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    2 Ch System: McIntosh MA6500 Int Amp, Logitech Transporter hard wired to network streaming lossless WAV files, a vintage Technics TT w/moving coil cart, & 84 WO Khorns
  1. Just sent you an email Budman
  2. Thanks Rick! I would prefer the original (Pie Slice). We haven't had a lot of luck with these so far. My friend is good with any of three mentioned
  3. Still looking for nail on, Laser, or Copper Badges
  4. Thanks for the info. I need a pair of nail on in good shape
  5. I assume these were the plain copper badges? I think they used the laser badges a little later...
  6. I have a friend who just purchased a set of Khorns from 1974 & neither have Badges. He wants the correct badges for 1974. Anyone have a pair? I'm told these are the nail on type. I would also consider Laser or Copper
  7. I prefer to stay with copper. This is the ones which were installed from the factory. I guess my second choice is the laser.
  8. bump for the weekend. I am still searching for a pair...
  9. Thanks for the info. I wasn't aware you could still get these from Klipsch. Good info!
  10. I have posted in the Garage sale...haven't had any luck. I thought I would try it here. I have almost completed a restoration project on a pair of Cornwalls, SN: 32X744 & 45. My nephew bought these new from a local dealer in Birminham Alabama in 1980. They were used for many years. As the years passed, the Pioneer Receiver developed problems and the speakers paid the price. They both had blown tweeters and one had a blown woofer. Anyway, upgraded the crossover with a kit from Bob Crites, replaced tweeters with CT-125's and replaced the woofers with CW1526C's. They are singing now! One of these is missing a copper badge. Anyone have a pair for sale? Oh yeah, these were CBR's. I also added Oak veneer. This is the second set I have done. They turned out pretty nice. Hope they go another 30+ years Santa Claus really needs these badges for Christmas!
  11. Thanks to all for the info. I think I will try one with a Logitec Squeezbox to play tunes from a network share. My share is wav's in loseless format. I am hopful this combo will sound good at least as good as a Sony 300 disc CD player. Thanks again for your input
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