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  1. I’ve used both and can’t hear any differences. Get whichever is less expensive.
  2. Hey guess hope I didn’t confuse anyone. The 12LFA can be used if building your own Jubs or Heresy style but you’ll need to make adjustments. My adjustments are done using either a ALk universal or the custom 2way Alk designed for me. Re Sonics. It’s a solid performer with much deeper more taught bass. Like a k33 vs a kappa 15C. Dave Hairrs cut my baffles for my 2way diy heresy. I spoke without Bob Crites’ son about offering the same. I think they have a lot of projects but agreeed that it was a worth while idea. Move not done a ported 12”. Though not digging as deep. The sealed cab has no bass hump which is a good thing I think. On my cornscalas or late. The ports are 4” pvp pipe from Home Depot. The ports are easier to work with then building port shelf’s and what not. I then take a 1/2” round router to do a round over and have it blend into the baffle. Hope some of this helps.
  3. Sold I private label one of my amps. It’s a great partnership.
  4. Ah. They were going to get listed next week. They are called the figure 8. Its a scaled down version of Dave’s drift design. 8”woof rear ported. Goes to low 30s. 1” conical tratrix horn. Used the Dayton clone of the D220ti but has a polymide diaphragm. Whole speaker was sent to ALK for crossover design. 2nd order on LF, 3rd on Hf. Crossed at 800hz. ~92db efficient. They Image so well. As you can see. I’m awash in older projects again.
  5. 12LFA think of it like a better K24
  6. They are the Omens...I love Zu speakers. The DWs are great, super close to the Omens now... esp if you can do the cap upgrade for $100.
  7. Selling off my office rig. Not a current model but one of my favorites. 3watts with 6l6gcs as is, 5watts with KT88s. Incredibly quite... like headphone amp quite :-0. 8ohm for headphones and 300ohm for headphones. 8ohm speaker outs with cards binding posts. Hate to see it sit unused on a shelf. 1200obo Justin 323-868-9722
  8. justinsweber


    Its the older eminence as I recall. Once other point of note. The crossover is a CSW 450. I used to make these under lic from ALK. Fully adjustable, crossed at 450. 2nd order on bass. Its like an AP12450 and a AP15-4500
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    These were completely rebuilt. Man that was good. Dave's larger mid horn, elliptical tweeter and new 15C woofers. The cabs were rebuilt, dog house brace and the back was strengthened to allow the rear panel to sit flush. The casters were to make to party friendly. Love rebuilding them... just couldn't stay permanently.
  10. ALK makes an attenuator that's in series. Its a really nice unit... allows for a great deal of adjustability.
  11. The Encore is a headphone amp 1st but we discovered it works so well as a pre. The Juicy gear is true pre is every sense as are the NOS Valve pre. Id love to hear all three in the same rig. Id suspect the NOS Valves would be the winer, but the Encore could have honorable mention on multi use merit.
  12. Thanks JC. Glad you’re enjoying. The 1626 is a really magical sound.
  13. Daves thinking on the subject is bar none... way smarter than me... that said. I would suggest 2 simpler mods you might really like. 1st, bypass C1. Its for DC blocking... you don't need with anything modern. 2nd and more interesting... replacing the 50ohm resister in the PS with a C354 choke will go a long way to reducing the noise floor... likely to improve the bass too. You'd drill 2 holes and mount it up too. I think Dynakitparts even has pictures of this done. The ST35 was called the poor mans Macintosh for good reason. Its sonics are lovely. At 15watts, its likely more than enough power for your Cornwalls. Congrats!
  14. Ive owned a pair of chartwells and they were pretty amazing, needed a huge sub though. I do suggest audiogon or ebay. Your price is for mint condition...
  15. I haven't received yet, Ill get it on the bench and will find the culprit. Im my experience... 150+ amps or so, less than 10 have every had anything actually wrong with the amp... tubes tend to be the culprit. Either way Ill have her back to singing ASAP.
  16. Received some great parts from a friend. Selling the JBL 2327 1" to 2" adapters. Asking $80. 
 Also have the JBL 2425J 1" 16ohm drivers 800hz to 20Khz Works perfectly. Will do $400 for the pair or Train Faital HF140 or HF200 Thanks
  17. I have seen the benefits of the Loki. It’s not just an eq. It has 2db of Gain if I recall. It gives some spin on the ball as they say, that’s a good thing. The ability to pull down or boost up arenas is super helpful.
  18. I own 2 of the Schiit Aegirs super music. More relaxed than I expected. Not the tightest bass but super musical. One of the very best SS amps I’ve heard in a bit. My chain is c2600. 2 Aegirs into my 2way Coenheresy speakers. 94db efficient. Recommend whole heartily
  19. I’m a ALK supporter through and through. That said, you want stock but improved. Crites is the right and answer. The ALk cornscalawal would be the right choice for me but that’s because I dislike the stock voicing and want to be able and adjust my crossover.
  20. Cluad, I dint take offense... Ive learning there's no perfect choice. Building a new allows me to think Ill find it someday. A double woofer would be amazing... might complete with a Cornwall... Much Narrower My cab is 17" wide, 14" deep and 25" tall. If you did a 2nd woodier assuming 14" additional. You'd be at ~39-40" tall... A bit taller than a Cornwall but wholly workable. That said, you'd still end up with a speaker 7" narrower which is significant. What would be the response curve... what's the bass output vs Kappa 15C? Wiring in series vs parallel? Getting ALK to do a version of this would be fun. If all were equal the Eliptrac would be preferred, but it would make it heaver and wider. Using it would allow for 2" drivers instead of 1.4".
  21. For a 2way, finding a horn that goes low well and high is sometimes difficult. At 1200hz on up.... not hard and it was called the econowave. You can use 1" drivers from Dayton and Selenuim. But to go lower than 1200hz ... 1.4" or 2" drivers become needed. I know the JBL 2380 can do it but needs some EQ in the HF. Im not really sure what other horns would do it... Dave's Eliptrac is so special as its a 2" horn that could do 500hz to 18khz without Eq or issues. The next best choice is the Fatial LTH142... its a 1.4" horn. I have loved B&C drivers... the DE85 and the DE750 come to mind for 2way but need a 2" horn. As the Fatial is 1.4" I used the most logical 1.4" I could find :-). This project was expensive... Could have build a cornscala for nearly the same money... Extra plywood was the only real additional cost. This wasn't done as I wanted a smaller speaker to fit my new smaller room. Although the LF12 is 94db which is much lower than a K22. It still makes for a very very efficient speaker which digs lower than any stock Heresy and without the bass hump or porting. That said, lots of paths... many good ones.
  22. Nope. It’s pretty solid. Eliptixla tractrix. 1.4”. 500-to 18k
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