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  1. different ideas then Ive seen for braces... I like.. the 45deg brace will reduce the volume some... which is a good thing.
  2. 4" risers with 1/2" tirm on top to keep them in place.
  3. 24"X24"x24" inside... but this babby is built for abuse. 3/4" maple inside, 1/2"baltic outside. and fully fully braced. I may build new split cornscala's with K401 horns to use extra parts for just save for a quick minute to aford the Selenuim route. Front ports are fixed. the Motor baord is just for the 15" driver.
  4. After some serious horse traiding with my wife... Gave up my perferredhealth ins provider for PPO... My Cornscala's are in the living room, freeing up precious space for Split Corn Scalas... Here are some progress shots. There is a 2way cab in progress 2.
  5. Cornscla Cab. 6 - 6.5cu ft. ported Just wanted to hear sugestions on other 15" drivers.
  6. I was wondering as to Alt 15" bass drivers. I currently use Bob Crites in mnost of my projects... Cornscala's and like, but wanted some feedback on others. Eminence 15C seems like a great choice too.. any others? It also seems that most are 8ohms not the 4ohms as the K33... Any easy way aroudn this? Thanks for any sugestions in advance. Justin
  7. As an interesting update. I added acustic foam in the cab. 3 layer 1 1/4" for the back panel, and 1" for all other sides. The bass was exaggerated and just did not sound right. I removed all the foam from the sides and gave it another listen... and again sound like sh*t. All foam out and things really sound wonderful again. All the remaining foam is headed back to parts express. $80 painful lesson.Bob Crites advise to me when I asked was "a good cab doesn’t need foam, etc to sound good." Too simple advise for me.. so I had to learn on my own... Wish I had just listened. That said... No foam for me in the Cornscala's or the Heresys. The CS-1 sounded good with foam... go fig.
  8. Ive now finished my CS-1s, adding acoustic foam. The Cornscals seem to have a very low WAF, so I send them away for some help. My Cornscala’s are back from the finisher… bit of an upgrade of sorts… My wife didn’t like the natural Birch Finish of the Speakers… So I laminated another ¾” maple to the outside edge and laminated ½” MDF to the inside back panel. The inside dimensions are 14” deep X 24”wide X 35” tall = 11750 cu in = 6.8cu ft. I’ve worked 92+hrs this week... I might be off a touch. I’ve found my dimensions to have produced fantastic results. I will again be using Eminence Kappa Cs, PH800/PV55 CS125 tweeters. The Cab is now 2.25” thick on all sides, 1.25 for the rear panel and stained in a dark brown walnut. Though there has been some discussions as to where acoustic treatments work, I’ve decided to may healthy use. (I’m basing this decision on the differences it made in my CS-1 speakers. )The sides, top and bottom will get 1” acoustic foam, the back panel is getting 1.25” thick 3 layer foam. I will take the suggestion to try one with and one without.
  9. With the Parts Express Foam 1/2" thick 18"x24" pieces.. $9 a sheet ~4 sheet needed.
  10. I may skip the Stuffing for the heresy. Why is good for a ported design. Im working on adding Foam to my Corn Scala... Would pollyfill help... how much... why? Thanx for the input Justin
  11. Question using polyfill. For the Heresy Cabinet: I have built Bob’s CS-1 Robbed Heresy Cab. Its ~1.9cu Ft. I’ve added ¾” birch ply to the outside to stiffen the sidewalls. The inside of the Cabinet now has Sonic Barrier 1/2" Acoustic Foam w/PSA 18" x 24" I intend to add Pollyfill to the cabinet… I was told for sealed cabs 1lb per Cu ft is the norm… does this make sense? Any suggestions? The Corn-scala is now 2.25” thick. 3/4“ MDF, 3/4” Maple Ply, 3/4” Birch Ply. Using a ton of screws and wood glue, have built the Cab. The Cab is super solid! The Back Panel is 1.5 thick… ¾” ply x 2. The front is 3/4 “ ply. That Said I want to use Foam and Pollyfill to enhance the Cab and stop cabinet talk. I was planning to use 1.25” 3 layer foam… nicer stuff (Sonic Barrier 1-1/4" 3-Layer Damping Material w/PSA 18 x 24") and I want to add Pollyfill. From the reading Ive done… some think Pollyfill is super important for vented/port cabs… How do you get the stuff to stay put? How much to use with a 6.2-6.5 cu ft cabinet? Thanx in advance for any suggestions.
  12. Greg, I dont intend to make a perfect 24" sq. Will be a rectangle without a doubt... the point I was raising was about materials and sound cancelation. Ive seen alot of interest... strange and worthwhile way to make the cab silent... but most are heavy and thick... Im ok with both.
  13. I hear both of you... that said... My La Scala bins sounds head and shoulders better at 1.25" vs 3/4" My Cornscala Cabs @ 3/4MDF,3/4Maple A1 Ply are incredible. The use of 1.5MDF seems way overkill I agree... but the shop wants to try and so Id get the material for free. I think I will ultim. go with .5baltic+.75MDF+.5 Baltic. Material costs are not such an issue. Will have to plan more closly for bracing.
  14. I’m giving serious consideration to the idea of building some Split CornScala Bins. Iv been reading on materials used by some manufactures, including HDF. I can’t find HDF, but have been able to find 1.5 thick, MDF. The Plan is to build a 24” cubed Bin with a port shelf and some bracing out of ½” Baltic, Wrap it in 1.5”MDF and then ½” Baltic. Then no one will want to buy or steal J. Anyone else using heavy thick material? The MDF is not cheap… $110 a sheet, but this Bin would be for my music room. My 1st Corn Scala’s are headed to the living room. The Alt plan would be ¾” maple + ¾”MDF +1/2” Baltic.
  15. Hear are my thoughts.... Buy a K401 from Klipsch... Buy 2 $50 each. Buy a K55 from Bob or Klipsch, Bbuy a used tyep AA crossover or get one made... get one made they are inexpensive enough. Think about a K33 replacement... can be had for $125 from Klipsch or get Bobs... I have that one... really nice. Or Get an Emence Kapa C 4ohm. Make the Horn section with Klipsch like parts... You will have a speak that is worth something should you wish to sell and that will sound much more refined.
  16. Here is the finished product... not sure if I like my Cornscala more or less... The La Scala seems more detailed, but the cornscala is defin better balanced.
  17. Routers are my friends :-).... Amazing what they can fix... adding 1/2 baltic ***** was a good idea... couldnt get it any thicker... I had mapple too, but it was thicker plys..., Im not sure if the keys bottom seal was a good idea... seem it couldnt hurt.
  18. Jubs are 2way right... what horn and driver? Im game... Now as splits the horn adventure begins.
  19. The APT80 can bee seen from behind. Its the same Emenice tweeter used by many, but with a less developed horn... simple half circle. As this Heresy is really for near field listening a better horn seemed un-needed. Instalation was easy... 2 1/4" hole if I remeber right... cut from behind. The APT80 is $25 with horn... not bad at all.
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