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  1. I too used a 12db fan to do the fan mod on a ep2000. The unit is very quiet now but still for sale! I prefer the sound out of my emotiva to power my klf-20's even though I have many friends that swear by Behringer mainly because they are affordable and powerful. As for a heat issue, never had a problem. After I did the fan mod I left the system on over night and very cool. However there was no load on the amp so the next morning I turned the gains to about half and jammed out for a few hours and once again, the amp was still quite cool mb just barely over ambient temp.
  2. PL Premium = solid strong bond! used that stuff myself and wallah no more vibration and nice tight bass!
  3. success, warm water and some q-tips...back to normal!
  4. thank you but going that route is a lil extreme...lol I just want to clean them not add blood to the mix!
  5. I was dusting off my KLF-20's and noticed that my feline friends must have gotten into someones frosty and splattered some on two of my woofers, the cone, surround and dustcap. How do I get that crap off without damaging my woofers? I beg for good advice!!!!
  6. I used PL premium and went along all of the inner seams with my 20's...problem solved and what a difference in the sound, response, liveliness just overall what a difference
  7. I have klf-20's for mains and a c7 center, my sub is a svs 2039cs i have been looking for ksp-s6 but it seems those are very hard to come by...any suggestions what would sound good with my setup? I will be running the rears through my sr7002 evrything else is emotiva powered. Thanks in advance for your input!
  8. I was suprised myself! The only parts that are mdf is the front and back. the top, bottom, sides and braces are made of hardwood unless of course the mdf has the woodgrain look but I highly doubt that.
  9. I just re-glued my 20's with the PL premium. I let that stuff cure for about 60 hours before I re-installed the drivers. Aside from the odor this stuff is great. Both of my backs were loose and one of my fronts so I just did all the seams. Soon I will be taking my components out again so I can sand and refinish the cabinets since they are made of wood and not mdf...KUDOS! I used gasketing tape purchased from parts-express since gaskets aren't available. That stuff it great but I wish it was 1/16" instead of 1/8". Now I can listen to music and not some awful harmonic buzzing. I just set up my system yesterday, now I need much adjustment so I can finally hear these how they should be heard...Somebody call the roofers cuz i'm about to blow the roof off! p.s. By the way it looks just go and get the exterior dimensions and subtract 1 1/2 inches to h,w,d and that should give you interior dimensions
  10. Hello to all, I just have a quick question. I am currently powering KLF20's with a Behringer ep 2000 and are considering getting a Emotiva XPA-3 to power them and a C7 instead. The ep2000 is more power but overall is it? Would I be better off going with the Emotiva? I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks again!
  11. thank you everyone for your input
  12. rick_m

    KG 2.5

    Will KG 2.5's sound alright as rears going with KLF 20 mains KLF C7 center and SVS 2039 cs plus. thank you!
  13. Anyone have an opinion about the Marantz sr 6004?
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