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  1. Dave, I had them positioned similarly -- elevated about 6 inches. Placement is my question, too, since Dixies are positioned all over the map. Those were hanging from a church ceiling (they deserve a special reverence). For such raw-, macho-, PA-looking units, they produce surprisingly precise sound. True on the lack of WAF, but, for me, Dixies have a high cool factor, and look best in their natural, undressed state. Enjoy, Tim
  2. Dave, Glad you found the Dixielanders. I figured you're the guy who would know what to do with them. They have fresh caps and are ready to rock. It'll be interesting to hear what you think about the sound. Tim
  3. Anyone have information on Frazier Playboy speakers?
  4. As the seller said, the Dixies trump the Klipsch Heresys. The Heresys were my primary speakers -- superb sounding -- but after I received the Dixies, there's no contest. I'm amazed that a pair of harsh-looking, Darth Vader-ish speakers can produce such beautiful, precise sound. And PM and tubav -- put me down as another member of the La Fiesta club (great looking and sounding). I nabbed my pair about 25 years ago.
  5. Sevens in good condition for $250 -- what a steal.
  6. [] Thought those were some bad-looking Fraziers.
  7. Those don't look "vintage 1960s" to me.
  8. About $75, and I'll swing by to get them.[] Actually you're a bit too far away for me, but they're fantastic speakers (was groovin' on my pair last night). They're worth a bundle, but what a person would pay is something different. They'd be a steal at $300.
  9. I purchased my first Monte Carlos when I was a virgin and before I owned a car...either problem which could have been solved for considerably less than the price of the Monte Carlos. I still have those, though a lot of cars and women have come and gone. Lasting value, donchaknow. Dave Similar story, but I did have a car and likely had gotten that virgin thing out of the way when I purchased my Capsules in 1971. The Capsules are still working great (I'm still wearing the watch I bought in 1971). And, in my case, lots of cars have come and gone. I'm wondering how many others in our group bought their Fraziers new during the Jack Frazier era?
  10. "If a Quaker were designing a loudspeaker to please God, it would probably look just like an MC. 'Tis a gift to be simple.." I'm looking for a pen and notepad -- gotta write this down before I forget it.
  11. Dave's not far off on the "bigger house" comment. I'm adding on soon, and finding proper space for my Fraziers is a priority.
  12. Regarding the old-timers comments: I'm old enough to get a free soft drink with a meal at a local restaurant. Bought my first Fraziers in 1971. They're Capsules and still sound great.
  13. Saw some nice NOS Concertos on eBay -- mint in the box. Seller wanted $400. Don't know if they sold. (I'm ready for warm[] weather.)
  14. Congrats, the Crites are great to work with -- prompt, courteous and use high quality components. They've helped me upgrade a couple of my speakers.
  15. 1976mgb: If "purists" means a mindset that Frazier is the last word in speakers, I'm thinking this would exclude many of us from that label. I also own and have a high opinion of Klipsch, KLH and Advent loudspeakers, and have even built a small custom pair. For me Frazier represents a few things: a great, high-efficiency design; a terrific bang for the buck; collectibility; and nostalgia -- I've owned Fraziers for almost 40 years. As I said earlier, it appears that most on this forum do like stock "Jack" Fraziers, but that doesn't make us right or wrong. I'm intrigued by your old-style Grand Marshall label and think your setup looks awesome (as we know -- "If it sounds good (to you), it IS good!"). I would also like to hear a pair of newer Fraziers. And I do have McIntosh amp envy -- I've wanted them for years. Discussing Frazier speakers is what this forum is all about -- and like you, I'm learning. Do you have a 1976 MGB? I came very close to buying one in 1970.
  16. My take is most people on the forum are purists. I'm not even close to being capable of modifying a Frazier design. Most of my Fraziers are like they were when they left the factory. I do change out the caps, and did take a "bold" step with replacing the original "Blue Bell" 8-inchers in my La Fiestas with Frazier F-1500 heavy-duty woofers. I wouldn't even consider modifying a Frazier cab. I like old cars, too, and basically keep them stock. I cringe when someone takes a pristine classic and hot rods it. With cars, however, it's clear that mods in talented hands can make them perform better. Not sure if that's the case with Fraziers.
  17. Got the same style label on my Dixies and Capsules.
  18. Those look great compared to mine. [Y] When you have a pack of canines [&][&][&][&] the grilles always have a nice peppering of varied-colored fur. A bigger challenge is keeping the boy dogs away from my towers.[:@]
  19. Transition years -- which definitely would make it vintage, but not "Jack" vintage.
  20. That ID tag is like vintage Frazier -- outside of that, I recognize nothing. Pretty awesome, though.
  21. Welcome aboard. Most of us are stuck decades in the past (early '80s and back) with our Frazier knowledge and haven’t experienced the “newer” loudspeakers (which I'm only guessing your's are). I'd like to hear your Grand Marshalls – especially paired with your great amp [H]setup.
  22. OMG. Look at those columns. What a deal.[Y]
  23. A 301 rig like Todd's is on my short dream-components list. I have its little brother, the 4HF.
  24. Some guy posted it (without an ID) on a Vinyl Engine forum and questioned its WAF rating. A guess was that it was built from Legos.
  25. I've heard it was modeled after this unit:
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