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  1. Hi everyone, I was under one or two tons of work (and my shoulders are not so wide...) ;-) Thanks for your replies ! I'm happy to read that some of you have good returns on Marantz matching with Klipsch. Perhaps I will seek for a bigger Marantz' model (but not necesseraly bigger power) rather than tubes... ? But seems that the little 1060 is a good catch.
  2. Thanks for your reply SWL I don't know the KG line, but spec are good. Look like a klf 20, less a horn. Seems that little Marantz really fit well with Klipsh floorstanding speakers... For the tube amp, I seek on the forum. Seems that EL 34 or EL 84 would be a better choice rather than 300B for my KLF... Some of you could give me his feedback on it ? Thanks
  3. Hi all ! Just wanted to share my experience with you. After trying several amp on my KLF20 (I'm lucky, I got 2 pairs of KLF20, and I'm in Europe, hardest to find) I found a perfect match for a small/medium room. The little integreted Marantz 1060 ! That really rocks ! Well in fact, voice is smooth, all is very well detailed ! Does some of you tried this association, Marantz 1060 and some "reasonable" Klipsch ? (I'm not speaking about CW of course..., but about KLF series, RF-5 / 7, RF83... ) For bigger rooms, my collection of Phase Linear match really well with my KLFs ;-) Now, I'm looking after a tube amp. Thought at some stuff with 300B, but perhaps not the best choice with KLF 20 ? Any suggestions ? Thanks ! Alan
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