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  1. I’m giving serious consideration to the idea of building some Split CornScala Bins. Iv been reading on materials used by some manufactures, including HDF. I can’t find HDF, but have been able to find 1.5 thick, MDF. The Plan is to build a 24” cubed Bin with a port shelf and some bracing out of ½” Baltic, Wrap it in 1.5”MDF and then ½” Baltic. Then no one will want to buy or steal J. Anyone else using heavy thick material? The MDF is not cheap… $110 a sheet, but this Bin would be for my music room. My 1st Corn Scala’s are headed to the living room. The Alt plan would be ¾” maple + ¾”MDF +1/2” Baltic.
  2. Hear are my thoughts.... Buy a K401 from Klipsch... Buy 2 $50 each. Buy a K55 from Bob or Klipsch, Bbuy a used tyep AA crossover or get one made... get one made they are inexpensive enough. Think about a K33 replacement... can be had for $125 from Klipsch or get Bobs... I have that one... really nice. Or Get an Emence Kapa C 4ohm. Make the Horn section with Klipsch like parts... You will have a speak that is worth something should you wish to sell and that will sound much more refined.
  3. Here is the finished product... not sure if I like my Cornscala more or less... The La Scala seems more detailed, but the cornscala is defin better balanced.
  4. Routers are my friends :-).... Amazing what they can fix... adding 1/2 baltic ***** was a good idea... couldnt get it any thicker... I had mapple too, but it was thicker plys..., Im not sure if the keys bottom seal was a good idea... seem it couldnt hurt.
  5. Jubs are 2way right... what horn and driver? Im game... Now as splits the horn adventure begins.
  6. The APT80 can bee seen from behind. Its the same Emenice tweeter used by many, but with a less developed horn... simple half circle. As this Heresy is really for near field listening a better horn seemed un-needed. Instalation was easy... 2 1/4" hole if I remeber right... cut from behind. The APT80 is $25 with horn... not bad at all.
  7. Here is a pic of the 2nd piece used... have 2 interlocking/different depth pieces creats more sealing serface... This thing is rock solid... weight nearly 80lbs each. Though Small... might be my fav speak thus far.
  8. I bought a set of Heresys for my office, but they were very rough... thus new cabs. I took liberty to add somw volume to the cabs... many said this was ill advised so I cut some extra MDF panels to reduce the internal valume back to ~1.9cu ft. The cabis noew 2.25 thick on the sides and 1.5 everywhere else. God Bless Home Depot. and the free cuts :-). Not having a work shape a little extra time there allowed me to build these without a saw. K700 metal horn, K55, APT80 tweeter, Bobs 12" LF driver and crossoevers. The Origonal Heresys have made there way to my office.. So rough I cant see them growing legs and leaving. These DIY Heresys had no home... were in my closet for a mo or so... My in-laws saw the Speakers and an old tuner... now they have a retro system on loan. Im told Im not getting them back, but... they are sadly mistaken. Just no room now.
  9. I got these bins on a horse trade gone wrong... VERY ruff shape. I took them to my cabinet builder and got some help. I wont show the before pics... but work included: removal of trim that was not flush, routing edges to be flush, laminating 1/2 baltic birch, Adding a keyed bottom plate and resealing everything. I was having some cabinet doors refinished down the street from where I work... really nice guy.... so the Bass bins got a Walnut finish. Top cabs are almost done... Will be mounting the horns from the back and using nuts. the barrier ship to conect to the LF driver will be accessed via a hole cut into the bottom of the Horn asmbly. Finally I have a nice set of splits. Bobs cross overs, and tweeter, K400 horn, K55 driver, Bob's LF driver. The bass seems tighter/faster then my Cornscala in the background... Not sure which I like more.
  10. I have a K55 that has a bolt style look the one shown. I had bob replace the diaphram... he saw no diff... checked perfectly.
  11. Youre right APT80. I used the APT80s on a Heresy Clones I made (The origonals are in the office). I could not tell the difference between the 80s and the 150s So the 150 went back. It has been sugested that the horn/lens on the 150 is too large and will dominate the sound... was not my exp. but I could see this rational. The APT-80s install easier in my opion. Just drill a 2 1/4" hole.... dont remember the exact size, but shoudl be close. For $25 a piece I intend to buy 2 more just to hold. I now have 3 pairs in use.
  12. The APT 150 had be bought new from http://www.speakerrepair.com/ I might try the APT50, smaller lens, same driver.
  13. One of the things I love about them, was based on a serious error. I built the caps @ 2.2cu ft. On many persons advice I brought the vol down to 1.93cu ft... I used MDF, gorilla gue and decking crews... The added weight makes a real pain to move... nearly 70lbs each... but the bass is unuasally tight and fast. The way I built the cabs is a box covered with a box design... creating 2 faces to seal... thing cab seals up air tight! Worth adding batting? Will include better pics in a bit.
  14. Compairing these Heresys to my cornscla's (PH800 horn) they seem a bit sqwaky... but over a really nice speaker.
  15. Ok... Its official... It is cheaper to have left alone. I bought beat-up original Heresys, but didn’t like the cabs... Now I’ve built my own and my beat up Heresys in my office at the parole office. These are 100% new... parts sourced from Bob or ebay. The cabs had to have a lot of material added to get it to 1.93cu ft. The sides and back are at least double thick. Sides are 2.25in, the back is 1.5". The bass is so tight now... no cabinet talk. These are at home... I think they’ll be a gift for the in-laws. On a side note: I traded my 1 commercial La Scala, for a set of base bins... Bought 2 used k400 horns, and I got to tell you... The K400 is massive. The rest will have to wait till after the wedding.
  16. Origonal Heresy Parts... Well the K700 and K55. Bobs tweeter. Im half thinking of building these new and bringing the guuuuulllly heresys to my office instead.
  17. Im just trying to get these Heresys sorta back to basics... went overbaord on the new cabs. I did call Klipsch today and found out I can buy a K401 for $50.... WOOWOOWOWOOWOW amaging. After my weding May 1 I will be buying just to hold on to :-). G/F is a bit unhappy with the number of large speakers... let alone tube amps. :-)
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