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  1. +1 on the 5.5's. Those were awesome speakers.
  2. What appeals to me about the roomba is its ability get under beds and other furniture and vacuum on a schedule while I'm at work. As for the speakers - I have ordered a couple of their "virtual walls" to prevent the roomba from bumping the speakers. Thanks for everyone's advice.
  3. DTR20 - I haven't laughed that hard in a while - thanks for that.
  4. This may be a bit of an odd question. Does anyone have a Roomba? I have a Roomba i7 on the way and am concerned about allowing it to bump into my front stage which consists of a pair of walnut Cornwall IIIs and a Heresy III center. The veneer on these speakers is factory fresh, pristine. There is a way to prevent the roomba from bumping up against them with their "virtual wall" devices, but at the same time I would like it to clean as close as possible to them as well. Am I being overly paranoid? Do any other forum members have a Roomba that allows it to clean and bump up against their speakers? Thanks for any advice.
  5. The Cornwall II crossover won't work in a modified Cornwall III with a 600hz horn. The upper cutoff in a Cornwall II relies on the natural rolloff of the phenolic diaphgram of the CII drivers. The CIII driver, with its titanium diaphgram, the rolloff is a much higher frequency which would cause a significant overlap with the tweeter. Plus, we don't know if the CIII driver can actually get down to 600hz.
  6. I just discovered this post - and Bob's 600hz horn. All joking aside, what would it take to modify my CIII's to use this horn - it's always the one thing that bugged me about the CIII. Obviously the front baffle needs to be cut bigger or replaced all together. New crossover to bring the mid and woofer down to 600hz. Will the titanium drivers in the CIII handle 600hz? or new mid drivers as well. Curious to see if/when someone carves up their CIII's....
  7. Wait a minute! Klipsch said it was too expensive to replace the K-600 when they lost the mold. This was their "excuse" for using the k-700 in the Cornwall III. So a small independent company in Arkansas was able to do it? I smell a conspiracy. Maybe Klipsch could fix the design with the Cornwall IV and use Bob's horns.
  8. All i am doing is parotting what a Klipsch Engineer told me (that I met in person). A quick google search shows an average injection mold costs $12,000 to make ( and remember - this was 2005 we are talking about) https://rexplastics.com/plastic-injection-molds/how-much-do-plastic-injection-molds-cost That same engineer said he'd never mess with Paul's designs - so it must have killed his soul to have not used the same horn that Paul designed to be used in the Cornwall. Even with that being said, the CWIII sounds fantastic.
  9. Didn't say that it did, said that it used the same 15" driver (K-33-E)
  10. I was told it would cost $30,000 to remanufacture the mold for the cornwall mid horn. At the time, Klipsch wasn't near the size it is now. Plus - the Heritage line of speakers is a very small piece of their revenue pie. At the time it wasn't worth it to spend the money, perhaps if they ever do a Cornwall IV - they will. Given that, I own the CWIII's - and I think they absolutely sound fantastics. If you look at their cinema line of speakers that use 2 or 3 way direct radiating 15" driver(s), they all cross at 800hz or higher.
  11. I will make this observation: Both speakers sound fantastic - but different. RF-7ii is a 2 way with a compression driver that goes down to 1200 hz, below that are dual 10 inch direct radiators. CWiii is a 3 way with compression driver(s) that go down to 800 hz, below that is a 15 inch direct radiator (same driver that is used in some or their pro speakers and the La Scala and Klipschorn) The mid horn in the CWiii is exponential while the horn in the RF is tractrix. If you're my age (~50) and are looking for that classic Klipsch sound, the CWIII is the speaker to choose. The RF-7 is also an astounding speaker, there is no wrong choice.
  12. I think you guys are missing the point. The advantages of Klipsch speakers are horn loaded compression drivers. Most of their 2 way designs don't use this technology until way up in the 2,000 hz range. Below that, they are regular old dome speakers just like any other brand. Their designs with a midrange horn gets you the benefits of horn loaded compression drivers down to the 800hz ( or lower ) range. Examples like the LaScala are fully horn loaded. So ya, give me a midrange horn. Want the speaker you are looking for? A 2 way design that is horn loaded down to 800hz? Look at their pro cinema line.
  13. I wish Klipsch would leave the "Heritage" badge for just PWK designs. They are starting to overuse the name - slapping it on any new product with a wood veneer. Pretty sure PWK never designed a sound bar. Come up with a new marketing name for the new stuff. I love Klipsch is designing some higher quality products - but leave the Heritage name alone.
  14. I know this topic has been beat to death. I have inherited a pair of Heresy II's that were originally raw birch. They have been stained and varnished - typical veneer chips on the corners. I wouldn't mind these being painted black - or restored to a stained finish. Thing is - I have ZERO skills when it comes to this kind of work and have no intention of learning on these speakers. I live in the central Arkansas area - can anyone recommend someone that would be capable of refinishing these speakers?
  15. Once the receiver detects ATMOS - it will automatically switch.
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