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  1. Sorry yes I also have RS-3

    I would like to sell everything together but I am not sure if that will happen!

    I have lots of other equipment I will be selling as well

    Emotiva pre amp as well as 5 and 2 channel amps, marantz 7705 pre amp and a bunch more.

    I also have Mitsubishi 1080p projector and fixed screen, as I recall it was 120"

    I am in south Florida but also travel to st Augustine often if some one is in those areas I could help with moving some stuff.

    I have just been out of the theater scene for a while and have no idea what stuff is worth!

  2. I had a nice big theater at our previous house. I planned on building another but it doesn't look like it is going to happen so I was going to sell the equipment however I have no idea what it is worth! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    So i have:

    Rf7 mains, cherry

    RC7 center , cherry

    RS7 black

    Rsw12 black

    Rs5 white

    R-5800w new still in boxes

    And svs pb-2 plus

  3. Current setup is marantz av-7701 with xpa2 running rf7 mains and xpa5 running rc7 as well as rs7's

    I have been looking for some new power. I just don't know what. I have found a krell kav 500 that looks interesting. I have also been thinking about just spending the money and getting an mcintosh amp. The theater use is a combination of movies as well as 2 channel audio. I am looking for clarity and definition In the amp.

    So I would love to hear some options on what would be the best amp or amps to power these speakers as well as a price point to expect to spend to get the most out of the speakers. I don't have a budget per say but would like to know what the least expensive would be and still be the cleanest power?

    Thanks for the advice!

  4. I wish I was as lucky as the others. My UMC-1 has never been right. Actually miserable you be a better description! I have waited and waited for the new one but finally gave up on emotiva. I picked up a marantz 7701 yesterday. I haven't gotten to play with it yet. It is my I rest marantz but so far what I have read has been great! The features are so far advanced. I do for see ending up with the next model up the 8801 so though.

  5. I currently have an 7.1 dedicated home theater with rf7, rc7, rs7 rear sides and sf8.5 rears.

    I am hoping there is a good in wall that may replace the sf8.5's in the rear wall. I need the room the speakers currently take up.

    I have never dealt with or looked at in walls so I know nothing about them. I would like to find if there are so that will at least sound as good if not better.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  6. I am running ksf 8.5's as the rears and rs7 as the side surround.

    I am also surprised it only happens when watching movies turned up.

    It is not hot just shuts down. I restart it and everything is fine.

    I do plan on changing the soon so I am just living with it for now. onkyo

  7. The Emotiva amp I am happy with. but like everything I wanted to know if I could make the rf7 sound even better. I am still setting up everything so I am sure there are improvements that can be made with the room as well as the other components.

    I am currently running an onkyo 705 for the rears and surrounds. with the XPA3 running the center and mains.

    The speakers are rf7 mains rc7 center, rs7 surrounds and ksw15 sub the rear surrounds are ksf8.5's

    It does sound very good but the onkyo is shutting down when i get it turned up. I guess its amp can keep up with the fronts.

    I plan on going to full separates. I just didnt know what would be the biggest improvement.

    I dont not find the rf7 harsh or anything but would like to make them even better for 2ch audio as well as theater.

    I do plan on upgrading the crossovers as well.

  8. unfortunately I have to add a projector and screen to the room so if I can add an amp and have it sound decent that may be the way I go. Then down the road I will up grade the receiver. I do like how easy it does switching with the HDMI's though.

    Any other suggestions on amp's ?

  9. Thank you for all the replies!

    I have been out of the home audio game for some time seems like lots of new companies.

    How is the Emotiva amp? I looked at the company web site, Looks like a pretty good product for the price!

    My only concern would be, being limited in the future with a 3 channel amp? I guess you could either sell it or just add another 5 channel amp if I need more power?

    I am very impressed with the rf7's they do sound nice currently so I can only imagine how nice they will sound in a prper room! Not a wide open room with hard wood floors and nothing else!!

    I am going to try the ksf 8.5 as the rears and the rs7 as the sides. The rears should be directly behind and the sides directly to the sides?

    THanks again!

  10. I recently moved in to a new home with a dedicated home theater.

    It is roughly 17.5' by 19 feet wide. I am going to have to do some work to it. It should be a fun project though.

    So I have a small assortment of equipment so far and I was hoping to get some suggestions on the best set up.

    It will be used mostly for movies and games with some 2 channel music. I am getting more and more in to the blu ray concerts so I would imagine that would be most of the music. As far as equipment goes I have an older onkyo tx-sr705 as well as a denon 4802r. I am also using a ps3 for most of the media and a wii for games as well as the PS3. i recently picked denon receiver with some klipsch RF7's,RC7,RS-7's and a RSW-15 sub. I also have a pair of KSF 8.5's as well. When I hooked up the Denon it seemed way to bright with the RF-7's So I tried them with the Onkyo and sounded much better!

    So my question is what would the best set up be? use the RS-7 as rear sides and the ksf 8.5 as rears in a 7.1 set up?

    I prefer the onkyo because of the HDMI switching but I could use the higher power of the denon. I like to turn it up and the onkyo is really working!

    Would it be worth investing in a separate amp for the RF 7's?

    Thanks in advance for all the great advise on here!

  11. I am thinking about picking up some used ksp300 they are the red wood color. sense these are older models does anyone know where I might locate either a matching center channel or is there a newer more available center channel that would mate up color as well as sound quality to the KSP300's?


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