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  1. sounds like your head is shaped like a jug.
  2. thats some crazy ish. Try mounting the speakers to a motor cycle, you will need a small gen etc... its a project, not get to work.
  3. people need to stop complaining about the klipsch's. I know this is rich coming from a person who has complained on numberous occasions but i am a hippocrit. It doesn't matter how good paradigm speakers are, "my family has 2 sets of paradigm book shelfs, one lower end and one is a level up from them." I had no idea how good they were and i think they are lower end, but my dad was in a very impressive audio store and heard audiophilles that work there raving about them so he picked some up. Anyways just because someone prefers paradigm speakers it doesn't mean that klipsch speakers are crap. Just cause one set sounds better than another it doesn't mean you should just chuck out the lesser set, there is a thing called personal preference.
  4. i think you should be able to do it from windows actually. In the control panel of your computer there should be some sound or multimedia options.
  5. ive never known an os to interfer with speakers , but i guess you have to check you settings and how compatible it is with your sound card.
  6. eh, that does'nt benefit me in anyway. Maybe less clothing would help sales?
  7. I have the 4.1's and i love them. The release of the 5.1's does'nt make the 4.1's any worse but makes my ulcer act up.
  8. SHHH, dont tell him he will want his shipping paid for too.
  9. They like to anger customers. You see they are planning to get all their current customers extremely angry so they will no longer be customers. Then they will gain a whole new set of customers who hopefully will have punchier base and better speakers cable. They're upgrading you!
  10. YA , this sounds like beating around the bush. Do all these people that complain and then start contacting Amy through email all dissapear? Maybe they get payed off or somthin.
  11. Yes ARGYLE!! Beautifuly put. ive been trying to say that for some time now! I am the owner of a promedia 4.1's, ive had them for a few weeks and came to the same conclusion you did about 3 weeks ago. Klipsch probably made a lot of angry customers from this descision and i know im one of them, well maybe not a customer anymore we will have to see.
  12. Hmm, im not gonna take out a measuring tape or anything, but they look about 15-18 feel long. at least thats how far back i i have them. hmm well maybe more like 14 its hard to say, lemme check the manual brb.....nope does'nt say.
  13. Its cause winamp doesn't do digital cd audio. Windows media player does. So you can either listen to cd's through wmp, or you can plug your cd drive directly into your soundcard. I have had the same problem as you and have chosen the wmp method, becuase ive heard that plugging the cd drive directly into the sound card results in sound quality degrading.
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