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  1. Ive had CS1s they sound fantastic. I think it a worthwhile build for sure. Use Bobs 12" or the eminence 12LFA.
  2. VPI cliffwood? Pioneer PLX1000 Both incredible choices.
  3. I love the sound of the ASD1001B. The DE10 is about all the driver I need for HF. Really amazing work. The end user to chrome or anodize... I want a set too :-)
  4. Crossover is an ALK design. Its like his AP12-500 but with a 800hz crossover point. The Faital Horn recommends a 800hz crossover point even though the driver can go to 400hz with ease. Cabinet is cabinet grade ply... nothing really special, lots of glue and bracing. Dave of fastlane cut the baffles for me. They are MDF but have a 3/4" ply brace that glues in to support the woofer. As a result the whole front baffle is flat. Ill get more pics soon. The cabs are in finishing currently.
  5. Wife decided on a dark sky blue... will have Dunn Edwards mix it up as a pre-cat Lacquer. Black Baffle, Back rear, Black Riser and Black grill. The body will dark sky blue... should be a wonderful look. The riser is a simple but lovely pice, edges are cut at 45" and then edge banded and lacquered. Ill be fastening it with 6 bolts and the cab will have 1/4-20 thread-certs. The grill is having plastic pegs used. Im glueing in 20gage 2" circles to make sure they never poke through the baffle... the whole thing is over kill but it my project this year... that and the Pass F6.
  6. I bought a VPI Classic Sig and Ortofon Quintet Black. I have 2 SUTs to pair with it. I now have a stock Sonica and the Classic Sig. If I want convenient I go with the Sonica, If I want hires I use my table. I can't afford to have both at such a level and decided Vinyl was my right choice long term. The ability for it to stream form Tidal and Spotify was what sold me. I got rid of having a computer in the room. The music is now piped directly to the dac... and my phone just acts to chose the song. The addition of the tube section and the impressive iron moved everything up a notch or three. Its a single ESS9038pro "ESS Technology announced its new flagship ES9038PRO SABRE DAC at CES 2016, generating immediate attention from audio manufacturers looking to raise the standard on new generation high-resolution audio products. The new ESS PRO SABRE 32-bit, 8-channel DAC chip goes the extra mile by offering the industry’s highest dynamic range (DNR) of 140dB with an impressive THD+N at -122dB. New hardware features include full-scale manual/auto-gain calibration to reduce device-to-device gain error (allowing to configure multiple DACs for high channel count systems), option for programmable volume control ramp-rate with +18 dB, DSD over PCM (DoP) decoder and a total of eight preset filters for maximum design flexibility. Its programmable functions allow customizing outputs to mono, stereo, and 8-channel output in current-mode or voltage-mode based on performance criteria, together with user-programmable filters and programmable THD compensation to minimize THD caused by external components. For audio designers, the ES9038PRO SABRE DAC includes significant advancements over previous generations, simplifying the implementation of specific software and reducing debugging time. The volume level of all internal DACs can be updated with a single software instruction. Clock gearing reduces MCLK frequency and saves power - the chip has 500 mW power consumption at 192 kHz sampling and 100 MHz MCLK - while advanced power management features enable a low-power idle mode when the audio signal is absent." The 6922s are new Tungsol gold pins. The 5AR4 is a Japanese NOS from the Mullard tooling.
  7. It a holly grail. Tube PS, Tube output, Lundahl input/output transformers.
  8. ALK AP12-800. Ive used the Ap12-500 before with great results. Crossing at 800hz should allow me to push more power through it. I plan to listen to both AP12-500 and AP12-800 and compare the two. The Back panel has 10 1/4-20 bolts. We edge banded the sides of the panel to stop from chipping it away as it went in. The 4 middle bolts will pin the pack panels mid section. Hard to see, but there is a mid back to support the horn. It has a pair of 1/4-20 thread-certs. Everything bolts in. I tested all my glued thread-certs from yesterday. I replaced 3 of the 16 with hurricane nuts and glued them in too. When fully assembled this should be pretty shout. FYI The Faital horn used 12-24 recessed bolts. I tried 1/4-20 but they stick out some. The 12-24s count. I have on order 20 12-24 recessed/counter sunk bolts, larger washers and Kep-locks.
  9. The 15C has been my weapon of choice. I did the glue work last night. Screwed and glued the threadcerts. In a day or so I’ll bold it all in.
