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  1. The 401 is a great horn, unless you have the money for better. Use them!. I have met and done biz with Greg of Gregs Pro audio... realy knows his stuff... Massive where house with parts stacked to the roof.
  2. I have a split LS now. Started life as a La Scala. I added 1/2 baltic to the whole bass cab... sides were 1/2 longer ... so the bottom became keyed in. I then added a 3/4" cutout for the doghouse... thus making the bottom keyed a second way as well. All these efforts were a bit much, but I did think the bass response was cleaner... No vibration from the cab. Many feel that if you thicken the cab, you will not need to brace the mouth of the horn too. I think the sand idea is a waste... but adding material will let you stiffen it... and help you refinish the look of the speaker.
  3. Just 2. I have 1 Split La Scala I could never find a home for :-). The Split Cornscala are for my MA2275 when it comes in (Mid Feb). I built 4 of Bob's CS1 (2 will be for my DIY mess around rig in the same room.) The Living room gets my origonal Cornscala's... PAS3 Pre Mc275 V. The extra... without homes are 1 DIY built Split La Scala and 2 CS1 speakers. Next year is almost no building and much more saving. I do plan on building my 2" horn setup for this bass bin and a ST35 I have parts for. Aside from that... Trying to say no. Seeing all the beautiful work people do makes me want to reconsider. :-). I love building, but no homes for previous projects. Last night as I powered this bad boy up for the 1st time I was overwhelemed... 6mo project with alots of money and time placed in it sounded right on... Had it not.. I would have had to do alot of problem solving and been very angry at myself. I have 1 or 2 improvements to make. Sealing all the seams internall etc.
  4. Given how many moving parts going into these projects Im soooo happy to have it sound right. I’m so proud, I feel like a new Papa. This is the 1st completed Split CornScala. I had built these as 24”x24”x24” but on significant advice, added material internally to bring it back to 22.5”x22.5”x22.5” and some serious bracing. Sides are 2.25 thick, back/front and top are 1.5 thick. Bob Crites built a crossover for the K55/K401 & Selenium D220ti/Selenium HM17-25 combo. I powered it up last night after final assembly of the bass bin and man I love this. I ended up walk my wife up in the middle of night to listen. Bass is deep and tight.This is a true project on a budget, had to wait to get the finishing done. I have to now wait a few weeks before sending the other bass cab for finishing. I chose the K55/K401 route as I had 2 rebuilt K55s and 1 K401 for $55 later I had the 2nd horn.I do plan on building a new top hat for my birthday in june. That will be a 2” D405/D220ti combo.
  5. I do plan to use the Kappa C... Its an Eminence 15" 40hm driver... massive magnet.I get them from Orange County Speaker… 15 miles away. I had traded some work I did for my 1st one… so the $115 for the 2nd seems a good deal. The Kappa C seems a close match to the K33 though more like the K43.
  6. I got the internal vol down to 6.6 cu ft. before bracing. Its 22.5" X 22.5" X 22.5" befroe bracing = 11390 cu in. Its braced to hell and walls are 2.25" thick... Thats what I get for building bigger. Justin
  7. Slow progress.. Top hats are done... Crossover, Mid and Highs.... and conection to bass bin.
  8. Back from the finisher... Wow... making good progress... Paying for it all makes things happen slower than Id like.
  9. Pics to come... some serious progress made. Horn enclosure is way bigger than expected.. but will work. I stuffed the horns in and drilled mounting holes. I have some sanding to do to open the K400 openings... 1/8" too small. The Cabs are drilled for the Kappa 15C and the motor board is drilled to fasten to the cabinet. The cabs were built at 24" internal width before all my bracing, 10" shelf, 50" opening for the port. I added 3/4" to bring the internal dimensions down to 22.5" cubed. The port had a significant problem. the opening was 24" wide, and then stepping down to 22.5"... an ugly 3/4" step on either side. to solve this I cut a piece ~ 2"x10" with a significant taper 30deg. or so. Now the cab goes from 22.5" wide to 24" wide with a slight taper.... really looks nice. Pics soon!The next step is a bunch of wood putty and some sanding by hand. I cant afford to have it finished yet, so its sanding to make pretty :-)
  10. The cab is pretty cool. I have 4 built now... Has fiberglass stuffing... very deep bass. Will be workign with a suplyer to see about a nicely formed grill. The evenetual goal is to offer the Cabs for sale in my area.... alot of marketing work to be done before. Cabinet designs are fickle... and getting one really well made is difficult. I have a few friends that are interested in building CS-1s with my Cabs. Kinda Cool.
