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  1. Im just trying to get these Heresys sorta back to basics... went overbaord on the new cabs. I did call Klipsch today and found out I can buy a K401 for $50.... WOOWOOWOWOOWOW amaging. After my weding May 1 I will be buying just to hold on to :-). G/F is a bit unhappy with the number of large speakers... let alone tube amps. :-)
  2. OK to drop the volume down, I have cut a back panel .75thick (20 15/16 x 13 15/16) and top and bottom panels .5 thick (13 15/16 x 12 3/16) So new internal measurements are 20x14x12.25 = 3430cu = ~198cu ft.... Im done... Good I hoep it sounds good. I bought garilla glue and 1 5/8ths deck screws... the inside of this cab is wayyyy tooo thick... I love heavy but wow... Side are 3/4" mdf + 3/4" oak ply. Front is 3/4 Oak ply, read is 3/4 oak ply + 3/4 MDF. Top and bottom are 3/4" oak 3/4" MDF + 3/4" MDF The top and bottom have 3/4" MDF+3/4 oak, glued and screwed. I now have to glue and Screw the additional 3/4 MDF to the 3/4" MDF. I soooo hoope no resonant sounds happen.
  3. I remesured things... I was working in the ER... hard to concentrate. Internal measurement is 21 tall x 14wide x 13deep 21x14x13=3822cu in = ~2.21 cu ft Is .2 over too much? If I have to bring down. I can add a 3/4" mdf panel to the rear... making is 1.5" thick on all side but the motor board. 21x14x.75"thick=220cu in 3822cu in minus 220cu in = 3602cu in = ~2.08cu ft Seems very very close then :-). 21x13x12.25 = 3601.5 ~ 3602 = ~2.08 Heresy I specs: Outside 21.4" (54.36cm) x 15.5" (39.37cm) x 13.2" (33.53cm) ~ Inside 20” x 14 x 11.5 =3220 cu in - ~ 1.8cu ft From what Ive read… many feel the cab could func. Well as a 2.0 cu ft cab. At 2.2cu ft (as is now) is .6 larger than stock. If I reduce to 2.08cu ft is .22 larger than stock Thoughts? Thank you
  4. I bought 2 Heresy speakers... the Cabs were rocked and had my cabinet maker make a set of newones to drop my parts into. I got the wise idea of using slightly larger measurements (Internal) 21"tall x 15" Wide x 14" deep. ~2.5cu ft instead of ~1.8cu feet. Is this going to mess things up? I can add material to 2 sides... Its 3/4"mdf + 3'4"oak ply on the sides, top and bottom and only 3/4" oak on front and back. So I can add alot of matterial if needed... Do I need to? This are stock, using the old parts. Thanx, Justin
  5. Industrial Heresy Ports I have 2 used Heresy II Im updating. K700 with K55, Bob CT125 Tweeter, and stock 12” driver. I have these 2 cabs, I want to know the merits of adding 2 ports just like the Industrial Heresy. What size were these ports, how deep? What are the benefits of this? Allows the Heresy to deep down further… Gain of an octive? Thank you, you in advance.
  6. I am hoping to get the bass bin of a La Scala cut for me with me doing the assembly. Does anyone have detailed pics of these come together... Ive seen a few... but any sugestions woud be helpful.
  7. I buitl myself 2 Cornscala's. Im told cornscala's are good down to 30s? Im looking for a Powered sub that will pair nicely with my speakers... have a firm budget of $500. Any sugestions?
  8. My Cabinet guy was really nice and worked with me… We punched out the internal dimensions to 24.o” wide x 34.0” tall x 14.0” deep. Outside dimensions will be adjusted to make the inside work. This will be made with ¾ MDF for inside of cabinet, and ¾ birch plywood on outside. Loosely based on cornwall plan… with dimensions changed to made 34x24x14 inside as a cost of $131 per cabinet… I got a great price. (Including back and front panels.) Should have later this week. By my calculations that’s 11424cu in = 6.61 cu ft. This seems closer I hope?
  9. I used some plans I was given that were good to go and took these down to my cabinet maker. The are roughly cornwall demensions. 34 x 24 x 13... is this too small to make into cornscalas... Im very new to this and dove in too fast. I hope and pry they will allow me to change the build to 24in deep... but may not. Will the smaller size work for bob's version on a cornscala? CW1526C Cast Frame Woofer, CT125 Tweeters, Atlas PD-5VH Midrange Driver, PH-800 Horn Im so Fing worried now! Thank you for the help. Justin
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