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  1. I forgot to add. I had heard these at Dave's house with mini DSP for active crossover use. I told Dave I couldnt demo without a passive crossover. Seems he was able to build one. The I can't hear to differences between how the active crossover sounded and the passive. I read a MC275 demo once that said the most telling things about the product... IE the MC275 is that the reviewer bought the review sample... Im in the same boat.
  2. I have been really happy with my Stockish Cornwalls. Yes they are Splits, but they still use the K401/K55 combo. Dave was kind enough to bring over his new Yields... Full ranger up top and 2 15s on the business end. The net result is I have listed 2 of my other pairs of speakers to raise funds. The Yields had such incredible bass and much faster. I still love my 3way Cornscala's (2" horns and eliptracs) but these speakers are now on my shopping list. Suprizingly, I played them for my wife and she even approves... that is a truly tall order. They played flat... FFT used and but most importantly they played right. I used my MC275, my 50watt SS chip amp and my 5watt stereo 300b and was able to enjoy each. The SS Chip was a great balance. The MC275 gave it monstrous bass and the 300bs had the highs perfect. These are too complex for me to built and I will be said to see a pair of my Cornscala's go, but today the Yields won.
  3. I used a M2380 horn with a HF200 driver... Bob had a modifed crossover that added boost for this application. It sounded great.... I used for 6mo till I could upgrade to Dave Harris Eliptical horn. The M2380 is a great horn for the money... and does work in a 2way setup... I have used it!
  4. I have a set of 3 sets of various versions of Cornscala's and 1 pair of CS-1s. Im in Aliso Viejo... near Dana point... Maybe 1 hour from SD if you'd like to drive up to hear.
  5. If I were asked, I would frame it this way: If you need cabs cut for you... Go with bob Crites... He has done all the engineering needed. Again the M2380 horn and Fatial HF200 + Selenuim D220ti + Selenuim horn. This rig will get you great drivers and a fantastic starting point. If you ever was to replace your horns with ones you build, Dave, Greg or Klipsch makes your will have a platform for it. If you can cut / build on your own... Go Single 15" or Daves quad of 10"... He might eve cut the motor board if asked. I heard the quad 10" and would love to replace my single 15 for it. Perhaps more distortion? I couldn't hear it. I sounded loud and proud, enough so that I told Dave that id the owner of them doesn't come to them up, we could make a deal :-). This after I have more cornscalas then sense :-). Build your own cab or farm our is the 1st question. Then the base bin LF driver is the next logical design choice. Next might be top end drivers and then horns. By the way.. The M2380 and the Eliptrac both sounded pretty dam good as 2ways.
  6. The M2380 horn is a great horn. You might pair it with the Fatial HF200... The M2380 is much cheaper than the Fatial horn. I went M2380/ HF200 to the Elipitrac400/HF200. Both great setups. I think the bigest reason for the Bob K77 is to pair it with Heritage speakers... no cutting needed. I used a Selenuim D220 and Selenuim baby check horn from bob. Either tweeter is shine, my preference with the Selenuim... Bob sells both! The split cabs are great... I own 2 sets... but man the single bin idea is my preference. I recomend the Bobs cornscala C to anyone who askes. it is basicly the setup I sugested above... M2380/ your choice of driver + Selenuim tweeter.
  7. Ive tried a Rogue Audio Cronus and returned it. When I tried it at the store, no him... sounded great... with my Power cord and speakers... hum. Very very similar to yours. It turns out the Hifi shop, had floated the ground, removing the ground pin on the cord. I tried this and the hum was gone... this is not ok for new gear, so I returned it. I love Rogue equip. but worry about grounding issues.
  8. Greg, How low does the DE-85TN go? Price? Similar SPL? Diff in need for loading? Which do you perfer, Fatial HF200 or DE-85TN and why?
  9. My K401/K55 Cornscala's are next up for a refresh... Id love to hear details about the crossover. 16ohm drivers? Crossover points? with 2 lpads... are they adjustible? Wana try them on mine :-).
  10. As an aside. Being able to change Motor boards allows horns to be changed out. I have a spare set of motor baords that were origonally built for this purpose... The 15 hole cut and the ports... the rest is blank. I had 1 version with the motor board screwed in from the sides and then from the front. Paint the motor board black and call it a day. In several years some new incredible horn will strike your fancy... pull your existing motor board out and place the new one in... The sell the old motor baord and horns to a friend. Keep your drivers... change your horns :-).
  11. I have built the type C and do have the Eliptrac 400 mid horn + Circletrac HF they are different animals and to some degree different price points. The Type C with the M2380 horn and the Selenium HM 11-25 Horn is an amazing combo. When I used my M2380 I used it with the Fatial HF200 and thought it amazing, not with the D405. I’m not sure which of the 2 Selenium D405 vs Fatial HF200 Id go with. Im cheap, and I know both work. The Fatial would let you two with the idea of trying the M2380/Fatial combo as a two-way. I preferred it as a 3 way. I own and regularly use 3 different versions of the Cornscala. The one with the most detail is the most expensive... ALK crossovers and Eliptrac 400 mid horn + Circletrac HF is flawless. My K401/K55 Selenium HM 11-25 Horn/Selenium D220ti is my wifes favorite... probably because I built it and it has a more romantic sound... even if not the most accurate. The one I suggest for those who are new to speaker building is going with Bobs Crites cut, Paste and Listen formulas... I started there and would be happy to go back. Bob's setups are compelling... He can send you parts, plans or whole speakers. The Type C is his Best combo in my opinion... I have not heard the Type D, but in a 3 way... don’t see anything wrong with the M2380... This is a bullet proof combo. Now if you’re ready for more... Dave Harris is the guy to go for upgrade horns... To say he knows his sh*t is an understatement. I own Eliptrac 400 mid horn + Circletrac HF and love it. It allows me to go from 2way to three way… His horns are just that good. I do plan to replace my K401 to a Eliptrac 400 with the adapter so I can run my K55.
