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  1. Weeeee that was fun, sadly they caught me on a very bad day i hope I wasn't too rude. Thought your post there was excellent Swerv, very concise salut!!
  2. Oooooeee sounds like a certain Outpatient should look into getting his lithium dosage upped by a few milligrams on his next visit to the clinic or at least investigate the possible benifits of some anger management counselling. Just a thought.
  3. !!!!!!!!!ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!indeed Have to get me one of those once me N' the wifey lapse into complete senility so we can rock away our final years before the big dirt nap. Looks even cheaper than IKEA
  4. Today was the day My local dealer got in 20 sets of 4.1 goodness today and I is Happy Happy Happy Almost 2 months on order and I was afraid my expectations were getting too high but this system delivers the goods. First thing I played through Ultimate Bass Test about 3 times and was blown away by the sub... literally..the legs on my track pants were flappin around........cool. Toned it down and started fiddling with the settings and despite some of the comments i have read i think the midrange response is excellent considering the crappage of the antique SB 128 I am running. Sadly I picked them up late and only had an hour to work them over before the babys bedtime so I will have to wait till tomorrow to explore these little beauties further, feels like X-Mas . One concern a few times (at low listening levels the speakers kick out to standby (red led) and i cant get them back any info missing from manual I should know?? Overall THANK YOU KLIPSCH ALL MY BASE BELONG TO KLIPSCH!!!!! punk ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry long post
  5. Perfect answer Windstorm!!!!! ROFLMFAO Thats pretty much how I handled it too.
  6. What? You can't post until you actually receive your 4.1's??? OOOPS!! See ya in 3 weeks...........NOT punkROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Incrdibly informative posts Hofy (ps is that Hofy with a hard or soft o sound). I have a set of musical questions that have haunted me since the mid 70's perhaps someone can help.. How can you mend a broken heart? How can a loser ever win? How can you stop the sun from shining? What makes the world go round? No need to answer just sing along if you like.....c'mon everybody from the top.....
  8. "You Have No Choice To Survive, Make Your Time!!!" Making sense no, menacing sounds yes. "Move Every Zig!! MOVE ZIG!!!!!" ROFLMFAO
  9. No Doubt, a crap reveiw. I didn't say it was any good I just said where it was And how does the Klipsch lose with 10 out of 10 to a set with 7 out of 10, interesting method of scoring. punk ROCK ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Looks like a pretty good foundation to me Quistes, congrats. As far as waiting for the next T-Bird w/100 more mghrtz forget it. Over a gigahertz youre set till we get to 2Gigahertz + and the obsession for the biggest Johnson starts over again. What would the real difference be ooooeeee photoshop opened 0.002 seconds faster I mean c'mon where does it end, I got a PIII 1000 and the only upgrading I see will be keeping up with the video card madness for the next 2 years. Enjoy your new Box, once our 4.1's arrive we need never update our speakers again anyway.
  11. And getting back to the topic Promedias are good for................. 8) Churning farm fresh Butter with a pulsing beat sure to repel all Amish people within a 1 mile radius. 9) Making the computing experience more enjoyable by blocking out the incessant screams to "Turn that %#** down!!" by your spouse/girlfriend/parents/roommates etc.
  12. Happy Birthday to Hofy's thread. I got a look at the pic finally and must admit it is truly brilliant, I was struggling with how to mount the rear sats on the ceiling behind my desk but this should do it. Where do I mail the royalty cheque to. Einstein never cracked the grand unifying theory only because he died before the invention of duct tape. WELCOME TO PAGE 12 LONG LIVE THE THREAD
  13. Here it is; under todays highlights it's at the top of page under "Let's Hear It" You'll have to go here first as I couldn't get the hyperlink to work properly and go direcly to the reviews page. ... ummmmmm me bad. ...........punkROCK ON.................... http://www.zdnet.com/pcmag/
  14. Hey there BillieJean I was just razzin ya a bit, I really shouln't point fingers anyway as I have 300+ CD's but theres always at least 1 XTC and 1 Elvis Costello disk on top of the stereo or stuck in my car at all times. The old stuff is great, but I only say that having become old stuff myself. peace
  15. I respect you opinion and when mine arrive I will be interested in seeing how pronounced the bass fade is upon crankage...what I do hate you for however is admitting you listen to a Michael Jackson CD evry single day....its like an old fashioned carnival freak show that you DON'T want to take the kiddies to.
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