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  1. Ive built more than I can recall... Its the fun part. Currently I have a 2way 15" woofer and larger Eliptical Faital Horn... Faital HF driver and ALK style crossover. The cab is 20" wide, 30"tall and 18" deep. Cab is braced to the hilt. 2way cornscalas are generally my favorites. 2ndly, I have a 2way Heresy... 12" woofer, again larger format Faital horn... special ALK crossover AP12-800 for the Eminence 12LFA... works just like his AP12 for the K33 but retuned for the smaller woofer. This is an amazing speaker... 1/2 the size of my larger Cornscala with the same HF. Im in process of building a 3way Cornscala. I was trying out another companies amps and paired them with my DIY Heresy... The sound was good but not compelling. I blamed the smaller speaker and decided Id build the 3way again since I know its a proven performer... With some friends over I switched back my amps and fell back in love with my smaller speaker... So now Ill have an extra pair yet again. Ive set my room up to hand the large 3way which is 24W x 36T x 16D. This is a Faital epical tractrix tweeter, Faital epical tractrix mid range and 15" woofer. Though I prefer a 2way, many want too hear a 3way, esp when demoing gear. Also in the hopper is a cab for a set of Audio Nirvana 15" I got from Joe. Dave ran the bass box pro calculations and will likely do the initial build. It will be used interchangeable with the DIY Heresys. Re tubes... I have a whole host to choice from... much more from a 50s musical voicing instead of more modern voicings. Here are some pics of what Im currently running or built ran in the last 12mo.
  2. If you were near LA/SoCal I could aid with a listen of tube amps and cornscalas of a few verifiers. Phoenix is a bit far 😉
  3. https://positive-feedback.com/audio-discourse/digital-music-bliss-roon/
  4. I would suggest you re-evaluate your goals to include ripping and server. I build a intel NUC and run Roon. It’s amazing. You’ll have all the control you want and will actually play more of your music. Ripping and using any high end software player will have you exceed the results of ace player in your budget hands down. Even buying an average laptop... then rip in AIFF and play via audio nirvana will show you incredible performance. That said. Emotive makes a fantasied CD player. One of the best I’ve seen under 2k.
  5. Crossover with adjustment... ALK Cornscalawal. Adding a cross brace will stiffen the cab and tighten your bass. Also you could consider removing the woofer, drilling the holes out to 1/4"-20 and use nuts and bolts... I personally thing thats a huge step forward.
  6. If you call Klipsch they will likely sell you a pair for k401s. I’ve done this before. There is a inexpensive midrange that goes 400hz without issue but you’d have to cross the tweeter at 4k instead of 6k. Selenuin D250-x Many on here can tell you the component change to make that work. The tweeter could be any horn loaded unit you like.
  7. Dave cut the ports out 4” pvc pipes. They are glued in and have a brace on the inside. I then used a 1/4” router bit to round over the pot and the baffle to make a smooth transition.
  8. Echo Link Amp - Stream and amplify hi-fi music to your speakers... Seems silly good for streaming. Would need a phono stage but that's pretty easy to find and add.
  9. You might search ALK he is widely known on this forum. His testing procedures are extensive. Additionally, yes he and I and other have tested the heck out of the drivers horns and enclosure size and porting I’m using. I’ve built a tad and 20+ different cornscala style speakers. It’s something I’m very familiar with. I can’t post the schematic, it’s ALKs property I’ve only licensed it. Horns will be Faital. HF is the b&c de250 mids are the Hf140 LF is the Kappa 15c. Crossover is 450 with 2nd order and 5600. I wont be doing much measurement beyond what’s needed for setup. I’m pretty familiar with that it can do and I’m not setup for measurement the way others are... have the equipment and software but time and space arnt on my side. For me the more more interesting question will be if the de250 is worth the $70 premium per driver.
  10. It’s not generic. ALK designed for me specifically. It’s closer to his AP12 vs cornscalawal
  11. I use a crossover designed by ALK. Its 2nd order on the woofer. Given the 2nd order design, ALK makes use of/accounts for the inductance of a K33/Eminence 15C. I would throw off the crossovers proper operation by subbing in another woofer. If I went ALK Cornscalawal I could without issue. I had a similar problem for my 2way Heresy style speakers. The Crossover is a AP12-800 that's specific to the woofer. ALK had measured to for me to make the value changes to make it compatible. Id love to try other woofers, but for what its worth the 15C works really well, esp in smaller cabs.
  12. Ive built monoblock versions which I use daily with my Cornscalas. These are with the original front end config. There is no noise issue. These are remarkable amps and are extremely wide bandwidth and low coloration. FR is 6hz to 128Khz at 1 watt
  13. I just ordered. Well see if they really fit.
  14. I bought one to build. Have the cab assembled. I think it’s a great project. I do wish I could of grills. I found an ok grill for the tweeter but not one for the woofer. I’ll let you guys know how the project turns out. 😉
  15. So true. I wanted jubs bad. Got clones and realized just how big they were. Now I’m trying to stuff big horns into ever smaller boxes. The jubs will break you if you’re not ready.
  16. Bump and price drop.
  17. There was some splintering. With finishing no one would have ever been the wiser. Dave decided to use as the double instead. I’ve been working on stiffening the baffle. Sometime when I feel like going next level I’ll dado the side panels to hold the baffle in place and not use cleats.
  18. Something new, something blue. Dave cut me 4 3/4" baffles. 2 of them were less than perfect so we doubled them up. The grills with be held with neo magnets I got from parts express. The back panels have 12 1/4"-20 for the edges. and 4 1/4"-20 for the center braces. This is the 1st time Ive used the Faital LTH142 and Faital STH100. Drivers will be Eminence Kappa 15C, Faital HF140, and the 1" HF driver is up in the air. Crossover is a CSW450 Im posting my project, because I miss the days more on this forum built and modified...
  19. Ive owned both. The Sig is a super worth while upgrade... The addition of the heavier motor housing and stiffer chassis. The bigger question should be if you should go gimble or unipivoit.
  20. Bump. Still for sale.
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