  12. Having built 3 pairs of cornscala's and 1 pair of split La Scala's I would strong recommend the Type C. The Tweeter lens and driver are the same as I have used... fantastic ability, in my opinion a better choice than the tweeter in type A and type B. I still use CS125 in my Hersey clones and an earlier version of the Type A, but the selenium just kicks ***. The M2380 is a low buck clone of the famous JBL horn… it’s a CD horn… sounds great everywhere… less of one sweet spot. The Big Selenium D405 is a great choice… might consider use of Faital HF200 to mate to the M2380 instead, though extra cash. The 3 way is my preferred sound. I have a crazy setup allowing 2way/3way on the fly and prefer the 3way. Bob makes building some of the best speakers around as easy as screw and glue… 1st rate solution if you cant afford a klipsch product, or like building yourself. You might consider additional bracing of the cabs, more than Klipsch or Bob has done… I found it was additive.
  13. We need to see your horns with a Khorns at RMAF or your drifts. As always, workmanship to the 1st order!
  14. I just want one of the horns for show and tell :-).... What driver are you thinking?
  15. Thank god someone else has too many speakers/audio equipment too.
  16. I think Bob has 2 woofers, each a bit different. I have used Bob's woofers before and liked the results. On this buidl I went with the Kappa 15C. I think the Kappa 15C is one of the only 4ohms around other than Bobs. Im really happy with the results. The Cabs are 24" Cubed. Building split cornscala's is a definite commitment. You might consider single cab.... all the good, smaller cab.
  17. Hey everyone, I wanted to post some pics from this week. Dave Harris came over to compare speakers. He brought with him 2 of his own speakers…. Non Klipsch in form vs my CS-1. The CS-1s are Bob Crites woofers, Selenium H25-25 horn and Selenium D220ti 16ohm. I had a friend build me the crossovers…(Crossovers don’t make use of autoformers), Cab is 2.2cu ft, 1.25” thick motor board and ¾” on all other panels. The cab has a motor board to back board brace and is very resonate free. (The CS-1 is a Bob Crites creation and I’d say is an incredibly neutral 2way). Dave’s creation may have been born from the use of his tweeter lens on my Cornscala’s. During the Cornscala build (Using his Eliptical Horn) I had brought the Selenium baby check horn but saw his tweeter lens and begged him to use it. When he compared the two lenses, it was clear his lens was a better choice. Dave has paired this lens and a Selenium D220ti for the 2nd half of a 2way. The Bass is handled by an unlikely choice, a 10” woofer with a whizzer cone. I hope Dave chimes in to share more… Cab I think was similar in size the CS-1s and built of 3/4" ply... very cool bracing inside, ported via 2 PCV ports. The craziness is that the crossover was done with a Lpad and a Capacitor. He additionally brought an ALK crossover and it sounded much much better, but the very simple Lpad/Capacitor arrangement was more than enough for 95% of all the music. Dave’s combination was really cool, tighter bass than my CS-1 and perhaps greater extension. I still love what I have, but I liked Dave’s design enough to ask that he build me 1. Really cool seeing how different designs can get so close to amazing sound.
  18. Hey Everyone, Im hoping to put together a playlist of some really good test music... stuff that shows off the flexablity/range and musicality of our speakers. Hear are some from me. The Band Perry - If I die young Listen for her voice and the highs she and the fiddle reach. Bob Marley - Stir it Up Cee Lo Gree - Satisfied Natalie Merchant - The Peppery Man Renee Fleming - Hallelujah The XX - Basic Space Best wishes,
  19. Eminence has some great software for designing speaker cabs. My top cabs are 24"x24"x14" in general. The additional volume would provide no back preside for the woofer. A bit bigger I could see. Eminence has the 15c has a vas of 6.2 to 7.8 cu ft but I believe change the vol greatly will change the response,etc... I'm sure much smarter minds can share the sic behind it. I would love to see measurements of my 3 types of cabs, each with slightly diff vol and then see the same driver with smaller and bigger cabs remeasured.
  20. When Ive built splits, Ive made sure that my Cab vol matches pretty closly to that of the ~6.5cu ft. that the CW used. Where single cab or split the vol needs to be close to the same for the port and shelf config we all use.
  21. Not in the last pic, is my 100% Bob Crites sourced Cornscala. I have to say, each is different but I would take any of my 3 pairs happily, the last pair more happily than the others :-). The PH800 is an improvement over the K401 for sure. Dave’s horn beats them all. The Cornscala lets builders go from mild to wild. We have choice of crossovers, drivers and horns at any price point... Sort become the Dynaco ST70 of speakers.
  22. The 2way/3way swtich was for both use with different types of music and verification. If you have the ES Network + AP then the switch is an easy add in. The extra parts for the 3way I would say were not needed unless you want to get the last 5%. I wanted to try everything I could in one package and then stop build for a while... This was the result. Going 3 way was addative to the top end shimmer (forwardness). Without it seemed more relaxed. Dave's tweeter lens/horn was a serious addition. All the parts came together well and produced a cohesive whole.
  23. James I think the Bass is right is each speak, just a bit different. I actually built a tappered transition piece for my origonal split conscalas... fixed any port mismatch issues... took nearly 8hrs worth of wood working... :-(.
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