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  1. Now that sheds a new light on the issue! Thanks... sounds like a great plan to me.
  2. ] Hi there, I've asked the question before when it wasn't quite at hand as it is now: I'm really struggling to opt for either the 4.1 or the 2.1's, and I just can't figure it out. It's for my college dorm, which is like 3 x 4,5 meter (9 x 13,5 ft). Here's the deal, correct me if I'm wrong: 1. The 2.1's would deliver way more than enough volume to fill the entire room. In fact, even the 2.1's would be overkill. 2. The 4.1's create a better "soundstage". That is, as Paragon -I believe- put it, the sound doesn't just come from a certain point, it's everywhere; it's in your head. Also, DVD and gaming would be more immersive. I would highly value all of your comments. Pretty please help me choose?
  3. I believe that there's been a thread about this before, and as I can recall Klipsch doesn't sell the 230V ones in the North Americas, nor do the online retailers. My offer still stands though, just let me know.
  4. No, still haven't gotten my ProMedia's. The distributor sent me a note yesteday though that they had arrived, and are available from stock, so I'm looking at buying a set in the coming few months. As for the wallmounts, that I'll most surely be needing, if they're tough to import then what I'll do is buy them this summer. I'll be in the USA for over a month, anyway.
  5. Paragon, that's the exact same reason why I would opt for the 4.1's, too - the "immersive" music experience. I don't really care about the volume but figure that $100 indeed is worth the two extra sattelites. So from what you guys are saying, the room won't be too small to support the four sattelites? Also, the distributor here doesn't import the wallmounts or floormounts. Do you know of a place (preferably with a virtual store) that exports them?
  6. Hi there folks, I'd really appreciate your opinion on this. You see, in two months time I'm moving out to a college dorm room which will be say 5 x 3 meters (15 x 9 ft). So the problem is -- which set to buy? Go for the 2.1's or the 4.1's? I am sure both will have power aplenty, so I'm more like wondering about sattelite distances and all. Thanks in advance.
  7. Sure, please do let me know. I think I'll be able to stand the three weeks extra, but if the price difference is slim, you never know. Isn't my home page awesome? ;-) I've come to call that website my lab project rather than a site of some sort. You never know what's on it. Thought I'd take a look at PHP-Nuke this time. What'll be up next week? Who knows, I surely don't. ;-)
  8. Awesome! So how much did they cost you? Excluding the transformer that I'd be needing, that is. :-)
  9. According to the distributor here, he'd be able to give me a price indication in three weeks time, when they actually arrive. I'll let you know when I do.
  10. ZiNC, if you're really interested, let me know and send me a private message either by e-mail, ICQ, or on this bulletin board. If you'd wire me the money or send me a cheque, I could buy you a 220V set here in the Netherlands and have it sent your way. ------------------ Roderick 'GoG' van Domburg - ICQ UIN 7798700 GamePoint - The Dutch On-Line Gaming Company
  11. That is very true -- thanks for correcting me. I guess what I was hinting at, was that for example DVD movies and that kind of thing wouldn't be as immersive as with the 4.1's. That, and the entire 3D sound positioning in games. So I'll have to weigh the cons and pros.
  12. I don't really know what you mean by "london drugs", but I take it that's a store or warehouse of some kind? Anyway, the difference is that on the American continent, the power outlets are rated at 120V and those in Europe at 230V. They're not directly interchangeable - if you plug a 120V device into a 230V socket, you're going to have yourself fireworks. That's why there are two different version of the 4.1's. They've just got a different power supply to match the voltage rating, but otherwise they're the exact same and sound the same.
  13. Gotya. =) The 2.1's go for fl. 600,- here. That would be something like $260. Since I'm on a budget, I would have serious doubts buying the 4.1's if they got any higher than $400. I adore music, but it's not like I'd ever need the power delivered by the 4.1's in my college dorm. Instead I'd just go for the 2.1, and bear with the obvious slight loss in quality. I guess I could always make it a 4.2 set lateron, although I'm concerned by the sound balance, since it would seem to me like the dual subwoofers would produce an absolute overkill of bass. Anyway, so for another one of my brainwaves. :-) Thanks for the feedback, fawwaz!
  14. Hmm, interesting. So where did you get that $10 transformer, was it a local retailer or could I order one online? Kind of weird that you got it $140 cheaper than advertised. :-) I wonder what the price difference will be between the 120V and 230V 4.1's. We'll see if it'll be worth the hassle. You might have gotten a decent device, but I might buy a piece of junk all the same and screw up the sound quality bigtime. By the way, frequency isn't any different around here; 50Hz, too. I don't think that the 4.1's will be grounded, either, but that's just my (educated) guess.
  15. Thanks for the quick response with the two URLs! To put it like this, well erm, especially the review found at the Gamers Depot came in handy. ;-) I am sorry to say that I don't have any other ones for you. Brainwave: I've been considering using my own 16 gauge (or better) wiring with the mono jacks as quite a few here suggested. Haven't read any review though recommending the same thing, and now that the new crossover is in place it might not at all be necessary for the midrange. We'll see.
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