  11. 2 Way Speakers in progress. CS-1s... Cab is my handy work. Ive built 7 speakers this year... Seems the one thing I strugle with is getting a Cab that is ready to go. These are 2.0Cu Ft Cabs Tnuts installed and ready to Rock . 12" Driver and H25-25 horn. Its a prototype curently but I hope to begin really building more of these next year.
  12. I decided I was not skilled enough to change the portsize ect to make this cab sing with 7cu ft. Adding 3/4" to most/all sides will bring me back to Bob Crites origonal size 22.5" X 22.5" X 22.5" ... I Braced the Crap out of it.. so its a bit smaller... Im Est 6.6cu ft before braces... Similar to my other Cornscala's and shoudl sound great. Im in process with the wood work... lots of small panels... so its will be a week more or so. That said. I ordered my 2nd K401 horn... will use 2 refurbed k55 drivers, Selenium HM17-25 and D220ti 8ohm. Bob Crossover ofcourse. I had the K55s and 1 K401 so this was a logical choice.
  13. other views. the port mouth mimics that of a Cornwall
  14. Not sure just how big... but the Eminence OMEGA PRO-18C goes up to 800hz and seems to like a bigger cab. Doesnt seem like a realistic option. I havnt seen a Cornscala with an 18" LF driver yet.
  15. Volume too big... after doing some reading about port config vs volume. Im not sure how to use to calcluators... Something I need to learn. I did call Eminence and spoke with their tech support. He believed that with the port config I have and a volume of 7.3cu that this is too much volume for a Kappa pro... that the driver will reach its mechanical limits. His sugestion is to decrease the volume. Eminence's website sugests a max vol 6.5cu... Ive used 6.8cu last time and sounds great. When the Caninets are back from the finisher. I will take down exact demensions, and begin to calc internal voume, acoounting for braces and alike. If still too large... 6.5cu =/- 10% I will add material to get be back to the median. Does anyone know the volume of a K33 than for all the help. Bit worrysome that the cab may be too big... I did most of the wood working at a friends shop... so Im attached to these and dont want them to be lemons. I need lemonaid.
  16. Not sure what to make of the above response... In all seriousness. Anyone have exp with cabs 6.5 cu ft and above? Should I really consider adding pannels to reduce internal vol?
  17. I have used vol of 6.8 cu ft and sounds wonderful. What do you all think ... 7.3 or 7.1 cu ft? Adding the pannels ?
  18. The braces will knock it down quite a bit... least I hope. Internally its 23.75" X 23.75" X 23.75" 23.75 x 23.75 = 564in sq. 564 x 23.75 = 13396 in cu = 7.75cu ft before braces and shelf. Looking at VAS ratign for 15" drivers Kappa 15C I think 6.5 - 7ish should be fine. I have used Bob Crites 15" in a cab of 6.8 and sounded wonderfuly. The bracing is pretty extensive. Im open to how best to cal the braces volume. There are 3 45deg braces that go long the edges... ~3" spread. Then there is the blocking... the front motor board. The cross brace... etc. Its at the finisher... wont get back for 2 weeks. All in all im super excited for this... My Origonal Cornscala's are in the living room and these will be for the guest room. One easy way to reduce vol would be to add a panels to the sides 22"x 22" x .75" 22 x 22 = 484 484" x .75" thick = 363 (the sides) 2 panels of 363 = 726 cu in 13396 cu in - 726 cu in = 12670 cu in. = 7.3cu ft or One easy way to reduce vol would be to add a panels to the sides 22"x 22" x .75" 22 x 22 = 484 484" x .75" thick = 363 3 panels of 363 = 1089cu in 13396 cu in - 1089 cu in = 12307cu in. = 7.1cu ft What is the rational for the hanging curtain? How large? Where would you place?
  19. different ideas then Ive seen for braces... I like.. the 45deg brace will reduce the volume some... which is a good thing.
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