  10. We plugged in the needed specs into bass box pro. The Cornwall is much to large if I recall. Ive previously observed smaller cabs seems to have tighter bass. That said, we have the cab and port size matched to suggestions from bass box pro. Dave did the Calcs and the cutting. Im just the assembly monkey. ALK designed a AP12-800 so I should have a well tailored setup. The cab is 17" deep. Not crazy but deeper than stock for sure. Im waiting on some threadcerts from McMasterCar. I should have in by tomorrow. The brace from Crites is fantastic. I have it bolting into a cross brace... The goal is for a strong cab.
  11. I’ve toyed with the idea of moving the ports up to the mid section to reduce the height even more. Plan to cross at 800hz. He drive with go lower but the horn published spec suggest it wants an 800hz crossover. As I will be using a 2nd order for the bass I could go to 500hz pretty easy. Plan to listen at 800hz and then at 500hz and decide which is a better combo for this speaker. Wife said no to the Jubs in the tv room. Maybe these can win her over.
  12. In my efforts to shrink a Klipsch Cornwall we've come up with this. The front baffle is 30x20 which is about 4" narrower and 4" shorter than a stock Cornwall. Ive left the speaker making biz but still love building speakers. The Faital horn and HF140 are a fantastic combo, really lowers the cost of building these.
  13. Al could do just a tweeter attenuation to incorporate into what you already have. Nice horns. Are they the 230s?
  14. Oppo Sonica is a fantastic choice. I own 2. Its has 1 pair of RCA inputs too. Will stream Tidal or Spotify. Can also pipe music to it directly or plug in USB drive.
  15. I got these directly from Dave and they later became Mikes. I can attest to just how good they sound. GLWS
  16. Any more processors g power is too much imho. Uncompressed should be the first choic. AIFF is chief among them. Wav and AIFF do the same re Sonics but AIFF maintains metadata. If archiving the only choice should be AIFF. Use iTunes to do the ripping with iTunes keeping itself organized. Once ripped, copy the folder, then convert the copied folder to FLAC for the other purposes. Music is becoming something we rent, if you own your music. Converting it to digital files should be done in a format that provides the greatest bandwidth. Compressed music uses algorithms to save space. It’s never a bit for bit copy. Absolute sound has done many articles showing that a ripped file in flac is not bit for bit.
  17. If true, you could have sent it back to me as I had offered and I would have fixed. But you said you had already fixed and then started asking about the crossover specifics. The one error on my part re the lack of labels. I called to address before it had reached you. The error in the solder if there was one is legit, however asking incessantly about the design was not appropriate and trying to public shame me isn't fair either. I would like this thread removed. I have yet to be called by any member wondering my side. I also offer calling ALK to substantiate my claims.
  18. before or after you told me about your $1000 de solder station and asked about design specifics. Liar!
  19. Let me be much more specific. CALL ME 323-868-9722 if you wish to hear my side. The customer purchased a product... a predefined unit. There was no promise of design sharing. I spent hours speaking with him, continuously being brought back to asking design specific information and alluding to significant engineering background. If it were really true, I wouldn't need to share such details as the design in self evident in the product. You want values... cut it apart and measure it... Im not handing it over. Obviously this now has me very upset. I don't think this was the place for this. I believe the pretext of a missed solder joint is a lie to gain favor to provide the design. I did forget to glue on the paper label. That was an error on my part for which I owned even before he opened the box as I had realized it and emailed him.
  20. PLEASE READ MY REPLY RE BUYER BEWARE. The buyer is FOS. There was no error in the networks. He has called me and ALK asking questions very specific to reverse engineering the product. He is pissed I stoped taking his calls. The Crossover works correctly, ALK stoped answer calls re design specifics. I followed suit and now he is pissy. A simple call or email to me would have shed light on this issue. I in general bend over backwards to make sure customers become friends. This was not possible in this instance. He wanted the schematic and other specific info I was not prepared to provide. Had he requested the info during his purchase I would have declined the transaction.
  21. Let me add me 2 cents to this. 1st, telling me I missed a solder joint right after you share that you have a de solder station does not lend to ones credibility. The networks were tested before being sent. I don't believe his claim. Discussing his electronics background and then asking very specific theoretical questions went beyond a polite inquiry. He poked and prayed at me under numerous called and 3+ hours of discussion. I received more than 8 calls re very specific questions that were not relevant to wanting to change out caps. These questions were much more inline with wanting to reverse engineer the product. I built these crossovers under lic from ALK. Ive given my word to not modify them and I stick to that agreement. Any design specific questions beyond, slop/ crossover points were directed to ALK. ALK chose to not provide further information. You doubt me on this... Call Al and ask.
  22. Yes they can. Ive personally swapped them into LS and LSIs without issue.
  23. Im in California but happy to ship anywhere. Can be boxed for fedex, but I always recommend road fright. Less likely to get damaged and way more reliable ins. PM if youre interested and we can figure something out.
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