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  1. Thanks for the kind words. I try hard to make sure they get there safely.
  2. Which B&C driver was used on the LF. Als networks are designed for the expected inductance of a K33 or eminence 15C. Did he make some Modifications for your woofer? You might ask if you can send him the woofer to measure and recalculate the crossover part values. If it’s a cornsclawal network as it’s a lower order filter it maybe more forgive then his higher order networks.
  3. Few close but need time on the deal. I’m reasonable happy to take despot but just hasn’t clicked yet.
  4. For sure. Understand completely. Sale pending. Should be marked sold tonight 😉.
  5. Thanks man. I try to buy and sell straight up. No games. That said. The price though fair to me isnt for everyone. If I can’t get $1500 after shipping or fees. It will stay and collect dust in a corner waiting to be rediscovered:-).
  6. I don't know about the Caps. Nick described an improved power supply... better resistors and caps. I signed on as he would know better than anyone. (Bought directly from Rogue). The amp can handle KT88/6550s. Im pretty sure it cant do el34s. Its a manual bias. It has 4 individual bias pots to dial it in.
  7. Crazy good amp. I finally have speakers in the family room and the great compromise was SS amplification. This unit was special ordered with a not advertised PS upgrade from Nick... better Caps and resistors.
  8. Thank you. They are built like a tank.
  9. Yes I have 4 built but never assembled cabs.
  10. I try to separate what I do personally vs company. At my core, I love Klipsch products and audio in general. This way people cant say Im Hawking my stuff on Klipschs footprint.
  11. Cornscala horn speaker - ampsandsound Hudson For sale is a new Cornscala 3 way horn speaker system. Selling off my newly built Klipsch style Cornscala's which are modeled after the famous Cornwalls and and built by staff at ampsandsoud. Exactly the same driver compliment as the ampsandsound Hudson. All parts are new. For those who don't know a Cornscala utilizes the best parts of a Klipsch Cornwall and a La Scala together.
 Cabinetry is done with Baltic birch and utilizes biscuits and additional bracing for strength, reduce distortion and resonance. 3/4" Ply with ¼" MDF for a perfectly flat, no resonant surface. Each panel is 1" thick. All braces and back panel are secured with ¼-20 fasteners. Black satin lacquer. Gorgeous on the eyes. Low frequency driver includes massive direct radiating 15" woofer for bass. This is the same woofer use in the Klipsch 904 and in the Cinema line. The woofer's weight rests on its shoulder and not its face to increase rigidity and minimize basket flex. The additional double motor board around the woofer provides isolation and the rigidity needed for truly chest thumping bass.
 Midrange horn is sourced from fastlane audio Eliptrac 400 with Fc@ 350 and being crossed @ 450hz. Midrange driver is the famous B&C DCM50, Paper Diaphragm material and incredible 400hz usable range. The Tweeter is fastlaneaudio Contrac (Conical Tratrix Horn) paired with B&C DE-10 Mylar diaphragm crossed and 5800hz will outside of the range of the human voice. Crossovers are ALK CSW-450 which is a custom licensed crossover, combining the AP12-450 and the cornscalawal high frequency section. This is a significant improvement over a stock cornscalawal as it proved a 12db 2nd order crossover on the bass thus providing tighter and faster bass response. All internal wiring is silver plated teflon. This is master piece of a project and far more than the sum of its parts. Cabinet: 34"H x 24" W x 16" D
Weight: 145lbs/per cabinet Frequency Response: 34Hz - 20Khz -3db, 98db
 Sensitivity Willing to ship via road freight. Extensive experience transporting via road freight, reasonable pricing. Justin 323-868-9722
  12. The speakers in the ad are not the same as the Hudson. Different cabinetry, driver compliment/crossover and finishing. They are amazing sound in their own right but not the same. Re speakers, ampsandsound generally only builds on spec at this point. Most customers like being able to chose exactly what they want. I however, love building speakers... as I have done for many years, I still build about 2-3 pairs a year.... listen and sell off at a reasonable price. Ive taken to changing the ports to differentiate these more clearly now... triangle ports. As an side, Ill be listing a pair of my personal speakers later... Finally need to complete a pair of my Royals... JWC Bass bins with Daves horns. Its been sitting in my garage staring at more for far too long. Time to own a pair of the big boys.
  13. Bought a pair that were never used. Installed and tested, have less than 1 hour of use. Ive compared the BMS 4592-Mid to the Radian 950Be, B&C DCM50 and yet these were hands and feet above. Price is firm. Nearly impossible to from US speaker had to wait 6mo before they came in. Justin 323-868-9722
  14. Id love the arm if you can measure the pivot to spindle distance.
  15. Hear are a few Ive tied and thoughts The very best ever head... BMS 4592 Mid 2nd. B&C DCM50 3rd. Radian 850 with Be driver.... sooooooooooooooooooooo hard to work with.... tuning it might kill you but if you get it right its an amazing choice for 2way. B&C DE750.... its a monster... no brainer choice... will make you think you have better bass. Heavy... horn will need to be braced. Fatial HF140/200. Sings... goes low... goes high... light no complaints... everything is right. Nothing disappoints but nothing blows you over.., no weight issues. B&C DE85 Smaller version of 750... less impressive... Like the HF200 Had a Pyle what was a parts express closeout... its was a close of a PV or JBL.... huge... like stupid big.... inefficient as compared to the rest. But sounded great... practically gave it away and went to 400hz.
  16. John, Feel free to give me a call. I might be able to help. 323-868-9722 justinsweber@hotmail.com
  17. Ive tried the original spec and the revision... biggest difference was total power out. The original power supply was terrible. If you look on the DIY audio forums... this mod had been around for a long time... perhaps as a workaround for the poor performance of the 19V? The amp section is incredible, but the laptop supply leaves much to be desired. Building a linear supply is pretty simple but if willing to do so, perhaps the F5 or F6 would be a better choice. I left such endeavors to ebay as I have. Regulated linear supply was my ticket. The orig ACA were monos... love that. The current ACA is a dual mono single box unit. which can be doubled for monos. In short... if wanting a project... the ACA is definitely a hot ticket. If wanting reference sound... need to upgrade the power supply. For must of us, a 5-8watt amp is all we would need... the rest is sonic presences.
  18. Ive heard at several shows at they were amazing. Can speak beyond that, but at the time under show conditions there were impressive... never in a large room but still impressive.
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