DCM50/DE10 12,0 HF -6db Sounds great. -11db was better for voices but -12 makes feel it being more full sounding.
  2. Did final assembly. Tuning questions are left. Have the DE10 at -4 dB down. Likely to live to -6 it’s a small room and I want to be able to listen for 2hrs at a time without fatigue. Ive ordered an exceptional Faital HF that I may roll in but I intend to having tuning set for each. The DCM50 is at 9,0... the LF is a bit muted. I will switch to 12,0 and re-Listen. My Guy tell me I’ll be at 12, -1 when all is said and done.
  3. Not at all. Thanks for the kind words.
  4. Im not sure if Klipsch has incorporated deflectors as integrated bracing or dadoing. Both power on the face of it solid ideas. The 2 places I chose additional material is the back brace. I wanted more than the standard 3/4 mounting face. I have about 1.5” of shared contact face. The back board used 14 1/4-20 bolts to attach. The idea again to snuff the life out of cab talk. The other place was the double thick baffle. The idea is take. From subs I’ve seen built, and by wearing the materials between MDF and ply I should move the breakup nods higher up. I’m getting to a place here I’m less likely to be building a pair a year and so wanted one last big build. Al did a CSW which should pair well with the eliptrac and the dcm50.
  5. Also for the corner supports/deflectors have Posstive engagements tying front baffle to rear brace. In general I’m trying to reduce cabinet talk.
  6. The sides are Baltic The rear brace is MDF. Dave Cit for me and I didn’t specify. The front baffle is 1.5” thick. 3/4” MDF which is meant to provide the tightest most cohesive fit into the horns which are also mdf. The 2nd layer of the baffle in ply for added strength. The rear panel is Baltic.
  7. Slow progress but cabinets and finishing will be done by 6-23. The baffle and back brace is dado’d into place. We did a interesting thing by cutting corner braces at 45deg. Should reduce cabinet residences. Here is where we are so far. Drivers are kappa 15C DCM50 and radian 1” for once I’ll have a tweeter that can really carry to 20K.
  8. It’s likely putting out about 5watts. It’s likely enough to thunder a pair of cornwalls for sure.
  9. I built these as my Cornscala replacements. These are the best Heresy/12" 2way Ive heard. 12" eminence Pro woofer Faital Large format Eliptrac horn... its the same horn I use on my 2way cornscala and bob uses on his Cornscala D. Faital 1.4" driver. Crossing conservatively at 800hz. Custom ALK AP12-800 with values adjusted to the Eminence woofer... its not an off the shelf ALK AP12. I had Al measure this woofer a few years ago so the crossover is matched to the woofer. Think off this as a small Cornscala. ~ 1/3rd the size. Bass is solid to 50hz and mid range to die for. $1600 Justin 949-636-9076
  10. Joe, Let me do some digging, you should be able to swap out the CL for one that will drop more voltage... This is a better idea than variac. Another option might be to add a bucking transformer? I posted previously on how to build a DIY balanced transformer conditioner with part numbers. If needed I can make a separate post about it. Additionally there are china hif options on ebay. One of my customers bought the unit I suggested and has been happy.
  11. It uses the well know audiokarma CNC phono stage. Very hard to beat for less $1500.
  12. Very Simple Single Stage Op Amp Preamp Lovely sounding and silent running preamp. Based on the Very Simple Single Stage Op Amp Preamp with op amp based phono. Phono stage has adjustable loading. Gain of 12, insanely quiet, lovely even freq response form near DC to 110Khz Smallish ~10" X 8" X 3" with chunky feet. Heavier than you'd expect. Built 2, this one is brand new. Justin 949-636-9076
  13. slow progress but progress none the less. 3/4" CNC cut MDF baffle matted to 3/4" ply and hand cut. The 2nd layer of the horn now will key into the baffle the same way the 1st layer does. The hope is that the baffle is more rigid and the the horn is better supported too. After my existing Cornscalas are gone, Ill get to the building of this pair... I plan to dado the baffle into place. Here are the progress pics.
  14. I have a new Gorgeous Dynamo ST35 I build for my office. Might be interested. What Iron is on the 3.5s?
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